Does WhatsApp Show Your Phone Number?

Does WhatsApp Show Your Phone Number? Tech Tips How to cover your phone number from WhatsApp. WhatsApp requires your phone number in order to begin the service. The contact number is visible by anyone who is added to our contacts list.


  • WhatsApp requires your phone number in order to begin the service.
  • Unfortunately, there’s no method to hide your number from WhatsApp.
  • However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t conceal the current phone number from contacts.

Feeding your phone number in when signing up for WhatsApp is a required step however not everyone — especially those who value privacy might be averse to this idea extremely. WhatsApp requires your telephone number to begin the service. The phone number can be viewed by anyone who is added to our contacts list.

There isn’t a method to hide your phone number in WhatsApp. The app requires a valid phone number in order to allow users login to the service. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot conceal your current phone number among your friends. There’s a trick you can employ to cover your current number from WhatsApp.

To hide your current telephone number the first thing you’ll need to get an alternative phone number. WhatsApp also offers the option of letting you can notify all your contacts of the new number in the event you’ve changed it in WhatsApp however this feature can be useful if you wish to inform everyone about your new phone number. This trick we’re discussing here will help you keep your phone number hidden in your list of contacts.

Take these steps in order to utilize WhatsApp without providing your current phone number to anyone you want to share it with:

• Get a brand new number that you don’t wish to give out to everyone.

Remove WhatsApp from your phone. • Remove your older SIM from your handset and then put it in an alternative phone that can send SMS. Now , insert your new SIM into the device.

Reinstall WhatsApp and begin the process of registration. The app will prompt you to input an active number. Instead of entering your current number, you can enter your old number.

— WhatsApp will be able to send an OTP to an previous SIM card. Utilize this OTP to verify your account and you’ll be able to access WhatsApp with your old telephone number. So your new phone is hidden by all of your contacts.

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