Drinks That Make You Poop Immediately?

Everyone has experienced constipation Sometimes it’s just a matter of. There are plenty of options for food items to consume for relief and, to be honest, you’d like to explore before you reach for the laxatives. The best constipation relief doesn’t need to be a result of stool softeners or enemas or laxatives in any way. Actually there are a variety of beverages and foods that can aid in poop elimination!

From green tea to prune juice, popcorn , and Chia seeds, in the following article we’ll offer some suggestions for food and drinks to help ease your constipation.

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Foods to Relieve Constipation

There are a variety of foods that are stuffed with vitamins and fiber that act as natural stool softening agents. While this might not offer immediate relief, it’s ideal to spice your diet with healthier choices and to get your body moving if you are constipated. Here are some of the top food items to ease constipation.


A daily apple helps to prevent constipation! Apples are a fantastic source of fiber and a single apple can provide almost four grams of fiber. As with many other vegetables and fruits, apples contain a particular type of fiber known as pectin which is well-known for its ability to lax.


We’ve all heard of prunes being an old-fashioned snack However, Grandma and Grandpa are on to something. The natural properties of prunes are laxatives because of having a sugar alcohol known as sorbitol. This helps relieve constipation by bringing more water to the intestines. This promotes the process of pooping!


Our fuzzy, small fruity family members, Kiwis, are packed with fiber. They’ll assist your body to get its waste disposal moving when things are back up. A single kiwi can provide as much as 2.25 grams of fiber! Consider adding the fruit to your diet by adding them in drinks, smoothies, or in their own.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are among the OG plants that humans have been cultivating since the beginning of the industrial revolution, however, we’ve only recently begun acknowledging them because they’ve been a part of”superfoods. “superfoods” hype. They’re loaded with fiber, protein omega-3s, and a variety different nutrients flax seeds can be sprinkled on everything.


Incredibly underrated in both its voluminous flavor and texture and flavor, pears are a fiber queen that will get your poo ready to roll down the runway!


You’re probably thinking “wtf is a pulse?” It’s not a club or a heartbeat monitor and is an equally thrilling collection of peas, beans and chickpeas. also called legumes. They all, may be added, are high in fiber and protein-rich foods that are excellent to digest and can be used as a substitute for meat.


Rhubarbs might not sound all that beautiful, yet they could be exactly what that you require for your rump to relax and ease the constipation. Rhubarbs are a source of a compound known as sennoside. It has an effect of laxative on your bowels . It can also be present in herbal laxatives such as Senna.


Artichokes can be compared to your favourite dog sitter, who offers your dog organic treats and lots of affection. They contain prebiotics, which are special fibers which feed the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract and help improve your digestion and alleviate constipation. What a treat!


Apart from being a fantastic cheese and cheese pairing eating three to five figs will provide you with about 5g of fibre. Consider adding these guys to your next charcuterie platter, baked good, or add them to add to a salad to boost your fiber levels!

Sweet Potatoes

Baked or mashed, sauteed or roasting, sweet potatoes provide many different flavors and nutrients that benefit the health of your gut.


Popeye claimed that eating spinach would make you stronger like Popeye, but he was unable to mention that he might be pooping in a blaze when he wasn’t exercising his guns. Spinach is rich in magnesium and fiber which are both essential components for combating constipation.

Chia Seeds

Similar to flax seeds These superfood seeds aren’t as big, but they are powerful. Chia seeds has 10.6 grams of fiber which is 42 percent of the daily requirement for fiber. The jelly-like consistency they develop when they come into contact with water can help to soften stool and make them easier to get rid of.


This is great news! The most expensive food item is also good for your stomach! It is loaded with both soluble and insoluble fiber avocados are an excellent food item to help relieve constipation.


Oats are a fantastic source of fiber, and are a nutritious breakfast to kick off your day. Oat bran, in particular that is the casing for the oat grain much more fiber-rich and is an effective way to soften stool.


Blackberries and raspberries are on top of Marisa Moore’s R.D.N, list, the berries are rich in fiber, and are a delicious method to encourage regularity and healthy digestion. They are also high in water and fiber that is a major bonus for fighting constipation.


It’s not everyone’s favorite vegetable But you shouldn’t allow the chemical smell discourage you from this superfood for your gut! The chemical that makes broccoli smell is known as sulforaphane. It aids in the prevention of any growth of harmful microorganisms within your digestive tract.


Since most fruits and vegetables store their fiber within their skins Grapes are a great method to increase your fiber intake. And truthfully, who’s peeling the skin off of each grape? !

Raw Seeds and Nuts

A healthy and filling snack. alternative to chips Raw seeds and nuts are a great source of fiber that your body will be grateful for — but do not overdo it. Almonds, pecans and walnuts are among the most fiber-rich nuts, along with pumpkin seeds and sesame.


It is not a food that contains fiber or a water food, but it’s a food that is (if it’s logical). It is 92% water that for people who struggle for them to get enough water throughout their day can be an excellent option to stay drinking and encourage a stool movement.


Let’s be clear Let’s be clear, cabbage isn’t associated with lettuce! Although it can cause gas, it’s an indication that something is passing throughout your digestive tract. Cabbage can be consumed fermented by the likes of sauerkraut or kimchi. This is among the most effective ways to eat it as it’s packed with probiotics.

Brussel plants

The season for brussel sprouts is in full swing. for brussel sprouts, which lasts from September until February. The tiny sprouts are rich in vitamins C K, C, and B6. The last but not least Brussel sprouts are rich in fiber, which helps keep you on track.


There’s nothing more relaxing than cuddling to a good soup of butternut squash. Why shouldn’t you? Through squash, you can receive potassium! And you get magnesium! Plus, you’ll receive iron! You also get fiber to assist you in your eliminate poop!


It is possible to use this cruciferous vegetable from the root to tip, slice the bulb into pieces for salad, or incorporate the leaves into soup. In any case, kohlrabi is abundant in fiber and antioxidants. We all could use to increase our fiber consumption.


Beets are killer for your digestive tract. They are high in fiber and have a low calorie content, and rich in folate and fiber. Include them in salads or juice them to make homemade colon cleansing.


Do not think about carving out your pumpkins and then incorporate them into your breakfast yogurt. The high content of fiber in pumpkins could aid in bowel movements more easily and beta-carotene and vitamin-C are an added benefit.

Drinks to Relieve Constipation

There are drinks which can soften stool and give you some relief. From cold to hot, dairy and non-dairy drinks to your list of foods that make you stool less painful will have you making a dash to the bathroom!


Kefir is fermented milk that is packed with probiotics to aid in maintaining the health of your gut biome and help ease constipation.


However, without overdoing the process, caffeine can sometimes assist in getting things moving since caffeine can increase metabolism and blood flow and not just waking the brain up from its rest, but also stimulating digestion! This is the reason that a lot of people vomit when they drink the coffee at the beginning of the day.

Green Tea

While there’s no study on the subject but there is evidence that suggests drinking warm drinks can assist in creating stool movement. The green tea drink is rich in caffeine, which is a major factor in its laxative effects.

Apple Juice

Since apples are a great source of fibre, juice from apples may be beneficial too but only when it’s freshly pressed to stay clear of unnatural sugars and preservatives.

Prune Juice

If you’re not able to eating prunes, then it is possible to create your own juice from prunes! Consuming a small amount of juice of prunes every day can assist in stimulating your bowels as well as help relieve constipation.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used as natural laxative as it is made up of fermented juices from apples. mixing it in warm water and a little of honey can boost your overall gut health and digestion.

Aloe Vera Juice

The outside of aloe vera has substances that are believed to have a laxative effect. In addition to having many other health benefits such as vitamic C, which helps prevent stomach ulcers and regulating blood sugar levels, there is no doubt that aloe vera juice in its pure form will help ease constipation as well as digestive issues.

Baking Soda + Water

The use of baking soda to treat constipation relief will assist in bringing the water out of your intestines to encourage bowel movements.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a great way to hydrate your body, which is often an explanation for people being constipated. Consuming lemon juice warm can be relaxing and can soften your stools that are hard to pass.


The most sought-after of all things! To prevent constipation, you need to remain hydrated. And what better method than having water on hand in all times.

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Foods to Make You Poop FAQs

How do I get my body to vomit quickly?

In order to encourage stool movement, you can boost the amount of fiber you consume by eating foods such as apples, flax seeds , or prunes. Drink more water or drink a glass of Kefir, or take prescription laxatives and stool softeners.

What drinks can cause you to poop?

The following beverages can help ease the constipation symptoms: prune juice apple juice, lemon juice coffee, kefir green tea, Aloe Vera Juice.

Do bananas help you poop?

Based on contradicting evidence about whether bananas cause constipation , or help with it, this issue is one of personal preference. It is worth noting that the green bananas are rich in resistant starch. This can aid with constipation.

What should you eat when you’re feeling constipated and Bloated?

If you’re feeling constipated because of constipation it is best to concentrate in having raw vegetables and fruits whole grains, as well as pulses since they are all rich in fiber.


It is possible to prevent constipation by making lifestyle and diet changes. A diet that is that are high in fiber and reduced in processed foods can help to prevent constipation.

Keep in mind that there will not be constipation if one is not drinking or eating. Therefore, ensure there is something that can be moved before you try these drinks. If these drinks do not help with your symptoms, consult a professional for medical advice.


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