German Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix

German Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix .It is the Belgian Malinois German Shepherd mixture often referred to by The German Malinois or Malinois X is a breed of hybrid born from the crossbreeding of breeds like the German Shepherd with the Belgian Malinois. Although the breeds’ parents are known in the past since 1800, very little information is available about the origins of the breed that is now a hybrid, the German Malinois.

It is believed that the Belgian Malinois German Shepherd mix dogs have short hair, black-masked, and have a flat skull and longer muzzle, which is why they are known as long-nosed dogs. In a similar fashion to their owners and their breed, they sport two coats and eyeballs that are almond-shaped. But their jaws are significantly stronger. Similar to its parent breed they are classified as a shepherd dog that works. But, unlike its parent breeds this breed of hybrid isn’t so well-known.

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A brief overview of Parents of the Breeds

Let’s go over the background and background of the breeds that are parents in the interest of more understanding. Let’s get started!

Belgian Malinois The Origin and History

The Belgian Malinois was born within Malines, Belgium, in the 19. century. The breed is classified under a herding dogs breed. Being a great working breed the dogs of this breed have proven to be very beneficial for the common man. Because of their abilities they rapidly gained the heights of fame. 

They are one of the most intelligent dog breeds worldwide and have served in a variety of security organizations. They have fought in during the World Wars. Cairo is one of the Belgian Malinois dog, who was a part of the as a member of the United States Army, is famous for its role as a member of Operation Neptune Spear that killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011.

German Shepherd Origin and History

The German Shepherd is a breed that originates from Germany German Shepherds are a popular breed. German Shepherd is one of the most sought-after German breeds of dogs. It was developed in the hands of Captain Max von Stephanitz, a retired officer of the cavalry.

 Like its name implies, it is classified as a Shepherd dog that works. Since its introduction, just like the Belgian Malinois the breed has proved extremely useful to humans. They are among the most intelligent breeds of dogs and are often seen working alongside police and military personnel and for assistance dogs across all over the globe. 

A number of German Shepherds have even made it into their first visit to the White House. In the past, US president Franklin D. Roosevelt had one, and the current President Joe Biden brought two German Shepherds, named Champ and Major to the White House. Unfortunately, Champ died at 13 years old on the 19th of June, 2021.

Comparison of German Shepherd with Its Parent Breeds

CharacteristicsGerman MalinoisBelgian MalinoisGerman Shepherd
Height (inches)22-2622-2622-26
Weight (pounds)45-8540-8050-90
Time-to-live (years)10 to 1514-169-13
ColorsBrown Black blue, yellow and WhiteFawn, Fawn Sable, Red, Red Sable, MahoganyMany of them, including Black, Tan, Red, Sable, Grey
Eye ColorBrownBrownBrown
Cost (USdollars)Around 1,0001,000-2,500500-2,000

Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix Diet

Due to their body size, robust body, and high level of vigorous physical activities, German Malinois dogs require large amounts of daily calories. A fully grown German Malinois requires around 1,300 calories daily and a smaller one requires 700 calories. To meet this requirement about two to three cup or more of German Shepherd dog food or other top-quality dog food per day is sufficient. You can split this amount into three or two meals.

It shouldn’t be a problem If you feed your dog only kibble. But well-nourished and large-sized dogs need some meat to make up their daily diet. Protein could be obtained through sources like turkeycrab or fish, for example. When feeding human food to your pet, be aware that the more you feed your dog, the more beneficial, and not all human food items are suitable for dogs. Some are dangerous, such as chocolate and avocado, for instance.

If the German Shepherd requires about 22 percent protein from the diet and the Belgian Malinois requires between 25 and 30 percent. Therefore, it is important to ensure that there is at minimum 20% of protein included in the daily food intake of the German Malinois. Additionally, fat is essential to maintain dogs’ health.

The breeds that make up German Malinois German Malinois require a sufficient daily intake of vitamins, it is important to ensure that your diet is an adequate and well-balanced diet and includes a large quantity of vitamins too.

Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix Exercise Requirements

Due to the energy and physical fitness demands due to the active nature of your German Malinois will require one or two hours of exercise each day. In addition you should take it is recommended to take a daily exercise of at least 2 miles is recommended. Try different exercise routines to ensure that it is exciting. Some of the exercises that can be beneficial to the health and health of the German Malinois include:

  • Jogging
  • Tug of war
  • Doggy squats
  • Running and sprinting
  • Make a fist using the ball
  • You can fetch using an opponent disk

The German Malinois is an incredibly smart and clever breed. Apart from their physical activity they also require a level of stimulation for their minds. It is possible to purchase foods puzzles which will help make eating an enjoyable and mentally stimulating. It will not only stop your dog from being bored, but it can also assist in losing weight.

Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix Training

German Malinois dogs are fairly simple to train as they have an intelligent brain from their parents’ breeds. To make training more efficient it is essential to be aware of these tips:

Obeyance training should be your top priority. This is especially true for the German Malinois dogs can be quite difficult to train, however small amounts of treats could be very beneficial.

Your next goal should be your dog’s socialization training. A dog who is socialized at an early age is always better trained. For German Malinois the training for socialization is recommended to last at least 4 months.

It is not recommended to engage in extreme training or physical activities until your dog has reached its full size since it can significantly impact his development. You do not want the size of your German Malinois being the size of an dwarf German Shepherd.

Always reward your dog for good behavior. However, if your dog’s having weight issues it is possible to consider methods to teach your dog without reward.

Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix Grooming

Because that the German Malinois Breed is a moderate shedder, they require brushing just once per week. It is however recommended to increase frequency to every three days in order to keep your dog’s coat’s tidy and neat appearance.

It is recommended to clean your German Malinois once every three or four weeks. However, if he’s got an extremely short coat, he may produce an unpleasant odor. 

In this scenario, you ought to take into consideration bathing him at least once every 2 to 3 months, perhaps using an veterinarian-approved oatmeal shampoo for dogs to provide him with the scent of a good dog. Use of shampoos for dogs is recommended because it can not only help in getting your dog rid of the unpleasant smells but also enhance the appearance of his coat and also.

While the breed does not drool as much and has jaws that are strong It is important to clean your teeth frequently, at least every third day. Not only to maintain the neat appearance of his teeth, but for good hygiene too. Always make sure to use toothpaste for dogs and not human toothpaste because they could contain harmful chemicals such as xylitol.

Cutting and grinding your dog’s nails on a regular basis is recommended to ensure that they’re at the correct length and ensure that your dog’s paws appear perfect. It is therefore recommended to purchase a quality canine nail cutter and an polisher to take care of your dog’s nails each month. Due to the intense aggression that dogs exhibit, trimming their nails can also increase the security of the people in the vicinity.

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Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix Common Health Issues

As a hybrid breed it is believed that the German Malinois inherits some health issues from its parents breeds. A few of them include:


It’s the condition that the dog’s belly is full of gas, liquid gas and food. It is, unfortunately, an extremely fatal condition as the stomach that is inflated can put pressure on the organs close by and cut off blood supply. That’s why you need to be aware of the signs and take action to seek medical attention when you notice your dog having the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Swollen belly
  • Nausea
  • Unusual heartbeat

Heart Troubles

Different heart conditions are prevalent among different heart diseases in the German Malinois dog breed. It is recommended to create a schedule for the regular checkup of your dog (annually) that will ensure that he’s healthy and free from the. X-rays and ECGs will reveal any heart-related anomalies. Heart issues could lead to death, and you should be aware of the following symptoms:

  • Tired easily after physical activities
  • Change in behavior
  • The feeling of being ill during play
  • Coughing, usually in the night.

The hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a common occurrence in large breeds of dogs. Because the German Malinois is a large breed of dog, they are also prone to developing hip dysplasia. 

Additionally, they are also susceptible to elbow dysplasia. The risk of developing dysplasia is greater when you have overweight dogs. So, it is important to monitor the calories consumed by your pet. If you observe any of the following signs, you should consult your veterinarian immediately. It is also possible to include the glucosamine and the chondroitin supplement to the diet of your dog.

  • A narrow posture
  • Hopping
  • Lameness
  • The loss of muscles mass around the joint affected


It is an disease that affects the healing process of wounds as the blood can’t form clots, causing excessive loss of blood. Hemophilia A is a common occurrence among German Shepherds and consequently, it is possible to have the offspring of the dog having it. It’s a potentially life-threatening disease In fact the most severe cases could kill a dog within seven dayss. If you spot any of these signs make sure to contact your veterinarian without any delay:

  • Any indication of internal damage
  • Bleeding is taking longer than normal
  • Anemia
  • Lameness


It is a prevalent cerebral disease in dogs which can cause seizures. There are a variety of reasons for the disease. While it’s not a fatal condition however, it could negatively affect the dog’s life. Treatments could include therapies or drugs. Here are some symptoms of epilepsy:

  • Sudden unconsciousness
  • A sudden fall on the floor or losing balance
  • Drooling
  • Unusual Behaviors

Ear Infections

Ear infections are very common among dogs. In reality, approximately 20 percent of dogs suffer from hearing diseases. The most frequent causes are a dirty environment and moisture and allergies. The infection can cause irritation to your dogand which can cause behaviour changes. The signs are as follows:

  • There is a lot of scratching in the ears.
  • Head shaking
  • The distinctive odor of the ear

Eye disorders

As with the ear infection, eye problems are also prevalent in dogs. However in German Malinois dogs, two forms, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and cataracts, top the list of. Eye problems in dogs have the potential to significantly alter their lives and may even cause them to become blind if not treated. If you notice signs such as abnormal dilation of the pupils or retinal degeneration the dog should undergo an eye examination.

Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix Temperament

The German Malinois is a dog with desirable characteristics shared by both its parents. For one it is extremely clever and easy to train and train and to secure them because of their ability to quickly distinguish between the family member and an outsider.

They are extremely active and can be at work or workout for long periods of time without becoming exhausted. They’ll love accompanying you on your morning walks and weekends hiking, they are always ready to a challenge. This is great if are also active, However, if not a very social person, it could be impossible to keep up with the demands for exercise for your pet. In addition, they are extremely trustworthy and extremely secure of their owners.

German Malinois breeds are extremely lively and are able to easily knock over children when they play. Additionally, due to their strong herding instincts they could nip your kids and small pets inside the home. Furthermore, they’re shy with strangers and could even be aggressive. You can stop these unwanted behaviors through early socialization and training you German Malinois dog.

Four Reasons to Consider the Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix

There are numerous reasons to have crossings with your Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd. German Shepherd But the most important four include:

This Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix is a great exercise companion

It is believed that the German Malinois breed is extremely energetic dogs and are able to participate in activities that keep them active and not get exhausted even over an extended period of duration. 

A dog, particularly one who is active, similar to the German Malinois is a great way to increase the amount of physical activity for an individual as an study suggests. If you’re active or are planning to shed some pounds and pounds, having a fun and cute companion like one of German Malinois is a great option.

They make great guard Dogs

A German Malinois can be classified under a work dog breed. Because the breed is smart and is able to distinguish between family members and an outsider and your German Malinois can be your family’s pet to guard your home. After he has been connected to your and the rest of your household and is in good training for guard dogs and training, he can not only be alert to you but also guard your family from threats.

German Malinois are Highly capable of being trained

Because of their high level of intellect inherited from their mother breed and the high intelligence inherited from their breed, the German Malinois breed is extremely easily trained and socialize. Apart from the basic training for dogs and socialization, they also discover new tricks, such as ” how to roll over” quickly. And the most important thing is that they will obey your commands without animosity. However, it is important to be aware that they are able to unlearn quickly and fast as they progress and you’ll need to follow through with them.

They make a great family Dog

The German Malinois canines are affectionate and playful once properly socialized. They are also extremely secure towards its owners and its family members because of the loyalty that it acquires. In addition to humans the breed is at ease with other animals. Because of its energy and enthusiasm, it is possible that you and your family members can have fun with your German Malinois throughout the day until it gets exhausted. Although he may be unfriendly toward children, early interaction makes them great family pets.

4 Reasons to not buy an Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix

There are pros and cons, but there are some negatives of owning an German Malinois too:

They’re Not Hypoallergenic

The two breeds Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd shed quite a bit because of the double coat they have. While they’re not huge shedders as their parents, they shed lightly throughout the year , but they do have seasons-long (twice each year) sheds as well. This is why they don’t provide a suitable choice for those suffering from allergies. If you suffer from allergies to pets it is better to explore pets in your family that do not shed. If you do desire a hybrid dog who doesn’t shed, then you could choose one of the following hypoallergenic dog breeds.

They are Herding-focused and have strong tendencies to do so.

Since the parents of German Malinois are part of the herding group so it’s not surprising that they possess strong herding instincts too. Although this makes them ideal farm dogs but they aren’t an ideal choice for families with young children. 

Because of their natural hunting instincts, the Malinois X dog may try to poke your kids and walk slowly with adults. They could also try to pull small pets around the home and chase pets out. So, you might need keep in mind to keep your pet on a leash and under control whenever you go out for exercise, training or just a stroll across the street.

They can be aggressive with strangers

Because of their energy and protection nature, German Malinois dogs are often prone to leap over strangers and cause injury, particularly when they are not socialized properly. Their jaws are strong and can cause serious harm. This is among the reasons this breed isn’t recommended to be used in families that have children. But, with the right training for socialization, the chance of having these experiences decreased dramatically. Additionally, smart actions such as keeping your dog’s nails trim can further assist.

They have unlimited energy

Due to their levels of energy, they need intense physical exercise. This is why they need an extensive area to keep them in. Additionally, they aren’t appropriate for those who are elderly because they require lots of physical exercise and activities. They are often eager to play so much that those who are around them can get exhausted quite quickly. And If they’re getting enough exercise to burn off the energy they have, they could be prone to behavioral issues, such as screaming at no point.


Due to its incredible and attractive characteristics Due to its incredible and sought-after features, thanks to its incredible and sought-after features, Belgian Malinois German Shepherd mix breed is an incredible farm dog. They are healthy, smart and loyal and an extremely hard-working dog. While it can be a bit aggressive — and the breed’s parents are to blame for this–it’s easily controlled through an early exposure to the world and training.

After having learned all you can about German Malinois It is possible that you like to know more the other German Shephard breeds like Shepkita Golden German Shepherd Great Shepherd , and Dober Shepherd , etc.

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