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Guard Dogs That Dont Shed – Learning Drives .Perhaps you’re searching for the perfect dog to guard your home However, you’ll also require a dog that does not shed. If you have relatives who are allergic If so, selecting a dog that sheds less will definitely help reduce allergies flare-ups.

Be aware it is very few breeds of dog which can be described as non-shedding. A lot of breeds, including those that are commonly referred to as hypoallergenic, or non-shedding do shed fur or hair to a certain extent. However, the good news is that some shed less than other breeds. They are often referred to as low-shedding.

The benefits of a low-shedding or non-shedding breed of guard dog include reduced visits to the groomer or the need for no visits altogether! Your dog is likely to need a brief brushing every once in a while or more. There’s also a chance that you won’t have lots of hair that has fallen all over your home this is an advantage!

Our review of the top guard breeds of dogs that shed (much!) into medium, large and smaller breeds. For those who have certain preference in what size dog you’re seeking then you should head straight towards that particular section. If not, look at the beautiful guard dogs!

Let’s get started!

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The Large Dog Breeds that Do Not Shed

1.Airedale Terrier

The brave Airedale Terrier is at ease when having time spent with families but they’ll not hesitate to guard their pack when they believe you’re at risk. Their thick and shorter coats do not shed much all, so a once-a-week grooming is the only thing they require.

2.Giant Schnauzer

The sturdy Giant Schnauzer will certainly make anyone who walks by your property to stop and think twice. The breed is known for its territorial streak and is a great guard dog when they’re properly trained. Their long double coats can be cut to reduce shedding.

3.Bouvier des Flandres

This tough-looking breed is able to guard their families and so interaction and training is vital for a well-trained dog to guard your home. Bouviers are characterized by a thick double coat, which doesn’t shed often because the majority of hair is in the coat. It is necessary regularly brush them to eliminate the hair and keep them from matting.


Briards Briard might appear adorable with their mop of fur, however it does not stop they from protecting family members. This energetic dog likes to be a part of a task to complete. Their long coats hold lots of hair which helps reduce shedding however, they’ll require frequent grooming.


The strong and independent Komondor utilizes its instincts as a protector of flocks of sheep in order to ensure the safety of and protect their families. Their coats are distinct cords that don’t require brushing, but you may require assistance by a groomer in order to begin the process of your pet’s coat cords becoming properly formed because you’ll need to ensure that they’re formed in the right way.

6.Standard Poodle

The smart Standard Poodle can easily be trained to become guard dogs due to their loyalty and an obedient and trainable character. The coat of the Poodle sheds small amounts, and the hair that falls out can become stuck inside their coat.

7.Appenzeller Sennenhund

Appenzeller is a fan of living outdoors in a cozy and waterproof dog kennel. The high level of protection they exhibit means they’ll be watching out for their family members. The thick double coat of Appenzeller requires regular brushing to get rid of hairs that have fallen out However, they don’t shed very much.

8.Black Russian Terrier

It is believed that the Black Russian Terrier is a strong and strong breed that requires an experienced pet owner. Their heritage as a military breed is a reason why they are able to defend their family members. Their double coats can be cut with a professional groomer and the large breed sheds only small amounts of fur each season.

9.Boerboel Dog

The dogs that are territorial are driven to safeguard their owners and their homes. This breed is suitable for experienced owners who are comfortable with in the training of dominant breeds. This breed is for those who are confident in their training. Boerboel’s short coat isn’t prone to shed and therefore a weekly groom will keep hair strayness under control.


Within their families The Bullmastiff is often and friendly and affectionate. However, their status as a breed of guardian to protect British country estates indicates that they are able to safeguard their home. They don’t shed much all, unless it happens every once or twice when temperatures rise.

Medium-sized Guard Dogs that Do Not Shed


Boxers are well-known for their playful and energetic personality However, they also have an element of protection that could be extremely effective as guard dogs. They shed their short coats small amounts of hair, and you’ll only need to groom them once a week or so.


Shar-Peis have a love for their families, however they are sceptical of and other pets and strangers. They will not hesitate to protect their home, which makes the need for training crucial if you want to have to have a well-behaved dog guardian. Their coats aren’t shedding very much and just require the least amount of grooming.

13.Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog with an intense prey drive and the desire to defend their family members and the territory they call home. The dogs that are independent are strong-willed and require a seasoned owner. Their shorter and shiny coats aren’t prone to shed and they just require a weekly brushing session.

14.Perro de Presa Canario

This breed of dog originates from the Canary Islands, where they were employed as guardians for herds of sheep. They’re calm in their surroundings, however they can be territorial and aren’t afraid to stand their ground when confronted. Their coats are short and only require periodic brushing to keep any hairs that are stray from being swept away.

15.Doberman Pinscher

The strong Doberman Pinscher is popular for its amazing protection capabilities. The Doberman’s high level of intelligence means that you’ll have for you to ensure that your Doberman in good shape so that they’re confident about the task they’re supposed to be performing. Their sleek and elegant coat is low maintenance.

16.Bergamasco Sheepdog

Bergamasco Sheepdogs are tolerant and affectionate to their family members, but are very protective of their families. This breed has a unique coat, which is made up of hair strands that bind together and are called “flocks.” Their coats are considered to be non-shedding after the flocks are formed.

17.Kerry Blue Terrier

The big breeds of terriers have a lovely soft coat. It comes in a variety of hues of blue and grey and does not shed at all. They love watching and being a part of taking care of their family However, they’re not too difficult to train and can be a joy to interact with other dogs.

18.Puli Dog

It is a unique and durable product. Puli is distinguished by its non-shedding coat that morphs into cords. It’s fairly demanding to maintain until the cords are formed, and after that, there’s no need for any brushing! Pulis are strong and tough-willed, and their owners must be well-trained.


The Rotties are very gentle with their family However, they’re sure enough to protect your property if they sense threats. They’re not aggressive dogs however they certainly appear intimidating when they guard your property! Their coats usually don’t shed very much but it does shed at times, especially towards the close of spring and the beginning of winter.

20.Spanish Water Dog

It is the Spanish water dog’s coat is not to be cleaned and sheds only a small amounts. It is possible to clip them or make them wear long cords. These dogs remain loyal to their family members however they are cautious around strangers. They have a very high predatory instinct, which is why they should be kept in check with other pets.

21.Standard Schnauzer

An less imposing version of Giant Schnauzer, these dogs have the same brave and committed spirit which makes them great watchdogs. Their coats shed only a small amounts and should they be kept clipped with a clean trimming, will require minimal maintenance when it comes to grooming.

22.Portuguese Water Dogs

Portuguese Water Dog has a thick coat that appears to be non-shedding. However, in fact the hairs are stuck in their curls. A quick grooming every week is all you need. Porties are active and lively, and they love watching out for their family members.

23.Catahoula Leopard Dog

The loyal canines are both guardian and territorial, which is why they require proper socialization at an early age in order to become an excellent guard dog. They are affectionate with their family members and their short coat just requires a brief brushing every once in a while. This makes them an excellent dog guard that does not shed.

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Small Guard Dogs that Don’t Shed

24.Miniature Schnauzer

To complete our Schnauzer trifecta, we have our miniature Schnauzer. The tiny pups are brave watchdogs that love keeping an eye on their family members. Their wavy coat is very low maintenance and sheds very tiny. Cutting their coats can make grooming even more simple.


There’s no one who has ever told them that Chihuahua their status as the most tiny breed of dog and they’re taking their responsibility of looking after their family members seriously! They’re active and aren’t afraid to inform you of what’s happening. Their coats could be short or long, however both are fairly easy to keep clean.

26.Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies may appear cute however they possess the typical fearless terrier attitude which makes them great small watchdogs. The coat of the Yorkie is more hair-like than fur and sheds little in any way. It is able to be left long or clipped to make an adorable and easy to maintain puppy cut.

27.American Hairless Terrier

You don’t need to worry about any sheds with the adorable American Hairless Terrier! These active and playful dogs love watching over their family members and are an excellent option for those looking for an absolutely non-shedding breed. However, you must watch out for sunburn during this time of year.

28.Boston Terrier

These adorable dogs are shrewd and alert They will keep an eye on the happenings and happenings in your community and make a fantastic guard dog that won’t shed. Their compact dimensions make them an excellent choice for people who live in cities. A Boston’s soft and shorter coat sheds little and requires only very little grooming.

The conclusion: Guard Dogs that don’t shed

We hope you liked our list of 28 of our favorite breeds of guard dogs that don’t shed all the time or shed very tiny. Maybe your ideal dog is the mix! Keep in mind that some breeds require owners who are experienced in socialization and Training dogs with the characteristic of a territorial and aggressive streak. 

Other breeds are great for those who are just beginning their dog ownership journey and would like the protection of a dog who will keep watch over your family and the rest of your household.

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