House Cats That Look Like Leopards – Learning Drives

House Cats That Look Like Leopards – Learning Drives .Ever thought of getting a “big cats” as a pet? It’s a shame that it won’t ever happen. The closest you’ll reach the big cat family is to purchase one. There is a striking likeness between cats and their large, strong, and fanged cousins. 

Actually, historical records suggest the cats are wild creatures first domesticated over four thousand years ago . Ancient Egypt to help control rodents. This is a job they still do now. They then became famous across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

If not due to ethical concerns and the dangers associated with the domestication of the lions and cats, some of you cat lovers might have considered raising them as pets.

Let’s take a look at the breeds of cats that can help you reach your fantasy that is unattainable.

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These 15 cat breeds That are reminiscent of Lions and Tigers


Weight:7-15 pounds
Lifespan:10 to 15 years
Personality:Intelligent, active, social

Like the name suggests, it’s a smaller domestic version of the tiger. It was created by breeding Bengals with tabby short-haired felines in order to get those patterns and stripes on a tiger’s body. They’re a mixture between the colors of orange and brown, and the belly area could be whitish-brown.

It’s also strong and muscular, with large feet and robust hind legs that are similar to a cat. Toygers are smart and outgoing and they do not require a lot of exercise.

If your cat is the King of the jungle You’ll be awed by this hilarious feline bed! It’s the Hepper M Uhroom cat Bed offers a soft cotton mattress with a comfy style, cave-like appearance.

2.Maine Coon

Weight:8-18 pounds
Lifespan:10-13 years old
Patterns:Tabby, bi-color, solid and calico
Personality:Affectionate, sociable, intelligent

This cat has a luxurious coat that resembles a perfect lion. The size of the cat earned it the name “gentle giant,” which is why it’s an ideal therapy animal. The thick coat allows it to be well-suited to winter.

3. Abyssinian

Weight:8-12 pounds
Size:Small medium
Lifespan:9-15 years old
Personality:Active, intelligent, affectionate, alert

The Abyssinian kind of cat is about as close you will ever get to living like an leopard. The breed of cat is one of the oldest species on Earth. The most popular breeds are red or ruddy shades, however, they also appear in a variety of coat shades. Cats in this category also come with tabby ticking.

In addition to the distinctive coat, these stunning felines sport amazing physical characteristics like green or gold eyes and the muscular physique.


Weight:25 pounds
Lifespan:9-15 years old
Personality:Fun, affectionate

Chausie is certainly an elk or puma’s close relative. It is a cross between the wild cats and domesticated cats such as those of the Oriental and the Abyssinian. They are strong and well-built and possess long, slender legs. It is hard not to take note of their “wild look” in them. They also love water, which is a trait that comes passed down from their ancestors.

Whatever physical traits it has inherited, Chausie is affectionate and playful. But it does require additional care and will not be an ideal pet for a typical cat with a low budget owner.

5.American Bobtail

Weight:7-16 pounds
Lifespan:13-15 years old
Patterns:Tabby, bicolor Calico, bi-color
Personality:Intelligent, devoted, friendly, bold

A glance at an American Bobtail can remind you of North American wild bobcats. Their resemblances are due to the breeding between wild cats and many bobtails’ modifications but not the actual Bobcats. They come in a variety of shades, however what stands them out is the tabby variants.

They have shorter tails, larger hind legs and the body is muscular.


Weight:15-25 pounds
Size:Medium Large, medium
Lifespan:12-14 years old
Personality:Active, intelligent, playful

The fancy-named feline is best choice for anyone who would like to be a part of a cheetah’s world. It’s a mix of Ocicats and Bengals. Each of these breeds has their origins to an Asian Leopard Cat, explaining their cheetah-like appearance. family.

It’s athletic, loving, and brilliant. But it is best to only think about purchasing one of the Cheetoh when you have the ability to meet its unending desire for attention and requirement for fitness. Engaged pets are satisfied. As they are smart they are able to easily put them on a leash and take them along on your outings. The good thing is that you’ll have a friend and an ideal playmate.


Weight:7-14 pounds
Size:Medium Large, medium
Lifespan:10 to 15 years
Patterns:Tabby, Bi-color
Personality:Loyal, secure, active and social

For those who love small wild cats, Ocicat will do the trick. Ocicat is a mix breed between Abyssinians, Siamese, and American Shorthair cats. When you are bringing one to your home, ensure that you have enough space and enough time to run its high energy levels.

They come in various base colors , including silver, blue and ebony and lavender. Ocicats possess a strong, athletic body and often show off the dog’s personality. They are awestruck by people.


Weight:6-15 pounds
Size:Medium Large, medium
Lifespan:9-16 years old
Patterns:Marble, spotty
Personality:Intelligent, playful, curious, friendly

Bengals contain strands of wild cats within them which explains their resemblance to the tiger.

It is a mix that combines an Asian Leopard Cat and other domestic felines, such as those of the Abyssinian, Ocicat, and the Egyptian Mau.

If you are unable to get time to relax in your day Don’t touch this tiny type of tiger, because they require lots of attention and exercise to stay healthy. You’ll be amazed by their intelligence.


Weight:6-10 pounds
Lifespan:13-15 years old
Personality:Gentle, affectionate, social, playful

Also called also known as the Highland Lynx, they are an offspring from the Desert Lynx and other cats. The most notable physical traits are their curled eyes, their bobbed tails and the coat’s tabby patterns. They are available in a variety of shades and typically have a jolly personality.

If you decide to go for an Highlander then you’ll need to find the time to practice and play around with it. You can also do other activities to keep them interested.


Weight:8-15 pounds
Size:Medium and large-sized
Lifespan:13-15 years old
Personality:Active, friendly

It is said that the Serengeti is akin to it’s cousin, the African Serval. It is a cross between Bengals and Oriental cat breeds. Similar to other hybrid cats, this one is energetic and is wild surrounding it. They’re usually gold, silver or black. They also have the tabby-style patterns that are stripped.

If you’re planning on having one, you should dedicate an area of your home to a track for the field because Serengeti cats are very athletic. They are fond of jumping onto anything including perches, shelves or even that cats’ tree.


Weight:12-25 pounds
Size:Medium Large
Lifespan:12-20 years old
Patterns:Tabby, solid
Personality:Devoted, intelligent, active

They are the highest domestic cats, a characteristic that helped them get into their place in the Guinness Book of Records. Their long, slim bodies and spots on their coats give them the appearance of small Cheetahs. They are often spotted with characteristics of dogs, and they are equally smart and active. Savannah is a hybrid breed of African Serval and African Serval.

Their ideal home could be one with plenty of physical activities that aid in their get fit.

12.Egyptian Mau

Weight:7-11 pounds
Size:Small and medium-sized
Lifespan:13-16 years old
Personality:Active, strong-willed

Egyptian Mau is one of the most beautiful and natural of all cats. It is among cats with the longest history and an ancestor to that of the African Wild cat of Egypt. The cat is closer to the cheetah or leopard family since its spots appear naturally, unlike others whose genetics have been enhanced through crossbreeding.

Their coats are bronze, silver or smoke. The black patches add to their appearance and give them an equidistant look to their wild relatives. Egyptian Mau Egyptian Mau additionally has slim muscles and smaller front legs and larger hind legs.


Weight: 6-10 pounds
Size: Large
Lifespan: 11-16 years old
Patterns: Solid
Personality: Hyper-active, intelligent, sociable, bold

The Somali is an elongated Abyssinian. If you’ve been swayed by the Abyssinian but wanted it longer-haired, the Somali has got you covered. The two breeds are identical in almost every aspect, such as personality, energy level, and intelligence. With their long furs, Somali looks like a shaggy lion or fluffy Fox.


Weight:6-10 pounds
Lifespan:15 to 20 years
Personality:Playful, tolerant

Bombay cats were bred to resemble panthers in particular. They are a cross between Burmese cat breeds and American short-haired cats. They may look wild, but are, in reality, loving and affectionate. They love being around humans, so you can expect an Bombay to be a lap dog an ideal spot to take naps.


Weight:14-18 pounds
Lifespan:13-15 years old

Pixie bobs look like bobcats. are affectionate and appear to have dogs-like characteristics. They have a genetic relationship with tabbies, and are huge, and stocky. They are available in long and short-haired coats. They are classic, spotted, or mackerel. They rest upon the base brown color.

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We believe that by now you’ve come to terms with your decision that cannot be a Lion as a pet but a cat can be a great choice. Each time you look at how similar they are, for example the common tabby markings you’ll be happy that cats are the descendants of the lions and the tigers.

Another interesting fact is that the majority of cats that resemble animals like lions, tigers, and other wild animals didn’t happen naturally, but were the result of genetic improvement and crossbreeding.

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