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How Much Does A Horse Cost? – Learning Drives .More than 7.2 millions Americans have horses. They use them mostly for show, recreation and racing and working. A lot of people think it would be expensive for a person to have a horse however it’s less expensive than you think.

What is the cost of an Initial Horse Fee?

For a horse to purchase, you could expect to spend between $100 and $10k, depending on the horse’s pedigree, the way you plan using the animal and your area of residence. The typical price of a hobby horse can be approximately $3000.

According to the website Seriously Equestrian the most expensive horses could cost as much as $250,000. Some of the most costly breeds include:

  • Arabian
  • Thoroughbred
  • Andalusian
  • Dutch Warmblood
  • Oldenburg

The most affordable horses are:

  • Wild Mustangs
  • Quarter Horses
  • Arabians
  • Thoroughbreds

Absolutely, Arabians and Thoroughbreds can earn the highest price based on their pedigrees, or as little as $1000. But, the most economical breed available is one that is wild, the Mustang. It is possible to purchase the wild Mustang at a cost of between $100 and $200 depending on where you reside.

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How Maintenance Costs Impact the Cost

After you purchase your horse, there are a lot of expenses for maintaining the horse. In addition to the cost of buying your property and the most commonly-used expenses:


The location you keep your horse and the way you board your horse may also be different in price. If you are keeping the animal within a pasture it will cost you less. You can also place your animal in a fully-service stall equipped with daily workout turn-out. Based on the location you live in and the location, the cost of a fully-serviced horse stall will cost between about $400 to $2500 per monthly.


Horses require 15-20 pounds of food each day. A well-mixed diet should cost around 850 dollars per annually in order to provide your horse with food every year. Your horse will require to have a balanced diet of:

  • Grain Mix: A horse consumes approximately .5 percent of bodyweight every day.
  • Horses that graze on grass consumes approximately 1.5 percent of bodyweight each day. Hay costs are dependent on the location you live in and your availability for pasture.
  • Salt and Minerals The horse requires approximately two 5-pound blocks each year. The salt and mineral block usually costs between $10 and $25.

It is also possible to provide your horse with other minerals to aid in their digestion.

Rogue Pet Science offers their Origins Equine 5in1 horse supplement that can enhance the horses health and ability to perform. The Origins Equine 5in1 feed topper is a simple supplement made of pellets that contains prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and butyric acid to enhance your horse’s digestive health and digestion.


It is also necessary to bring your animal to the vet for:

  • The deworming process is performed twice per year.
  • Vaccinations
  • Coggins Test and Health Certificates

The vet services cost between $250 and 500 dollars per year. If you choose to breed your horse it will increase the quantity of health examinations and after-natal care. It’s crucial to ensure that your horse is given all of the required vaccinations and deworming treatments that promote healthy health and longevity.

Farrier Costs

The cost of farriers for trimming your horse’s hooves once every 8 weeks is a low-cost option to avoid shoeing the horse. However, the farrier’s services could be more costly depending the location you reside in. It typically cost around 390 dollars per each year.


Based on the location you live in there may be horses’ bedding. Straw bedding for stalls of horses could be priced at around $ 400 per each year.


The cost of equipment will depend the way you intend to utilize your horse. Most horse owners purchase:

  • Equipment for riding
  • Equipment for training
  • Equipment for grooming
  • Manure spreader
  • Arena drag
  • Small Utility Vehicle
  • Horse Trailer
  • Truck

The cost of these products will differ based on the type of equipment, its use, and brand.

Others ownership and operating costs

Other costs are also a part of having a horse that has to do with your property, barn, and equipment. There are each year cost for insurance, taxes and interest according to the location the horse is kept.

Additionally, you’ll have to maintain and maintenance on your barn, fences and equipment as they go up. Also, you’ll need to maintain your horse’s pasture as well as your water tank and other equipment related to horses to maintain an equid in good health and happiness. The cost of owning a horse depend on the area you live in and the dimensions of the property.

When you buy your horse, it’ll cost between $2,500 and $3800 per calendar year to keep an equid that is healthy. It is assumed that the horse lives within your property. It is necessary to add to the price for renting an stable.

The ownership of a horse can be Highly rewarding

Although it can cost around $6,000 in the very first one year of owning a horse (including the cost for the animal) it will improve your life quality and enjoyment. And when you’ve learned about how to care to your animal, you’ll discover ways to improve the chances of owning a horse to be more affordable.

If you own pasture and stable facilities located on your property and you own a stable, then having the horse could be a lot less expensive. In addition, the place in which you live will significantly affect the price of having horses.


How do I find the most affordable way to care for an animal?

Many people may immediately think “keep it on your land,” this might not be the best option for the majority of people. The cost of land is quite expensive, particularly in areas with a horse population, and the price of land is enough to take that possibility off the table for many.

If, however, you already own a couple of acres, you can fence it and creating an simple shelter is cheaper than other alternatives.

For the majority of people, the most affordable way to maintain your horse is through self-care boarding. You pay a monthly cost, typically $100 to $200, and provide all of the food, hay, and care your own.

Do you think it is cheaper to own a horse than an automobile?

From my years of horse ownership experiences, it’s less expensive to own the car.

While the initial price of buying the horse is usually less than the cost of an automobile but it’s the monthly maintenance, long-term care and care of horses that will cost you at the end.

If you have the use of a car, you could find a good lease at about $250 per month. Add another $100 to gas and insurance (being generous based on many factors), and you’re looking at $450 per month. There’s the chance of a major repair when you own a car an item, but if leasing the lease, it’s usually not a problem.

Horses are, however are priced minimum $450 per month for the board (including feed) typically more. Add farrier fees as well as vet visits, lessons tack and so on., and your cost is about $800 per month.

What is the price of a mustang horse set you back?

To adopt to a BLM Mustang, it’s usually $125, unless you place an online bid. If that is the case, it could be more costly. Be aware the fact that wild horses require specific accommodation and training, which is more costly than the typical horse.

What is the cost of keeping a horse in the home?

If you keep your animal on the property, it is only necessary to supply bedding, food veterinarian farrier, dentist, vet. In the absence of constructing or maintaining infrastructure such as water, electricity, and property tax you could be paying $100-$300 per month.


Our first year of ownership of a horse was when we found an animal, purchase it, pay for the board Training, lessons and a lot of equipment, tack and tools, and pay for a full year of vet, farmer or dentist work.

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