How To Cancel Sling TV? – Learning Drives

How To Cancel Sling TV? – Learning Drives .Step-by-step instructions on how to cancel Sling TV

  • Register to Sling TV
  • Go to the My Account dashboard
  • Click Cancel Subscribe
  • Confirm your cancellation
  • Please leave feedback for Sling
  • Receive cancellation confirmation via email

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Sign into your Sling TV account

If you haven’t signed up for Sling TV, do so now. Don’t worry if your account settings are lost. It’s not like losing $75,000 worth of diamond earrings in the ocean. Sling’s Forgot Your Password link is always available. link.

You’ll see two ways to access your account depending on the settings of your browser. You’ll see either a small person next to Sign in / Sign out or a small cog wheel.

Sling TV account buttons

Click the little person that is between your language and sign out.

Click the settings button in the upper-right corner if you are having trouble finding your account menu.

This section allows you to manage all aspects of your account including billing and subscription information. This section also displays your auto-renew date and time, which can be useful for knowing when your next payment is due.

Clicking on Manage Account will take you to the My Account page of Sling’s website.

Click to Change Your Subscription

When the pop-up menu opens, confirm that you want to cancel or keep your subscription.

Sling wants you to stay, but they might give you an incentive. Sling offered us to try out their add-ons. But maybe Sling will offer something more appealing to keep you a subscriber for at least a few more months. It’s like a final plea for your love. Sometimes an HDTV-antenne is enough to make love reign supreme.

Please leave some feedback for Sling

Sling would like to know why you are leaving, so it can help with resource pages or improve its service. Tell them, be a homie.

Cancel Sling TV online

  • Sign up for your Sling TV Account.
  • Go to Account Settings.
  • Click Cancel Subscription.
  • Select a reason to cancel and click Continue.
  • Select Cancel my Subscription

Cancel Sling TV by phone

  • To speak with a Sling TV agent, call 1-888-291-5222
  • Ask the agent to cancel your Sling TV subscription.
  • When they close your account, ask the agent for confirmation emails.

Receive your cancellation confirmation

To confirm that Sling TV has sent you your cancellation confirmation, check the email. Contact Sling TV if you have not received a confirmation email.

You can either keep watching Sling for as long as your billing cycle lasts or flash the peace sign to Sling forever. You don’t need to cancel your subscription.

Are you looking for a streaming service that is better?

Perhaps Sling didn’t offer the channels you desired, or perhaps the price was a problem. We’ve already discussed the best live streaming TV services. All of them offer free trials so you may as well give them all a try.

How to cancel Sling TV

When does my subscription expire?

Your current subscription will continue to be active until the end your current billing cycle. You can still watch Kim and Khloe arguing for the rest of the month but you won’t be charged for or receive service for the next month.

Can I still view the video even if I have cancelled?

Sling TV can be used until the end your current billing cycle, unless you are on a free trial. You’ll still be able to access some shows on networks such as History Channel, Food Network, HGTV and TBS even after your subscription ends. This is actually quite cool. Props, Sling.

Can I receive a refund for any time that is left on my subscription?

Sling TV does not offer refunds for partial or prepaid months of service. If you cancel on Day 1, you will not receive money back for the remaining 30 days.

Is my subscription cancelled if I delete the app from my phone?

Your subscription to Sling TV must not be cancelled through the website. Although you may be able delete the number of an ex from your phone, and not have to contact them again, Sling will need to see more information. . . You know what happens during a breakup.

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