How To Change Wifi Password Xfinity?

How To Change Wifi Password Xfinity? .It can sometimes be difficult to remember your WiFi network name (aka SSID), and password. We made it simple to view and modify them from a few locations. Here’s how.

Remember this before you start:

  • These instructions apply to leased Xfinity Gateways only.
    • If you’re using an approved, non-Xfinity Internet device, visit and select your modem or router to find out more information.
  • Depending on the model, Xfinity xFi Gateways broadcast one or more wireless signals/bands (2.4GHz to 5GHz and 6GHz respectively).
    • We recommend that you use the same network password and network name for all bands to ensure the strongest possible connection.
  • After changing the network name and password, you will need to connect all of your WiFi devices.
    • Learn more about connecting with a WiFi network.

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X1 TV Box (View Only, No Login Required).

The X1 TV box is the fastest way to view your WiFi network name or password if you have an xFi gateway. This is particularly useful when you or someone else are trying to connect a new device.

  • The screen will display the password(s), network name(s), and other information.
  • Notice: While you’ll see WiFi help, the Simplify WiFi tile might not be visible.


  • Use the or xfinity buttons on your remote.
  • To get to the gear symbol, press the right Arrow.
  • Click the down Arrow and select Help.
  • Click the right button to select the WiFi Tile under the Troubleshooting Section.
  • On the screen, you will see your WiFi password and network name.

Xfinity App

Xfinity xFi gives you the power to customize and control your WiFi experience. If you have an xFi Gateway the Xfinity Status Center and the My Account mobile application will redirect you to Xfinity to view and modify WiFi information.

You can manage it using the Xfinity App:

  • Log in to the Xfinity App (download the App store or Google Play).
  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Xfinity App if you already have it.
  • Select Connect.
  • Choose your network from the Xfinity App.
  • Select Show Password to see your password.
  • To make changes, select the pencil symbol.

After making any updates, select and apply changes.

Xfinity My Account App Mobile Devices

You can manage your Xfinity accounts and services using the Xfinity My Account app.

  • Register for the Xfinity My Account App.

Scroll down to the bottom menu and select Internet. Choose the Gateway picture you wish to change. To view your WiFi information, select Show WiFi Settings.

To customize your settings, select Change WiFi Setting. You’ll be able to Edit if you lease an xFi gateway.

Admin Tool for Xfinity Wireless Gateway

Many people love the Xfinity app and X1. If you are more experienced, the Xfinity Admin Tool might be a good choice.

  1. Connect your phone, tablet, or computer to your network.
  2. Either use WiFi or connect an Ethernet cable to your Gateway.
  3. Open a web browser, and then go to the Admin Tool ( HTML0.0.1).
  4. To open the Admin Tool, these are the default settings:
  5. Username admin
  6. Password: password (case sensitive)
  7. Login Select
    Use your old login information if you have changed your password to the Admin Tool before. You will need to factory reset the Wireless Gateway if you forget your Admin Tool password.
  8. You can choose Gateway from the left navigation menu. Next, select Connection. Finally, choose WiFi.
  9. You’ll find the name (SSID), of your WiFi network under Private WiFi Network.
  10. Select Edit.
  11. To view the settings for each band, select Edit if you see two network names.
  12. You’ll find your password by checking the box next Show Network Preferred.
  13. After making any changes, click Save Settings.


  • If WiFi Intelligence has been enabled on your account or xFi Pods are installed, you will not be able to modify your WiFi name/password via the Gateway Admin/MSO Tool ( You’ll need the Xfinity app.
  • You can verify if WiFi Intelligence is enabled by going to Connect. Select your home network and then select Advanced Setting. Look for ” 2.4 & 5. GHz.”
  • WiFi Intelligence is enabled if the option isn’t available.
  • WiFi Intelligence (XB8) is automatically enabled on the xFi Advanced Gateway.

Default WiFi Information (View only)

The default WiFi network name, password and username for your Xfinity Wireless Gateway are included. Most Xfinity Gateways require the password and default WiFi name to be changed during installation. You can locate the default WiFi information at the bottom or side of your gateway if your default WiFi name or password was not changed during installation.

We strongly recommend that you change your password and WiFi network name to increase security for your home network.

More Internet and WiFi Tips

Additional Information

To find common solutions, self-help options and troubleshoot your account and other information, visit our Online Help Center.

The Xfinity app is the best way to manage, and troubleshoot Xfinity. .

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