How to Make Your Period End Faster?

It’s getting close to the end of the month. It’s time to start with your period however, you’ve got an exciting vacation scheduled for later.

Instead of battling Menstrual cramps bleeding, bloating and cramps you’re wondering what the alternatives are.

Are you able to stop your period? Are you sure it is completely safe?

“A lot of people think if you skip your periods, it’s not safe,” Dr. OBGYN Stacie Jhaveri MD. “But it’s actually very safe, if done correctly.”

Dr. Jhaveri talks about ways to prevent your period from happening and the best methods to avoid it.

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Can you safely attempt to stop your menstrual cycle?

If it’s for a week or month, or longer-term, you can end the cycle.

Many women wish to end or delay their periods due to certain events such as weddings or honeymoon. Some people’s desire to end their menstrual cycle is based on medical reasons such as:

Although it’s perfectly safe to stop your menstrual cycle, you must remember that your body is going through a cycle, which can last from 21 to 35 days. It all has to do with have to do with hormones.

“Estrogen is the hormone that makes tissue build up in your uterus, which provides a nice cushiony lining for a pregnancy to implant,” Dr. Jhaveri. “If you aren’t able to get pregnant, the tissue has to be shed and this is when you’ll experience your period. When you ovulate, a different hormone called progesterone is released to help maintain your pregnancy. If you don’t become pregnant during that cycle, the progesterone is gone and then the period is due.”

The decrease in progesterone is the reason the lining of your uterus to be removed and this causes the onset of a time.

“If you can prolong the progesterone, that’s the most effective way to stop your period,” Dr. Jhaveri. “You’re faking your body into thinking you’re pregnant.”

How do you stop your period?

It’s best to speak to your gynecologist regarding methods to stop your menstrual cycle.

“The success rate will be very different based on when you try in your cycle and what method you use,” says Dr. Jhaveri.

If you’re aware of an important event scheduled in the coming months, the sooner you’re able to make a game plan with your physician, the more effective, according to Dr. Jhaveri.

It’s also crucial to know that there’s no method to stop your period after it begins. In all of these ways it’s possible to experience bleeding that is not normal.

Here are some suggestions you can discuss with your physician.

Birth Control Pills

With numerous types and brands birth pills for control are used widely to keep a woman from becoming pregnant..

Birth control pills are typically sold in a 28-pill package. In normal circumstances, you’ll have the active pill for three weeks that are hormone-containing. In your fourth week of treatment, consume placebo pills, which do not contain hormones.

However, if you wish to stop having menstrual cycles then there’s a way to bypass the week of placebo and begin the process again. This will keep your levels of progesterone and estrogen high, which means that the inside of your uterus will not shed.

If you’re able to continue taking the hormone-based pills to stop your menstrual cycle however, Dr. Jhaveri suggests speaking with your physician about a plan.

“With birth control pills specifically, it’s recommended that you have a period every three or four months to get rid of any additional tissue that is built up, otherwise it could lead to very irregular bleeding,” Dr. Jhaveri.

Intrauterine devices

An IUD is a great choice for people who are looking for a reliable solution and don’t need to think about it for a long time.

An A device in the shape of a T is implanted into your uterus in an office procedure. While there are copper and plastic versions, plastic ones can be the only one to contain hormones. Many people with IUDs made of plastic experience lighter period or end completely.

“If you don’t want to have periods, you should consider a method that is continuous progesterone like a hormone-containing IUD,” Dr. Jhaveri. “If you just want to stop a period for one cycle, an IUD is not going to be your best bet.”

Patches, rings or vaginal rings

As with birth control pills these methods provide an entire 21-day supply of hormonal substances. These hormones are obtained via an patch which is applied to your stomach, and then changed each week, or a plastic band which is inserted into the vagina for 3 weeks.

After three weeks, it is common to take off those methods for a week in order to start your period. However, if you’d like to end or skip your period, apply an additional patch or ring immediately after 21 days.

“Similar to birth control pills, you would just use these methods continuously to stop your period” ” claims Dr. Jhaveri.


You can receive an injection of birth control every three months. This shot has a large amount of progesterone.

“The shot has the highest success of stopping your periods long-term because it’s going to suppress the estrogen the most and suppress the buildup of tissue the most,” says Dr. Jhaveri. “So, if somebody really needs to suppress their periods because of heavy flow or other problems, the shot has got one of the highest success rates.”

Because of the high levels of hormones but there’s also a greater likelihood of adverse effects such as weight gain, mood swings and weight growth. It’s also important to consider the fact that it’s a more long-term solution than other methods.

“Once you get the shot, you’re stuck with it for at least three to four months,” Dr. Jhaveri says. Dr. Jhaveri. “If you aren’t happy with your medication, you shouldn’t take it the following day. If you don’t like the patch? Don’t wear it. Once you’ve received this shot it’ll stay present in your system for at least three months It’s crucial to look over all your options before you decide which is the best choice for you.”


Implants are a great option for women. implant is an alternative option for birth control that has the potential to end your menstrual cycle.

A thin rod with a flexible surface that releases progesterone is put underneath the skin on the upper arm. Although it’s possible to last for up to three years you can remove it earlier.

“Implants have the same benefits of the shot and are very effective, but one unique benefit is that if you don’t like it, you can have it removed,” says Dr. Jhaveri. “You don’t have to worry about it staying in your system for an extended period of time.”

What isn’t working?

The web is full of ideas and strategies to end your menstrual cycle. However, many of them are not true. These methods won’t work to stop your period.

  • Consuming juice of lemon.
  • Salt water to drink.
  • Drinking water that is made from vinegar.
  • The morning-after pill in the morning.
  • Ibuprofen as a substitute.
  • Drinking tea with raspberry leaf.
  • Drinking pineapple juice.

“There’s absolutely no science behind why these methods would work to stop your period,” the Dr. Jhaveri. “None of these methods are likely to result in enough control of hormones to end your menstrual cycle. It is possible to harm yourself by trying different methods and can result in an irregular flow of blood.”

The best way to proceed? Ask your doctor for the best way to end your period.

If you suffer from excessive blood pressure, or migraines and auras It’s not recommended you consume estrogen. It is found in a variety of types for birth control. For the majority of people, taking some kind contraceptive to end their menstrual cycle is an alternative.

“If you want to successfully stop your period, talk to your doctor,” recommends doctor. Jhaveri. “Even during a virtual visit, doctors can offer a quick 15-minute consultation to find out your medical risk factors and the best way to stop your period with the amount of time that you’re looking at.”

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