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How to Play YouTube in Background? –Learning Drives  .We all would like to play YouTube in the background when we are using other app or in the event that the phone locks. However, the YouTube mobile application won’t let you do this unless you’re an YouTube Premium subscriber. There are a lot of songs and podcasts that you cannot discover in other streaming app, and it’s quite annoying when YouTube does not allow you to listen to the music in peace without having to be watching the video.

If you want to be able to YouTube Music in the background You can subscribe monthly with YouTube Music which costs around $12 per month. It’s a bit surprising that there’s no official method to play videos from YouTube within the background even when your screen has been locked, or off. But, with YouTube Premium, you can play videos with “PIP” mode with other apps.

You can also read this list to discover extremely good YouTube alternative apps that allow you to use YouTube while in background mode on Android and iOS. The apps listed in this list are able to be used in non-rooted devices as well as non-jailbreak devices.

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Apps that play YouTube in the background Android and iOS

Here’s a listing of apps that function as an YouTube background application that lets you play your favourite YouTube videos on the background , while you move about doing other things.

1. Floating Tube

The Floating Tube is a no-cost Android application that is able to display the YouTube videos on the hovering toolbar by using the picture-in-picture mode. The application plays your video on a smaller screen that can be watched in conjunction with other applications. You’ll need to turn on the display over apps first time you open the app. It’s a very popular app with more than 1 million downloads on the Play store as of the date of this article’s writing.

With the Floating Tube it allows you to play your most-loved YouTube video and then reduce it down to a tiny floating toolbar. You can also alter your video’s size by opening the settings menu, and then changing the size of the preview.

After watching your preferred YouTube video within the Floating Tube application it is possible to reduce it, and then launch any other application for you to communicate with buddies or look through the Instagram platform. The interface is like the official YouTube app , which means you won’t have any issues adjusting to the The Floating Tube interface.

Simply search for the music and song video you would like to play and then close the application. The video will begin playing on a tiny toolbar which can be changed in size and location in accordance with your preferences. The only thing I observed was that the video’s performance appeared to be a little slow and there were there was a huge number of ads that were full-screen. But, you can opt to buy the in-app purchases to stop ads and also support the creator.


  • Easy to learn and familiar User Interface that is easy to use.
  • Removable and resizable player for video.
  • Lock feature allows you to secure your players on screens.


  • Problems with loading and buffers.
  • Sometimes, it is frustrating when using essential applications.
  • Shows full-screen interstitial ads.

2. New Pipe

New Pipe is a fantastic app, and one of my favorites to play YouTube videos on the background. The only issue is that it isn’t accessible on the Play Store or the app store. You must download it through F-droid, which is exclusive to Android at the moment.

New Pipe is an extremely recommended tool that allows you to browse YouTube videos. You won’t notice any distinction due to the resemblance in the layout of the application. The trending tab is downloaded directly from YouTube which means you’ll be up-to-date on the most popular video trends without having to switch applications.

There’s also an sub-feed which will provide you with videos from channels you have subscribed to. It is also possible to save playlists and then display it in the app. This feature is particularly useful for those who wish to save playlists that contain the most recent songs as well as listen while on the move.

For YouTube playback, you must play the HTML0 videos in the background Find the video on New Pipe and then press the home button. The video will now play in the background. You can manage the playback through the notifications panel. Also, there’s an option to play in a “Popup” mode that has the ability to display pictures in pictures like Floating Tube.

The disadvantage for New Pipe is that you are unable to connect your Google account to this application and , as a consequence, you are unable to comment, like or dislike videos. New Pipe does not experience any crashes and runs flawlessly on the majority of Android devices. The best thing is New Pipe is completely ad-free however you can make a donation to the developer to help their efforts.

3. Brave Browser

The Brave browser can be described as a typical web browser designed for mobiles to browse the web. It will also allow you to watch YouTube videos as background even when the screen is off. Brave browser is available on Android as well as iOS devices, which is a great indicator for iOS users.

To make Brave Browser to play YouTube on the background you will need to go into the Brave Browser settings Settings –Site Settings Settings – Site SettingsMedia and then enable background video playback. When you’ve enabled background video playback it is now possible to play YouTube videos in the background without having to make any other modifications to your device.

To play the video, open YouTube website by typing in the browser address bar and search for the video that you wish to listen and play in the background. Now you can see that the video continues playing even if you shut down Brace Browser. You’ll be able to hear the sound playing within the background. Play and pausing can be controlled using the notification center when you’re on Android and from the control center when you are using your iOS device.

The greatest feature of Brave browser is its built-in ads-blocker that is highly effective to block ads. It also blocks advertisements in YouTube and is beneficial feature, as it lets you listen to your preferred songs with no interruptions. Brave browser is an extremely popular application that has more than the 10 million downloaded which has an average score that is 4.3.

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