How to Post Live Photos on Facebook? -Learning Drives

How to Post Live Photos on Facebook? -Learning Drives  .Apple has a fantastic Live Photo feature that brings your photos that are still in motion by recording a small fragment to get the most perfect frame. Live Photos make use of a bizarre “.HEIC” file and aren’t recognized on a lot of websites or apps.

The issue the issue with Live Photos is that their peculiar file format makes it difficult to share the brief moment they record. Facebook is one example. Facebook does not allow uploading HEIC files as well as Apple will automatically transform Live Photos to still images when you post them to social media sites.

The most effective way to make live photos on Facebook is to convert it into a video prior to posting. I’ll explain how to do this online.

  • Make your live image the form of a loop or bounce
  • Copy it in your files
  • Convert to video
  • and download and share it to Facebook

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Step 1: Change your live image to a loop or bounce

Although you can’t create video files from live photos stored on your iPhone however, you have a choice to alter the way they play. Open the Photos app, then select the live image you wish to play, and swipe it up (or move it down when you’re using your computer).

There are three options to choose from for your live image including bounce, live, and loop. To convert your live video to a video, you’ll have to select either the loop or bounce. I would suggest choosing the bounce option since it is more convenient. The loop option cuts your video by introducing fade effects, but it can create a cool effect on certain videos!

Step 2 File it away in your file

However even once you save the bounced or bounced image is saved to the camera roll, the photo is not saved as video. Even if you upload it to your computer , and export it as a file the file will end up being saved in GIF. GIF.

Instead, choose the image in the Photos application, click” Share” from the “Share” button (it looks like a rectangle with an arrow running through it) Scroll down and choose “Save to Files.” Select the first option it shows you. This means it will be the first option you’ll see when you next go through the process – and then click “Save.”

Step 3: Convert to Video

Following step 2 after that, you cannot access the live video feed from your phone. We’re sure it’s frustrating. Apple makes it difficult.

The final step in making the video work: convert your newly created GIF into a video. Launch Capwing’s Studio within Safari. Safari web browser that you have on your phone. Select “Get Started” or “Start with Studio.”

Then, click “Click to Upload,” after which click “Browse.” Your saved loop or bounce file will be the most current one you can find in your file browser. Simply select the desired file and the video will begin to upload into your Lapwing Studio.

Step 4: Download and Share to Facebook

When your file has finished sending it to Studio You’re now ready to go through it. Simply click ” Publish” at the top right-hand corner of the window. Keping will work its magic, and your live image will be available for be downloaded as an MP4 file in a short time. When Keping has finished processing, hit ” Download.”

If you’re not logged into an Keping accounts, sign in or create an account with either your Google account or Facebook account. Once you’ve signed in to your Keping account the watermark that appears in the lower right corner of your screen will be removed from the final video.

You’re now ready to post the Live Photo directly to Facebook! Simply go to your Facebook’s homepage, begin creating posts, then click  “Photo/Video” and click ” Photo/Video” button. Look for that Live Photo you converted to video and upload it directly on your feed.

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