How to Report a Seller on Amazon? -Learning Drives

How to Report a Seller on Amazon? -Learning Drives .You’re waiting for the moment that your Amazon delivery is made. You’re anxious to receive the product you ordered. But, when you get the package, you’re disappointed as the product doesn’t match what you expected.

The product you received may be damaged or not be exactly as you read or saw on the site. You could also be a victims of one or more of the numerous Amazon frauds, which are frauds.

You’re looking for information on how to file complaints about an Amazon seller. Amazon However, you’re confused about how to proceed.

Customers can report fake items or content, and other violations of Amazon’s policies. You’ll be required to provide pertinent details to verify the legitimacy of your assertions.

This blog we’ll guide you on how to make a complaint against a seller, including potential Amazon fraudsters.

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Table of Contents

  • Specify the Violation
  • Document the Policy Violation
  • Contact the Seller Directly and Try to Solve The Issue
  • Notify Amazon via Customer Service Or the Seller Abuse Report Form
  • How To Report a Seller on Amazon Using Its Website
  • How To Report Amazon Sellers Using the Mobile App
  • Other Types of Amazon Seller Violations
  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Specify the Violation

Identifying the exact infraction is the most critical action to take. A simple disappointment at being disappointed with the service received does not necessarily justify an immediate report for the seller. Amazon seller.

As a consumer , it is your responsibility to satisfy your expectations you can be sure that the product you purchase is in line with the standard of quality as well as other requirements and is in line with the descriptions and claims.

So you are required to report Amazon sellers with a strong suspicion of an action that suggests they may be intentionally using and abusing the platform.

Here are Amazon’s prohibited seller actions and actions:

  • Incorrect and incorrect information regarding the product’s information
  • Redefining the image of sellers with ratings and listings
  • Influencing feedback from customers rating, ratings, and ratings
  • Incorrectly sending messages to buyers
  • Multiple sale accounts fraudulently

There are a variety of situations that could lead to violations. If you believe the Amazon seller is involved in fraud or is in breach the Amazon policies, be sure you review your selling policies as well as Code of Conduct.

Learn where your problem about the seller and product is rooted. The Amazon web site you will be able to find more information as with explanations regarding the violations that are reported on Amazon. Amazon website.

Document the Policy Violation

In the same way as all reports, it is required to establish your identity with Amazon in order to confirm your claims. Therefore, you must be able to prove the authenticity of any interactions with Amazon.

Amazon will ask you questions that you must answer in order to prove that you’ve breached their Selling Policy and Codes of Conduct. Your responsibility is provide proof that you are able to provide. Examples of documents are:

  • Store company address, Amazon customer account for the seller
  • Order ID or ASIN/ISBN
  • Screenshots from similar messages
  • Receipts
  • Pictures of the products
  • URL hyperlinks to the listing or listings for the listing/s

If you don’t provide evidence of the violation infraction, it’s highly likely that your complaint will not be heard. The more evidence of the suspected crime you are able to show, the more convincing.

Contact the Seller Directly and Try to Solve The Issue

In the majority of instances problems can be solved simply by calling the Amazon seller first.

A majority of sellers are trustworthy businesses or those who are genuinely looking to offer the highest quality of products and services.

Therefore, our suggestion is to get in touch with the seller before taking any other actions. Are you aware of ways to contact sellers via third party sellers on Amazon? Here’s how.

Utilizing the Buyer/Seller Messaging Service, it’s possible to ask directly questions or address issues that you’re facing with the item you bought, or services provided by the seller such as warranties, guarantees, and warranties as well as other warranties and warranties.

Most sellers will answer your questions and resolve the issue immediately and do not need you to immediately report an issue to the marketplace. Amazon sellers have their reputation, name and image to guard and protect, and you’ll likely get a response.

If the issue is resolved without Amazon involved, and with no involvement from Amazon and all more so. It’s much faster and easier for you.

Notify Amazon via Customer Service Or the Seller Abuse Report Form

If you’re not able to resolve the issue via directly contacting an Amazon seller and you aren’t in a position to solve the issue, this section in this article will be of tremendous worth to you.

You think that they’ve in violation of Amazon’s Selling Policy and the Seller Conduct Code. Conduct. You can also be sure that you have the right evidence to back up your assertion. It’s time to contact Amazon directly to ask for an evaluation.

For Buyers:

For buyers, there are numerous ways to get in touch with Amazon to voice concerns about fraud, phishing or policy violations, abuses that happen on the site as also bad experience for sellers.

The quickest way to do this is to visit your Customer Service page where Amazon can assist you with the majority of problems like returning an unintentionally delivered item as well as tracking the parcel which has been delayed.

If you need more detailed reports or issues, contact for more complex issues and reports, you can call the Amazon hotline or customer service. If you answer calls, you’ll be referred to a chatbot that will help in resolving the issue first.

You can also make use of the chat feature online on the above page. But, as with their hotline, the chatbot will handle the first “conversation” before connecting you with a person.

Finally, you can contact Amazon customer service by mail ( ) or social media. However, they’re not the best way to reach out to sellers to get an answer.

For Sellers:

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. It’s used by a variety of businesses, which is why it’s not surprising that companies are striving to beat each otherby making improvements to Amazon catalogs and improving the conversion rate..

Unfortunately, certain sellers choose this approach in a subtle manner.

Unscrupulous competitors can leave damaging but fake negative reviews buy and return the item or take over your product’s listing.

To report these types of seller on Amazon To submit these sellers to Amazon, go to the Amazon Seller Central Amazon portal and search for”Report Abuse” and then click at”Report Abuse.” Click on “Report Abuse” tab. The steps you’ll have to follow according to this Section on FAQ:

  • 1 – Go to Report Abuse
  • 2. Select the type of infraction
  • 3. Include the appropriate ORDER ID along with ASIN/ISBN, in the event that it’s applicable.
  • 4. Make sure you include the specific information when you write the description of your issue field If applicable, include the following information:

Your name and the address of the company or the location of the vendor to whom you report

An ISBN, ASIN or an item’s page of information, along with its title, The marketplaces where the infringement was found

A description of the offense in context of the policy .Supporting documentation (ex. order IDs, related messages or receipts)

5 – Submit

Be aware that you don’t wish to be component of the problem or issue you’re trying solve. Don’t make untrue assertions or complain to other Amazon sellers.

It’s it is the Report Abuse feature for sellers is intended for serious problems like copying their own product or copy and post identical product listings that damage the reputation of your business and its image.

How To Report a Seller on Amazon Using Its Website

  • 1. On visit the Amazon website, go toward the top left hand corner and then click on the three lines icon.
  • Scroll down and click “Health and Settings” click on “Customer Service”.
  • 3. On the next page choose the icon that is the most pertinent to the goal the report is addressing, for example “A delivery, order, or return” or scroll to “All help topics”.
  • If you’re not registered to the Amazon account you set up with your Amazon account You’ll be directed to the page to sign in. You’ll need to confirm the email which was sent to your mobile device to enable access.
  • Following that you’ll be taken to a brand new page where you can choose of chat or a phone call with Amazon Customer Service.
  • When you connect 6 to Once you have connected, be sure to notify the seller you reached out to. It is essential to provide as much details as you can and their behavior and give them the proper evidence.

How To Report Amazon Sellers Using the Mobile App

  • Utilizing your smartphone to open Amazon App. Open your phone to open Amazon App and tap on the three lines located in the upper-left edge on the display.
  • Scroll to the end of the list. Select Customer Service.
  • Click on “Need More Help”, then click “Contact Us”.
  • After you’ve completed the form, you’re able to input the message of your complaint or call and talk to an Amazon representative.

Other Types of Amazon Seller Violations

Intellectual Property Violations

Intellectual property rights are violated when it is a result of issues concerning authenticity of an item particularly with items that are branded that could be copied.

Products sold on Amazon by any company need to be legally approved for sale or re-sale. They must comply to the relevant laws and rules. They should also not infringe copyrights, patents, or patents. trademarks, and other similar.

Product Condition Violations

A violation of a product’s condition is a reference to the accuracy that is in the Amazon description and the listing of the item and the item which is offered for sale. The products you send must also be free of imperfections or damages.

If you’re sure that one of these violations was committed through sellers of Amazon and you’re certain that it was the case, you can file an account also.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon Responsible For Their Sellers?

In the final analysis, Amazon is not responsible for the sellers they sell to. Amazon is the sole responsible party for making sure that all information related to the sellers’ business, which includes reports,, is properly handled.

In the end, sellers are responsible for their product as well as the standards they’ve established for their customers.

What can I do to determine whether the authenticity of an Amazon email that is genuine?

Genuine emails that originate through the Amazon platform are always sent from an address ending with If it’s not, it’s most likely to be an unauthentic email.

If, for instance, you receive a fake email saying it’s via Amazon Business and they ask for information about your account, report immediately.

The best way to protect your account is to make sure you don’t click on links in the emails you receive that appear suspicious.

Can I Get Scammed On Amazon?

Yes, you can. Despite Amazon’s best efforts , it isn’t without its fair share of individuals who are dishonest on Amazon. However, it is important to note that the bulk of Amazon sellers are honest and trustworthy businesses and individuals determined to provide you with the best quality products.

Shop at stores with Amazon A+ content, they’re more secure as they need to be accepted by the platform to be granted this status. If you’re a seller looking to sell their products on Amazon visit the link to learn more.

Will Amazon Refund Me If I Get Scammed?

If you’ve experienced fraud from Amazon make contact with them immediately, and the issue will be resolved by the seller along with the buyers. A lot of sellers offer a full and hassle-free return or you can opt for a money back guarantee on all purchases.

Does Amazon Have A Complaint Department?

Yes, you are able to visit their website or application first. You can also reach Amazon Customer Service Complaints Department by dialing their phone number. Amazon Customer Service Complaints Department by dialing their number in order to complain about an odd advertisement, spoofing efforts such as sellers trying to steal your personal data, Amazon phishing emails and emails claiming they are selling fake goods as well as other.

But, ensure that your complaints and reports are at a minimum credible to avoid Amazon’s time.


Amazon has always been confused about the best way and process for communicating with them, due to reasons such as to avoid excessive and unproductive reports.

Therefore, only contact Amazon to complain about serious violations and provide credible information.

The most effective method of resolving any issue you have in relation to a shipment or product is to contact your supplier before contacting them.

If the scenario does not work out it is possible to gather the evidence required for the process of filing a complaint with an Amazon seller easier and take the necessary action.

Now you know the best way to report an account of a seller on Amazon. Keep these tips in mind to know how you can do to get the most rapid responses and in turn, the best results.

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