How to Return Amazon Items?-Learning Drives

How to Return Amazon Items?-Learning Drives .You can return almost all items purchased from the Amazon Physical Store for a full refund within 30 days from the purchase. To figure out the returns options with purchases, check out the Online Return Center.

Physical Store Returns Policy

Products purchased from the Amazon Physical Store can be returned within 30 days of purchase for full reimbursement subject to the other guidelines for return which are listed below.

  • Gift Cards cannot be returned (except when required by law).
  • Newspapers and magazines aren’t returnable.
  • Alcohol and grocery items cannot be returned to Amazon however they can be reimbursed or substituted.
  • All Hallmark merchandise cannot be returned.
  • Gift recipients can exchange a gift when they have placed an order.
  • Certain returns made in-store can be returned as gift Card. Contact an associate in-store for more information.

For more information on refund processing times, go to Refunds Information.

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To Return an Item:

For returning an item you purchased via Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star and Amazon Pop Up:

If you have received an HTML0 invoice via email, or the item you purchased is listed within your Orders: You have the option of returning the item via postal mail. If you want to return the item by mail, please visit the Online Return Center to begin your return.

In the event that the merchandise does not show up on the list of your orders: You’ll be in a position to request a gift-return with your order number through the Online Return Centre.

If you do not already have an account, and want to return a product: Contact Us

If you have linked your account during the purchasing from the Amazon Fresh store:

Click on your orders and select the order that includes the item you’d like to return.

Select the Request Item Return option Follow the instructions to choose the item you wish to return and the reason for returning and then select the drop-off or return shipping method.

Send your package back to us or drop off.

NOTE: If you’ve paid for the item using the cash option or with SNAP EBT benefit return to the place that purchased the item with the receipt.

If you bought an item on Amazon You can:

Visit Returning an Amazon Go Item.

Notice: If you’ve paid for the item using money or benefits from SNAP EBT go back to the location that purchased the item with the receipt.

If you bought an item through

Begin your return with the Electronic Return Centre.

If the item is eligible to be returned in the Amazon store, you’ll be able to select Amazon Store drop off.

If the item you purchased can be returned but isn’t able to return to an Amazon store you will be offered other options for returning the item.

Notice: Amazon Physical Stores may not be able accept returns in-store for specific items purchased through (for instance, items larger than a specific size or that do not meet standards for safe shipping). For more information about returns, please refer to the Refunds policy.

Returns Are Easy!

The online Returns Center will guide you through the process. You can print a mailer’s label to ensure you don’t have to stand in the line in the postal office. Leave the package in the hands of your postal carrier to pick up and we’ll let you know via email when we’ve completed your refund.

You’ll be glad to know we will accept returns on items bought between November 15 2001 until December 31 2001, and until January 31, 2002.

Returns Policy

Within 30 days of the receipt of your parcel (including gifts) You can exchange any of these below products to in any way and receive a full refund (we’ll also reimburse shipping costs when the return is the result of an error on our part):

  • Any book that is in its original state (or one we recommend that you didn’t like)
  • Any open (still wrapped in its plastic wrapper) CD software, DVD, video game vinyl record, cassette tape or VHS tape
  • Any downloaded software title
  • Any item purchased from Our Electronics store or from other stores in excellent condition, with the original box and packaging, as well as accessories.

We can make refunds and returns only on items purchased from (See below for our policies on items purchased through the partners we work with.) We do not offer exchanges except if they’re damaged or defective. Items returned longer than 30 days following delivery, are not in a sellable condition, or have missing components will be subject to an additional restocking charge according to our own discretion. We are unable to accept returned items within 60 days of delivery.

Special Exceptions

  • Cell phones and computers. These items cannot be returned for more than 30 days after the day of delivery.
  • Plans for cell phones. If you want to terminate a mobile phone service plan you purchased from You’ll need to call your wireless service provider. It is important to note that your carrier might charge late-termination charges.
  • eBooks. We are currently not able to take returns on ebooks.
  • Gas-powered products. For safety reasons We are unable to accept returns on gas-powered items. Contact the manufacturer directly to obtain return instructions.
  • magazine. Want to cancel your subscription to a magazine? It doesn’t matter if you received the magazine as a present or bought it yourself on and then call the magazine’s Customer Service at (800) 586-2999. The magazine will refund you for any issues that remain.

Returning items that are available from Amazon Marketplace, Auctions, or ZShops

If you’re returning a product purchased through Amazon Marketplace, Auctions, or zShops, you must get in touch with Seller directly.

Returned Items on and

Items bought or received for gifts purchased from our store can be returned to through the on-line Returns Center. Be aware that all products purchased from our store are only eligible for return at but not Store like Toys “R” Us or Imaginarium store.

Returned Items on

Items purchased or given as gifts purchased or received as gifts from the Baby store can be easily returned in two ways: either through the on-line Returns center or to the nearest Babies “R” Us store close to your home. Note that if opt you want to take your item the Babies “R” Us store it will be subject to it will be subject to the Babies “R” Us return policy (rather than’s) applies.

 It is also important to note that products not specifically purchased through Our Baby shop (including baby-related items like toys books music, videos and more. bought from other stores) are only eligible for return via but not an Babies “R” Us store.

returning items from Borders Partnered with

Purchased or purchased as gifts purchased or received as gifts from Borders that are teamed up with can be returned to through the web-based Returns Centre. It is important to note that products purchased from Borders that are teamed with are only able to be returned at instead of the Borders store.

Returned Items at Target on

Target purchases made on can be returned through’s on-line Returns Centre only, but not to an actual Target store or’s return policy is in effect. Target GiftCards aren’t returnable and are not refundable when stolen or lost.

Returning Circuit City Items Purchased Online via will not accept returns on products purchased through Circuit City. Instead, you can either exchange or return these products to any of the 600 Circuit City locations nationwide or to the Circuit City Returns Center. Check out Circuit City’s policy on refunds and exchanges for more details.

Exchanges of Damaged or Defective Items will allow exchanges only in the event that they’re damaged or defective. To exchange an item, visit our online Returns Center.


We’ll inform you by e-mail of the refund after we’ve received and processed your returned item. We’ll refund you in the same manner as the payment that you originally used to purchase within 7-14 business days of receiving your return. If the reason for your return isn’t due to our fault we will subtract the shipping cost from the amount you receive.

Returning the gift?

If the product was marked as a gift at the time of purchase and you’re eligible for an Amazon gift card to the amount of the item returned, which can be utilized at any time towards purchases on This gift card will be sent directly to the exact address from which the order was delivered. (Don’t be concerned, we won’t notify the gift recipient know about the return.)

If the item was not marked as a gift when it was purchased and we are unable to send an amount of money to the person who gave it away, and the gift giver will be informed of the return. To determine if the product was labeled as a gift, look at the packing slip included with your gift delivery. If it lists the price, then your item was not designated as a gift.

Did you utilize an offer code or a certificate?

If you purchased the entire or a portion of an item that you would like to return, using a promotional coupon or coupon code, portion of your refund will be transferred to your account, and will be available for use when you purchase from Be aware, however, that promotional credit is able to be used and refunded only if the offer is not yet over.

Packing and Sending Your Return

Simple steps:

  • Go online to our Returns Center to get an shipping label.
  • Place the items and an packaging slip (receipt) securely into an appropriate box. It is possible to use the box the items came in, or another, in case you would prefer.
  • Adhere the shipping label on the exterior of the box.
  • The package is left for your postman to collect.

Note that return shipping labels purchased from our website Returns Center are valid for domestic returns only. If you utilize a shipping label supplied through the Returns Center and your return was not the result of our mistake, the cost of shipping of the item returned is deducted off the reimbursement.

Lost Your Packing Slip?

Don’t worry! If you purchased the item on your own you are still able to return it using our on-line Returns center. What happens if the item was presented for you to use as a present, but you don’t have the packing slip nor your order’s number? It’s not a problem. Include a separate piece of paper that includes the name and email number of the individual who bought the present, and the reason you want to return it and then send your package to the address listed below:

All products, except notebook and desktop computers, and cell phones:

  • – Returns
  • 1850 Mercer Rd., Suite 100
  • Lexington, KY 40598
  • For notebook and desktop computers. Returns:
  • – PC Returns
  • 2646 Rainier Ave. South
  • Seattle, WA 98144
  • For cell-phone returns:
  • 1728 Briercroft Ct.
  • Carrollton, TX 75006

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