How To Search A Page For A Word?

How To Search A Page For A Word? How do you search for the word you want to search on a website or web website? Find out different methods . You can look up a particular keyword on a webpage or website using keyboard shortcuts and web browser controls, or Google. Here’s how to accomplish it.


  • Search for a term on a website or website by using keyboard shortcuts or Web browser control.
  • You can also utilize Google to search for a specific word on specific websites or websites.
  • Searching for specific words aids us access information at speedier speeds.

We spend the majority of our time online regardless of whether it’s for work-related issues or for personal reasons. The web is huge and full of information however, sometimes you have to search for relevant content to complete your task.

You continue to search for terms or phrases on the internet to locate the relevant information you are looking for. Additionally, the act of searching for a term on a website can significantly decrease the amount of time required to find the exact.

There are a variety of ways to search for words on a webpage or website, based on the type of computer you’re using. Additionally using these search features and shortcuts to search for particular words or phrases could assist you in finding information faster and improve your experience browsing.

It is easy to search for words on a website or website by using keyboard shortcuts, browser controls or Google. Follow the steps below to learn how to do the same.

The keyboard shortcuts Control+F, Command+F, or Command+F

For most websites and word processing programs, it is possible to make use of command+f on your Mac and Control+F on Windows to locate the information you need. Particularly, Control+F can be used as a keyboard shortcut to search within the web page.

  • 1.On the right side of the screen the text box will pop up. Enter the search phrase you wish to search for. Step 2. Now you need to click the tab ‘Enter. This will aid you find the different instances of the specified phrase or word in the webpage.
  • Step 3.Use the up and down arrows within the box for searching to locate every instance.

Note: You can also search for a term on an iPhone by using the ‘On this page”, “Find on page or Share.

Find a word by using the web browser’s controls

Web browsers are equipped with their own search options. Follow the steps below to use these functions when using Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

  • The first step is to Click at the “More button located in the upper-right area of the web browser. It appears as three horizontal lines, and is just below the bar for address.
  • Step 2. Choose the option “Find” or “Find On this page’.
  • Step 3.A pop-up will be displayed. Enter your search term or phrase.
  • 4.Lastly click the “Enter” button to search for the word you want in the internet browser.

Similar to this as similarly, on Mac using Safari it is possible to click the Edit button located in the toolbar in the middle of the screen. Move your mouse over to “Find” in the menu dropdown. Select the option “Find” in the pop-up menu. Following which you will see a search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Here you are able to type in the term you’re seeking, after which they’ll appear highlighted with yellow in the webpage.

Here’s how you can make use of Google to find websites

It is interesting to note that you can utilize Google to find words on specific websites or websites. Follow the instructions.

  • Step 1.Visit
  • Step 2.Type “site:” with your name. If you know the site you wish to search for then give it a space then type in your keyword or search phrase.
  • Step 3.Now click the ‘Enter the button. Then, you’ll be able see all pages of the website that contain the search term or phrase that you’ve entered.

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