How To Turn off Touch Screen on Chromebook Shortcut?

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Chromebook Shortcut? .Chromebooks are fantastic devices for those who don’t need an ultra-compact laptop to run difficult programs. If you’re looking for the browsing experience, purchasing the Chromebook is a fantastic idea. But some of the features may become too for some users.

The touchscreen is an excellent illustration. It’s great for browsing , and is an ideal combination of smartphone or laptop-like navigation. However, you’ll have to switch off the touchpad and touchscreen on your Chromebook occasionally. It’s good to know that Google have thought of all this in advance and has made switching the touchscreen on/off extremely easy.

Here’s how you can deal with the touchpad and touchscreen, and some additional touchpad tricks.

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Why Disable the Touchscreen?

The ability to use a touchscreen laptop is fantastic. It allows you to use the screen without having to resort to the touchpad, and still having the ability to write on the keyboard. In some instances it is possible to touch the screen but nothing occur. This is the reason Google has provided an option to turn off and then it on whenever you want.

Why Disable the Touchpad?

Let’s say you’re using the touchscreen option rather than the touchscreen. Perhaps you’ve connected the standard mouse to your Chromebook. Each now and then you’ll accidentally hit the keyboard while typing, and the mouse will unintentionally move. Worse, you could click and do something you don’t want to perform.

This is the reason why the touchpad feature is easily switched off or turned on when using Chromebooks.

Disabling the Touchscreen/Touchpad

Chromebooks aren’t like your regular laptops. They are more user-friendly as compared to Windows devices as well as MacBooks. Actually, the majority of adjustments are performed using the original Chrome browser that runs on laptops. This might sound irritating, but it enhances the simplicity this.

To turn off the touchscreen and/or touchpad, start your Chrome web browser of your Chromebook. Then, type in “chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts” in the address bar.

On the next screen, look for the keyboard shortcuts that are debugging. It’s likely get highlighted. Make sure to click Allow to turn on this option.

Then, reboot your device and then use Switch + Search to remove the touchscreen function.

To turn off the touchpad function to disable the touchpad function, use the combination of search + shift + p..

Extra Tips About Using the Touchpad

Although it may not seem like it however, the Chromebook touchpad is more useful than the standard laptop’s touchpad. Therefore, before you disable the touchpad for good take a look at these suggestions and try them.

  • To click you can touch or push the lower of the touchpad.
  • In order to perform the right-click just press or tap the touchpad with two fingers at simultaneously. Alternately you can press the Alt key and then tap or click using one finger.
  • To scroll, put your fingers in the pad. move them left and right to perform horizontal scrolling or up/down for vertical scrolling.
  • If you wish to return to a page that you have been in, simply swipe the page left using two fingers. Use two fingers to swipe left to move forward.
  • To open all windows Use three fingers to swipe them down or up.
  • For closing a browser click your cursor over it, then click or tap the touchpad with three fingers. To open a link on the internet open in a different tab just hover your mouse over it, then tap or click the touchpad with three fingers. Use three fingers to swipe left and right to switch between tabs.
  • To transfer an item from point A towards point B simply click it , and hold it with one finger. Then, drag it to the desired position.
  • To alter the way the touchpad functions, head the settings and adjust the settings within the touchpad/touchpad and mouse section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the keyboard shortcut not disable touchscreen?

If you find that the Search and Shift command isn’t working, you’ll need to either enable the shortcut within your Chrome application, which is explained above, or activate the Search button if you’ve had previously disabled it.

Turning Off the Touchscreen and Touchpad

It is evident that switching off the touchpad and touchscreen for your Chromebook is relatively simple. All you have to do is activate the option to debug keyboard shortcuts. Switch between touchscreen and touchpad and apply the suggestions above for seamless browsing with your Chromebook.

Do you think you’ve found the video tutorial helpful? Did you learn to use with the touchpad and touchscreen on your Chromebook? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t be shy to ask questions or provide additional suggestions.

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