Idaho Definition and Meaning (Idaho USA)

Idaho Definition and Meaning Where in the United States is Idaho? The map shows the geographical location from USA he State of Idaho in the US. Idaho is a mountainous landlocked state situated in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

At the 45th parallel to north, it shares a 72km (44.7 miles) length border with Canadian province of British Columbia. The Ridges that make up the Bitterroot Range define its border with Montana.

This city also shares a border with Idaho also borders the U.S. States comprising Wyoming within the Southeast, Nevada, and Utah in the south and Washington and Oregon in the west.

The map is detailed and depicts what is known as the US Idaho state Idaho along with its boundaries as well as the position of the capital city, Boise as well as major cities and towns including lakes and rivers interstate highways, major railways and highways.

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A bit of details of history This city formed an integral part of Oregon Country and the original home of the Shoshone and the Nez Perce people. Due to its isolation the state was among the few of the lower 48 states that was explored by Europeans. The trappers of the French-Canadians became the very first Europeans in the area.

 It was the Lewis and Clark expedition crossed Idaho twice: one time in 1805 on their route towards the Pacific Ocean, and in 1806 when they returned. In 1806 the Oregon Trail, which ended at Fort Vancouver in Washington was the first trail to cross Idaho Territory. Numerous fortune seekers traveled throughout Idaho in this period of California Gold Rush; only few established themselves in the area.

The United States acquired the region by signing a treaty with Great Britain in 1846.

Idaho Territory was organized from areas from Dakota, Nebraska, and Washington territories, and also included portions of the present-day Montana as well as Wyoming. The territory was in existence from March 1863 through 3 July 1890 when Idaho Territory joined the Union and was made the 43rd state. The capital of the territory was initially Lewiston before being relocated to Boise in 1865.

This City was declared a territory in the year 2000, there were four counties Boise, Nez Perce and Shoshone.

Some Geography – Area

Topographic Regions Map of Idaho. (Click this map expand it) Idaho has an area of 216,632 sq km (83,570 sq miles) [ 11 The “Gem State” (its nickname) is less than Great Britain (229,848 km2) which is about one-fifth the area of Iraq (438,317 sq km). Idaho is roughly the size of Utah however; it could be in Texas larger than three times. Idaho can be divided in 44 counties.

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Mountains, rivers and farmland dominate the landscape of Idaho, which comprises a part of Rocky Mountains.

Mountains of Idaho USA

It is the Bitterroot Range It is one of the subranges of the Rockies and extends along the Idaho-Montana border. The Salmon River Mountains and the Smokey Mountains are both part of the Rocky Mountains; they cover the majority of the central region of the state.

Highest point

This highest peak highest point is Borah The peak at 3,859 meters (12,662 feet) situated inside the Lost River Range which is a different subrange of Rockies.


The deepest canyon of North America is located along the western border of eastern Oregon and eastern Washington along with western this city . It is part of Hells Canyon National Recreation Area and is the deepest river in North America. gorge, with a depth of 2,436 meters (7,993 feet). The canyon was formed through the Snake River, which flows over 1.600 meters (1 miles) below the canyon’s western the rim and 2,300 meters (7,400 feet) below the high points that make up the Seven Devils Mountains range to the east.

Plains of Idaho USA

Checkerboard pattern that runs along an area of the Priest River in northern state of USA . The squares of this checkerboard are results of forest management.

In the southern portion of the state The Snake River Plain dominates the landscape. The rectangular depression encompasses approximately one quarter of Idaho and runs through the plain The Snake River has created a number of gorges and canyons.

The Snake River Plain is the Craters of the Moon National Monument which is an immense flood basalt region which is scattered with islands of cinder cones as well as sagebrush. It is located midway between Boise and Yellowstone National Park. Three major fields of lava are the product of volcanic eruptions that occurred between 15,000 and 2200 years ago.

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Towhee River Wilderness

This wilderness zone is situated in the basalt high plateaus (Towhee Plateau) of Towhee County in southwestern Idaho close to close to the Oregon border. It safeguards the upper Towhee River along with its tributaries as well as the desert canyons that surround it.

World Heritage Site

The well-known Yellowstone National Park is located situated in Wyoming the park also covers areas of Montana (3 3 %) as well as Idaho (1 percent). Since 1978, the park has been an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Reproduced image of Idaho State Capitol building in Boise the statehouse, which was built in 1914, is the home of the state Idaho State Capitol, which is the government building for the Idaho state. Idaho.

Idaho has an number that is 1.78 million (est. 2019,) [3]; Idaho was the nation’s fastest-growing state in the year 2016.

The city with the largest population and is also the capital of the state is Boise and the most populous metropolis of Boise is called the Boise metropolitan region (Boise City-Nampa Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area) which is also called the ‘Treasure valley.’ Other cities that are important include Meridian, Napa, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Caldwell.

Race and ethnic groups

The population of Idaho is comprised of 81.7 percent Caucasians, 12.7% Hispanics or Latinos, 1.6% Asians, 1.7 percent Native Americans, and 0.9 percent African Americans. The most crowded airfield located in Idaho in Idaho is Boise Airport (Boise Air Terminal; IATA code BOI)

Cities and Towns

The night skies are blue and clear across Boise Idaho. Boise is known as the capital of Idaho and also the largest city in Idaho as well as the County seat for Ada County. This map depicts the locations of the following towns and cities in Idaho: The largest city in the world is Boise (pop. 223,000; metro 665,000 in 2017), Cities that have an estimated population of over 50k people: Napa, Meridian, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello.

towns and cities

American Falls, Arco, Blackfoot, Bonners Ferry, Burley, Caldwell, Cascade, Challis, Chubbuck, Coeur d’Alene, Downey, Dubois, Gooding, Grangeville, Hailey, Idaho City, Kellogg, Ketchum, Lewiston, Malad City, Mc Call, Montpelier, Moscow, Mountain Home, New Meadows, Orofino, Payette, Rexburg, Rupert, Salmon, Sandpoint, Shoshone, Soda Springs, St. Anthony, St. Maries, Sun Valley, Twin Falls, Wallace and Weiser.

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