Importance of Children’s Nutrition And Age Wise Plan

Children’s Nutrition – Kids’ nutrition is built on the same principles that are used for adult nutrition. All children require the same kinds of nutrients including minerals, vitamins carbohydrate, protein, and fat. However, children require different amounts of particular nutrients at different times of their lives.

So , what’s the ideal recipe to help your child’s development and growth? Learn about the nutrition guidelines for boys and girls at various ages, which are based on the most current Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Think about these foods rich in nutrients:

Protein. Choose seafood, lean poultry and meat beans, eggs, peas as well as soy products. unsalted seeds and nuts.

fruits. Encourage your child to take a wide assortment of fresh frozen, canned, frozen, or dried fruit — instead of juice. Should your child drink juices, be sure it’s 100 % juice with no added sugars and limit their portions. Choose canned fruits that say it’s light, or is packed in their own juices, which means it’s not high in added sugar. Be aware that a quarter cup of dried fruit is counted as one cup of equivalent fruit. If consumed in excess dried fruit can add additional calories.

vegetables. Serve a variety of fresh canned, frozen, and dried veggies. Make sure to offer a range of veggies, including dark green or red, orange, peas and beans, starchy and other varieties, each week. When choosing frozen or canned vegetables make sure you choose options that are lower in sodium.

Grains. Choose whole grains like whole-wheat bread, oatmeal popcorn, quinoa or wild or brown rice. Reduce refined grains such as pasta, white bread and rice.

Dairy. Encourage your child to consume low-fat dairy products that are fat-free like yogurt, milk, cheese or soy drinks fortified with sugar. Importance of Children’s Nutrition

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If you have any questions regarding diet for children, or particular concerns regarding your child’s diet or diet, talk with your child’s physician or an experienced dietitian. Importance of Children’s Nutrition

Ages 2-4 Guidelines for girls every day
Calories1,000-1,400, based on the development and activity levels
Protein2 to 4 8 ounces
Fruits1-1.5 cups
Vegetables1-1.5 cups
Grains3 – 5 grams
Dairy2-2.5 cups
Ages 2-4 The daily rules for boys
Calories1,000-1,600, dependant on the rate of how much activity and growth
Protein2-5 2-5 ounces
Fruits1-1.5 cups
Vegetables1 – 2 cups
Grains3 – 5 3 ounces
Dairy2-2.5 cups
Ages 5-8 Guidelines for girls every day
Calories1,200-1 800, based on the growth rate and activity level
ProteinThree to five 3 ounces
Fruits1-1.5 cups
Vegetables1.5-2.5 cups
Grains4 to 6 grams
Dairy2.5 cups
Ages 5-8 The daily guidelines for boys
Calories1200-2,200, based on the development and activity levels
Protein3-5.5 3 ounces
Fruits1 – 2 cups
Vegetables1.5-2.5 cups
Grains4 to 6 pounds
Dairy2.5 cups
Ages 9-13 The daily guidelines for girls
Calories1,400-2.200, based on how much activity and growth
Protein4 to 6 grams
Fruits1.5-2 cups
Vegetables1.5-3 cups
Grains7 8 ounces
Dairy3 cups
Ages 9-13 Boys are required to follow daily guidelines
Calories1,600-2,600, based on the the growth rate and activity level
Protein5-6.5 5 ounces
Fruits1.5-2 cups
Vegetables2-3.5 cups
Grains5-9 8 ounces
Dairy3 cups
Ages 14-18 Guidelines for girls every day
Calories1,800-2,400, based on the the growth rate and the activity level
Protein5-6.5 7 ounces
Fruits1.5-2 cups
Vegetables2.5-3 cups
Grains6-8 8 ounces
Dairy3 cups
Ages 14-18 The daily guidelines for boys
Calories2,200-3,200, based on the how much activity is growing and the intensity of it
Protein5.5-7 5 ounces
Fruits2-2.5 cups
Vegetables2.5-4 cups
Grains6-10 8 ounces
Dairy3 cups
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