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Inspirational Poetry Quotes – Learning Drives .This post is for poetry lovers and poets . We share some of our favorite quotes from poets about poetry .

World Poetry Day was created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). It’s a day to support and appreciate poets around the globe. Each year, it is held on the 21st of March.

Inspirational poetry quotes

Reading quotes by other writers can help break down writing blocks and inspire you to write again. These are the inspiring words that poets shared with readers and fellow writers.

1 I create myself every time I write.” –Joy Harjo

Poetry is what we need to cultivate the charm illusion. It teaches us how to be reborn from ourselves over and over, and to use words to create a better world. A fictitious world which allows us to make a pact to achieve a lasting and comprehensive peace. . . With life.” –Mahmoud Dawish

3 “Take what you can from the environment around you. If you see a dandellion, write about it; if you see misty leaves, write about them. “The materials for poetry are all around you in profusion.” –Masaoka Schiki

4 I think what worries me most is the need to have a fertile soil for art to thrive. However isolated or unheard, poetry is something that can be written, no matter how it resonates or not.” –Adrienne rich

5 Poetry is more than vision and dream. It is the foundation of our lives. It is the foundation for a future of transformation, a bridge between our fears and what’s yet to come.” –Audre Lorde

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Poetry quotes that are funny and irreverent

Poetry can be profound, provocative, poetic, or both. Sometimes poetry can also be funny. Poetry can sometimes be all these things. Poetry quotes can also be funny. These quotes will take you into the mind of a poet, some funny and some irreverent.

  • 6 “Poets don’t have to be unemployed; they just need to be paid.” –Kathy Skaggs
  • 7 “Poets are mysteriously silent about the subject of cheese.” –G.K. Chesterton
  • 8 I’ve been reading poetry publically for over 20 years. This is what you do: you express, sometimes you dig a little to start a conversation. Poetry is all about that. You should go, “Hmmmm”, and “Wooo!” –Jill Scott
  • 9 Poetry uses the hub of an torque converter to make a jello mold. –Diane Glancy
  • 10 “Poetry” is the art and science of creating imaginary gardens using real toads. –Marianne Moore
  • 11 Poetry is joy, pain, and wonder mixed with a little bit of the dictionary. –Kahlil gibran

Succinct poetry quotes

Poetry is known for its ability to use language economically. A poem may describe a character in one line, while a piece fiction might only have a few paragraphs.

Poetry is often the best form of poetry. They use small words and keep it simple to convey big ideas. Look at the way poets use their poetic skills when they aren’t writing poetry.

  • 12 Every single soul is a poet.” –Michael Franti
  • 13 “Speak your mind, not your words.” It is rain, not thunder that grows flowers.”
  • “A poem is a small or large machine made from words.” –William Carlos Williams
  • 15 “Poetry, an ancient art, is so young that I consider myself young within it.” –Allison Joseph
  • 16 To read a poem, we must hear it with our eyes. To hear it is to listen with our ears.
  • 17 “Poetry is alive to me through recitation.” –Natalie Merchant

Poetry quotes in long-form

Sometimes, you may need many words to convey your message. These poetry quotes can feel more like poems and are often longer.

18 Words are delicate instruments. How can you use them so that after reading the poem, the taste is not from the words but of a thought or a situation? Poetry is like eating the leftovers of food if it’s not properly used. “It is clear that words in poetry will be rejected by readers if they do not serve to divert attention from them to something else.” –Luljeta Lleshanaku

19 “To my mind, poetry is a recreation, an renewal of language. . . It’s the subtlety of words and how they are used. You’ll find that when you write something, you suddenly realize that it reaches out. It also meant that. Then you’ll see a rhyme, and it will open up new ways of looking at the world. This is a relationship you’ve never imagined. The poem can really recreate the language. True poetry, I believe, should give you that feeling of shiver. It’s true, Mary Ann Hoberman.

20 I believe poetry is best when it invests in openness. It is not about arguing a point. It is creating an environment. While you might be asked, “What’s your point?” if you were to write an essay or op-ed piece, someone would ask, “What’s the point?” Poetry allows you to stay in one moment for as long and as you like. Poetry is metaphor. It’s about the thing that stands in for another. It’s the thing that opens up to another. Readers will see what that something else looks like. “So what’s on the pages–it disappears.” –Claudia Rankine

21 My discipline is the take no prisoners language of good poetry. It’s a language that frees us all from prejudice, regardless of our religious or political beliefs. I strive to create a river-like discourse. The river isn’t political. It’s not for you or against. It’s an invitation to the onward flow.” –David Whyte

22 “From their inceptions, writers and poets have relied on the idea of crossing borders, wandering, exile, and encounters beyond what is familiar. In epic poetry and novels, the stranger is a central figure. “The tension between alienation, assimilation and the other has always been a fundamental theme.” –Jhumpa lahiri

23 “It was not until I made my first album that I began writing songs. Although I had always been a poet, I didn’t think I could make songs. It was hard for me to believe and I became discouraged. I was discouraged and thought it was impossible. But, starting the process and learning what it takes to be a performer and songwriter taught me that there is no need to be discouraged. “You don’t even need to follow any rules.” –Alessia Cara

This is your list of love poems by poets. Do you have any other great love quotes? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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