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Largest Snake in The World – Learning Drives .Since the beginning of history the snake was thought to be the symbol of mysterious darkness that began evil. There isn’t any fairy or mythological tale of any kind among the people who believed that snakes are seen as an ally and human ally. And nowadays, there are numerous myths and legends concerning snakes and not just about their dark nature however, they also talk about their enormous dimensions.

There are a variety of pythons and at the same time many subspecies have set records in terms of the length of their body. Numerous scientific papers were among the top 10 longest snakes. long snakes in the in the world. We will write an article on this subject.

Reticulated python

The length of these snakes ranges between four and eight meters. The habitat they inhabit is the tropical forests and mountainsides. The reticulated Python, like the majority of snakes, has the terrestrial lifestyle however, when needed, crawls up high trees and rock slopes. 

The reticulated python prefers areas that are wet and, consequently, is most likely to be found close to lakes. It hunts at night and in the day, it eats food in shelters that are shaded. The python is a prey animal for reptiles, birds and reptiles and within domestic animals it slays dogs, goats and birds.

Indian Python

The longest snake on earth can grow to as long as the height of 6 meters and weighs as much as 70 kilograms. It’s brownish-colored and is more pronounced on its abdomen and deeper on the rear. On the sides , there are darker spots that have lighter centers. The diet of these snakes is small rodents, birds, frogs and smaller ungulates. The range of distribution of Indian Pythons is very large: Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal.

Burmese python

The serpent’s body has brindle-colored coloring. The serpent has the longest lengthy body of the subspecies. The length is about 10 meters and it weighs greater than 100 kg.

The longest snake on earth was captured by the locals on Island of Sumatra. Its length snake was approximately 15 meters and the weight was nearly 350 kilograms. The credibility of this information might cause people to doubt it but this tiny python was captured. However, scientists remain doubtful about the authenticity of this story despite photos and reports. local residents. A reptile that is this big can eat humans, and it would take two months to digest this prey.

The largest snake found in Russia is found in the Yaroslavl the region at the stammerman Anatoly. It can be described as Kanna tiger python that is nearly 6 meters long and weighs in the vicinity of 100 kilograms. Incredible moment it was that Eland cubs had hatched in the confinement of.


Anaconda is part of the boa family. It is believed to be the longest long snake in modernity. The typical size of reptiles can be 6 metres. However, there are snakes with lengths of up to 9 meters. The longest snakes around the globe are diverse kinds. Anaconda was discovered in Colombia Its length was about eleven and one-half meters. The fact that it was found has been documented.

The longest snake of the moment is its name to the New York Zoological Society. Anacondas can reach nine meters in length that weighs 1100 and thirty pounds.

The area of distribution for anacondas lies in those of tropical rainforests in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia. The amount of reptiles isn’t certain because they are found in areas that are unaccessible. The lifespan of an anaconda living in the terrarium is less than six years.

Anaconda Anaconda snake that is not venomous However, it is a large eater that includes reptiles and birds, and even such large creatures as jaguar. The method of hunting used by the reptile is like this hunt down the target then strangle it and then eat the carcass and consume it for several days. The longest snake has scared individuals more than once.

Anaconda is easily camouflaged because of its gray-green coloring. The majority of of her time is spent in the the waters, and hunt there. It is not away from the water bodies, but is typically located on banks and the coastal trees.

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King cobra: snake with venomous bite.

There aren’t any ten-meter huge snakes that are poisonous; they have smaller sizes when compared with reptiles that are not poisonous. However, even among them, there are leaders in size and weight.

It is ranked top in the world in toxic relatives for its length. The average cobra is 3.5 meters in length but it is quite common for them to be found in the wild at a largerthat can reach 6 meters. This snake is found in tropical forests of the Philippines, India and Indonesia. 

The most popular places for reptiles is dark caves and burrows. However, they also live on trees. The king cobra has the ability to lift up one-third of their body and crawl while crawling. It eats other members from the family of snakes including poisonous snakes. This is the longest snake on earth that is poisonous.

Black Mamba

The snake is found on the African continent and is believed as the highest poisonous snake in in this region. It has a smaller size than the cobra. However its dimensions are impressive , ranging from around 4-5 meters. Alongside its massive size The black mamba is renowned due to its fast speed that is as high as 20 km/h. 

If you are a tourist who is snarling encounter with the snake is extremely risky because of its extremely poisonousness and speed. Mamba venom is able to kill an individual within an hour. The color of Mamba’s black color differs from the olive and gray tones, to brown. The reptile searches at the victim, waiting in ambush and is then off in the direction of. Of course, it’s far from being the largest snake on earth however, it is extremely hazardous.

After having a better understanding of the characteristics that govern the large snakes that exist It is obvious that when you go on an excursion you must be as cautious and vigilant as you can so that you don’t come across massive reptiles that can be very dangerous. 

Nature has created the most stunning creatures on earth, including the world’s longest snakes. Python has the highest length of snake on earth. How many meters it can attain is an amazing feat for scientists. The 15-meter snake appears like a creature from a horror film.

Snakes are among the most astonishing creatures of that live in the natural world. They are awe-inspiring and make you tense simultaneously. appearance. Every woman who is fashionable can admire the richness of snake skin and there are stories about the power and agility of certain members in the snake clan. Since the beginning of time snakes were worshiped and was feared as symbol of wisdom and demons. The largest snakes in world. We will learn about the size that different kinds of reptiles are able to reach.

Black mamba 3 meters

Dark brindle (Burmese) python 6-7 meters

4th in the list of most massive snakes on Earth 4th place among the largest snakes on Earth. The body’s average length of 3.7 meters. However, in nature, there are people who can reach 7 to 6-7 meters. 

The largest dark Python that was kept in captivity, was 5.7 meters long. The villagers called him “Baby”. The distribution was across Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Indochina. After being accidentally taken to Florida and he adapted with the people there. As with all pythons is active in the night. It hunts for rodents, birds or Lizards, and other reptiles.

5 meters

It is ranked third in the list of the most massive of all. In another sense, it is also known as the African rock Python. The maximum length of the body size can exceed 6 meters. Medium-sized people are smaller, about 5 meters long. Weight ranges from 55 kg to 100 kilograms. It lives in Africa. 

The rock python is located both in the Savannah and inside the forest. Excellent swimmer and climber of trees. Very active at night. The enormous dimension of this snake permits its hunter to catch large amounts of boots like antelopes and goats. It is a danger to humans as it exhibits an extremely violent behavior. Meeting with a hieroglyphic snake could be fatal. 

In Canada the rock python was spotted in an animal store, climbed inside the house and killed two boys seven and five years old. It’s not the first time that tragedy has occurred involving the snake. In Africa, a 10-year-old boy was taken captive by an African rock (hieroglyph) Python.

Up to seven meters

The largest snakes in the world with an underwater lifestyle. The anaconda was often the main character of horror movies, in which she was a monster of size. The maximum recorded length of an Anaconda can be 5.2 meters, though individuals that are up to 7 meters in length could be observed.

 Theoretically, the existence bigger snakes could be possible however, due to the difficulty of accessing of the anaconda’s habitat, it’s difficult to verify the possibility. Dwells in South America. The snake hunts reptiles (caimans and turtles) and animals and birds. Smaller snakes can also be prey to the anaconda. 2nd place in our rankings.

Reticulated Python 7.5 meters

First among the biggest snakes is the reticulated Python. The average dimension of this snake is the impressive height of six meters. One specimen that is in captivity, called the Samantha Python, is recorded at 7.5 meters in length. The python is found throughout South and South-East Asia. It hunts monkeys, reptiles small ungulates, birds, and reptiles. Pets are usually prey to Pythons.
In the human body, the reticulated Python can be dangerous due to its very agresiv and powerful.

Fear of snakes has been around as long as the human race itself and “snake stories” have been common in mythology and folklore. various people prior to the invention in the Internet. We are conditioned to feel scared of them and there is a an underlying reason because some of the most deadly creatures on the planet are snakes. And the smallest are among the most dangerous.

However, the majority of most large snakes aren’t poisonous and are typically used as pet animals.

We give you a brief description and pictures of the biggest snakes found anywhere in the world.

10. Black mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) – 3 meters long

In terms of size, one the largest is second to its queen in sixth line in our score. It is also one the most violent snakes around the globe since it frequently attacks without any reason at all. And getting away of the black mamba is extremely difficult. In short distances, it attains an acceleration that can reach 11 km/h.

9. Olive Python (Liasis olivaceus) 4 meters

This snake that is not venomous, and being one of the most massive in Australia often gets mistaken for the mulga, an venomous snake belonging to the family of asps. The olive python has a problem with this similaritybecause it is usually killed thinking it is a danger “double”.

Olive pythons are not harmful to humans. They feed mostly upon smaller mammals as well as birds and reptiles.

8. Common boa constrictor (Boa constrictor) – 4.5 meters

These chameleons from the snake world can be adapted to any environment they reside in. The colors of the typical boa can range in hues ranging from green and brown, to red or yellow.

Boa constrictors can be seen within areas of tropical Central and South America. They are superb swimmers, however they prefer living on the land. They can consume everything from monkeys to birds. Common boas aren’t venomous and have hooked teeth, which grasp prey and wrap their whole bodies around it and closing it up until it dies.

However, in the case of hunters they can often become victims because the beautiful Boa constrictors’ skin’ skin is then followed by actual hunting. That’s the reason this species is endangered. is listed in the endangered list.

7. Indian Python, he’s as well a light-tiger Python (Python Molurus mourus) 5 meters

The snake was once the king in the forests of India, Sri Lanka and the East Indies. Indian Pythons are among the longest-running reptile specie and are characterized by tiny protrusions in their skins that suggest they could have had legs at one point in time. They’re not venomous however they do have two rows extremely sharp teeth that could cause painful bites.

Pythons love eating mammal prey, and like the other largest snakes the kills their victims with strangulation. They can kill the deer and consume it completely.

Indian Pythons can live for around 20 to 30 years and are considered to be extremely useful creatures to control pests like rodents and mice. In the areas in which people have killed snakes as well as destroyed their homes, rodents who carry deadly illnesses have become a major danger to humans’ health.

6. King cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) – 5.6 meters

It is the biggest poisonous snake around the globe. It is thought to be a highly dangerous reptileas its poison can cause death of an individual in 15 minutes. If it is feasible the king cobra is able to avoid collisions with humans. And when it attacks to chase away an adversary with two legs it could take three or two “idle” bites, saving poison to be used in hunting.

Its Latin name Ophiophagus Hannah translates to “snake eater”. And it’s completely justified due to the fact that their diet mostly is comprised of other snakes, even poisonous snakes.

5. Dark tiger python, aka Burmese python (Python bivittatus) – 5.74 meters

The snake is beautiful with a pattern that resembles the skin of an feline and is renowned for its tranquil temperament. Burmese Pythons are frequently owned as pets.

In the the natural habitat The natural habitats of these snakes are located within South and Southeast Asia. Their diet is comprised in small mammal and birds and as with the anaconda Burmese Pythons crush their food until they suffocate. They then swallow their prey in its entirety and they can only feed twice or three times per year.

Due to the deteriorating life conditions and the need to purchase snake’s skin and flesh Due to the deteriorating living conditions, the massive animals are now considered endangered in wild in the wild. But, in captivity their numbers are still high.

4. Hieroglyphic Python (Python sebae) 6 meters

Hieroglyph pythons in adulthood typically grow to an average maximum length that is 4.8 meters. However, there is no confirmation that in 1958 , a seven-meter-long python was killed inside its stomach was there was a 1.5-meter nile crocodile. It is now difficult to determine if the information is accurate because there are no pictures or video footage of one of the biggest snakes ever seen.

They also bite individuals. The year 2002 saw a 10-year-old boy was killed by the snake within South Africa.

3. Amethyst Python (Morelia amethistina) 6 meters

This species is located within Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea. The amethyst snake is distinguished from other pythons through its large and uniform scutes covering all of the head’s top. They have a stunning yellow-olive or olive-brown hue with a shimmering sheen.

Amethyst Pythons feed on tiny creatures (including poultry) and often crawl into the yards of those who have birds.

2. Anaconda giant or green (Eunectes murinus) 9 meters

There are many myths and stories regarding the size of the Anaconda. Briton Percival Fossett has described anacondas between 18, and 24 meters in length. And In 2015, an photograph of a huge anaconda that was forty meters in length and carrying 2067 pounds was posted through the Internet and was believed to have murdered 257 persons and 2225 wild animals. It took British Commandos from Africa seven days find and kill the animal.

The photo, however, was later discovered to be fake and the biggest of the anaconda species to date is at New York, in the enclosure at the Zoological Society. The woman is 9 metres tall and weighs 130 kilograms.

Green anacondas are found mostly throughout their native Amazon rainforest and are located in rivers, swamps, and streams. They are mobile in water and are never far from the water. Their diet is mostly comprised of birds, iguanas turtles and other smaller to medium-sized animals. 

The scaly giants take their prey and kill them by wrapping their bodies around them and squeeze them into an unforgiving embrace, which prevents them from breathing. Their flexible mouth allows they to swallow the food in whole even if it’s bigger than the anaconda. And it could take several some time before the snake is ready to consume another meal.

1. Reticulated Python (Python Reticulatus) 14.85 meters 14.85 meters

The biggest snake ever recorded was discovered in the jungle located on the Island of Sumatra. Its length was 14 meters and the weight of its body was estimated at 447 kg. 

Scientists haven’t seen an animal of this size. The creature was named Guihua and was added to the Guinness Book of Records. Guihua is not charged a dime to eat an individual and even an average-sized cow. And after eating such a meal, Guihua may not eat any food for months. 

Normal reticulated pythons can attain a length of around 7 to 8 meters and are distinguished by their aggression. They can attack both humans and animals, in the domestic and predatory. On one video that features one of the largest snakes in globe, the python took the life of and consumed a small alligator.

The snakes can open their jaws and consume prey within its own body weight and as much as 1/4 of their body length. While the reticulated Python is common throughout the world, the numbers are slowly decreasing. The poachers are actively hunting for snake skins along with gallbladders that is utilized in Asian traditional medicine.

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The biggest snake ever to live on Earth

However, even the world’s biggest reticulated python isn’t yet enough to become the titanoboa. The extinct snake species close relatives boa was on Earth between 61 and 58 millions of years ago. 

The length of the body of the titanoboa was 15 meters and it weighed around one tonne. The titanoboa was a huge serpent inside the moist and hot jungle of the current territory of Colombia. And If she lived until this day, Korney Chukovsky would advise youngsters not to stroll in Africa and not in the areas the place where this creature crawls.

Below is an overview (with photos) of some of the snakes with the most length found in the world. Be aware that some of the numbers are approximate and are basing them on what is the typical length for a particular species. It is also recommended that you read the most rare snakes around the globe.

Texas rattlesnake 1.7-2.5 meters.

Texas rattlesnake (Western diamondback rattlesnake) deadly rattlesnake that lives within the United States, Mexico and the southeastern region of Canada. It is fond of deserts, plains, semi-deserts, sandy areas pine-oak forests and rocks canyons and slopes. 

They typically grow to 120 centimeters in length However, there are some that are over 180 cm, though rarely. The largest specimen measured was 213cm. Males are slightly bigger than females. The average weight is 1.8 up to 2.7 kg. Extremely massive specimens can weigh as much as 6.7 kg.

Eastern indigo snake – 2-2.6 m

The Eastern Indigo Snake (Drymarchon couperi) is one of the species of large snake indigenous within the United States. This snake is among the largest found in the USA. It is often found in areas of sandy soil as well as the tropical forests in swamps. 

They are a food source for amphibians, fish reptiles, birds, and smaller mammals. Contrary to other snake species, adult male Eastern indigo snakes are a bit more large than females. In addition, they are immune to the venoms of snakes. The highest-rated individual measured 2.8 meters. Their weight average of 2.2 kg, but there were some who weighed 5 kg.

Eastern Brown Snake – 2.4-3.4 meters

Eighth position on the top ten list of longest snakes is held by Eastern Brown Snake (Giant Brown Snake). It is a snake with venom that is found in the waters in Australia and North America. The second most poisonous terrestrial snake on the planet. One bite of poison can cause death to around 20 people. The majority of their diet is made up of fish and Frogs.

Bushmaster Bushmaster 2.5-3 m.

Bushmaster – largest representative poisonous snakes in South America. It is found in the thick rainforests of Equatorial America which extends that extends from Costa Rica to Brazil, and it is also found located on the Island of Trinidad.

 It prefers to be near the water, far from areas that are inhabited by humans. It occurs quite rarely. Bushmaster snakes grow between 2.5 to 3 meters in length. It is rare to see it grow as long as 4 meters. It weighs between 3 and 5 kilograms. It feeds mostly on birds, rodents, Lizards and various snakes. The average duration of the lives of these animals are around 20 years.

Tiger python – 2.4-3 m.

Tiger Python– a massive non-venomous snake found in a variety of tropical and subtropical regions of South and Southeast Asia. They typically grow to 2.4-3 meters. However, the longest specimen discovered from Pakistan was 4.6 meters and was 52 kilograms. 

Reptiles feed them and birds, and generally prefer mammals. There are instances attack on large-sized pythons leopards and the jackals. They are extremely slow, display a cautious disposition and seldom begin attacking first. They are excellent swimmers, and should they need to, and can stay submerged for a long time. Great for climbing trees.

Diamond python , 2-4m.

The diamond snake (Morelia Spilota (spilota) is a type of snake that is native to the coastal regions of the southeastern region of Australia. Females are bigger that males. A mature adult generally is 2 meters tall but it’s extremely uncommon to see a specimen which is more than 4 meters. Because of their nature, they aren’t dangerous and are not a threat to humans. They consume lizards, birds and mammals like the opossum.

Boa constrictor Boa constrictor 5-5.5 meters (in captivity, 2-3 m)

Fourth position in the rankings of snakes that are the longest comes that of the “Boa constrictor” – a species of snakes that are non-venomous and live in dry locations, close to the oceans in North, Central and South America as well as on a few islands in the Caribbean Sea. Females tend to weigh more than males. A single specimen can weight as much as 27 kilograms. They feed on birds, small mammals, and sometimes reptiles.

King cobra – up 5.7 meters

The king cobra is among the longest snake with venom around the globe. It is typically found in rainforests of India and Southeast Asia. They are found inside caves and burrows. They are great climbers and adept swimmers. They feed mostly on snakes that are venomous and reptiles. Their body weight is the average of 6 kg However, some individuals weigh with weights of up to 20kg.

Anaconda Up to 9 meters.

Anaconda also known as green anaconda, also known as greenis a snake that does not venom found throughout South America mainly near the Amazon River basin. They can be located throughout Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. 

It is the largest and among the largest snakes found anywhere in the world that can reach an average length 5-meters in length. The longest measured snake was a female that was found in Venezuela. It weighed 97.5 kg, with an overall measurement in the range of 5.2 meters. 

According to unofficial information Anacondas that are up to 40 meters long can be located throughout the Amazon jungle, however some zoologists believe these figures to be exaggerated and false. It is believed that, with a length of 40 metres, the serpent could weigh more than a tonne and would be a major obstacle to its mobility. 

However, a number of local Indian tribes assert that snakes like this exist. Furthermore the Amazon basin is not well understood and consequently, the existence of massive Anacondas are an unsolved mystery. Anacondas feed on all they can catch, including reptiles, birds, different mammal species. They are among the most dangerous animals in the Amazon.

Reticulated pythons that can reach 10 meters.

The reticulated Python is the largest and among the biggest snakes throughout the world that live in tropical woodlands, forests, and on mountainsides throughout South and Southeast Asia. The length of a mature reticulated python is around 5-7 meters however, specimens with a length of 10 meters have not been officially documented. 

One of the biggest specimens that was measured was a snake discovered in Indonesia which measured 6.95 meters and weighs 59 kilograms and it didn’t take food for 3 months. There’s also a report of a reticulated python that was found within Sumatra, the Indonesian island Sumatra with an measurement in the range of 32.23 meters and weigh 172 kilograms. 

The snakes feed on many species of animals, including reptiles, frogs and rodents and deer. They also eat roe deer wildlife boars and crocodiles monkeys, occasionally even tigers, though there are very few instances of. There is also evidence there was a case on Borneo the reticulated python 6.95 millimeters long was swallowed by an female Malay bear that weighed 23 kg. The average lifespan of Malay bears is between 20 and 30 years.

Related Questions

Is it the largest snake ever seen in the world? There was a prehistoric snake named Titanoboa which was thought to be 48 feet tall and more than a tone and an half. The snake existed for 60+ million years ago, near Colombia. There are fossils to prove the existence of this snake which would have been much larger than any snake we see today on earth.

Are snakes capable of eating humans? There are few snakes that are large enough to devour humans and they’re in this list. However, there are more stories about people having been killed by snakes than are true. Sometimes, a snake can be able to kill an individual, but not really eat it.

Are larger snakes more danger? Usually, the most deadly snakes are poisonous. While constricting snakes are able to cause harm, certain species aren’t aggressive unless they are they are provoked. Since the majority of large snakes aren’t venomous which means they are less deadly than cobras or the more common copperhead snake at least to humans.


What is the likelihood that Titanoboa still be present on surface of the earth? If a snake that is 30 40 feet, 50 feet or more is found and is found, it could be located in the rainforests that is South America, much of which is unexplored even though the vast majority of plant life is reducing rapidly because of deforestation.

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