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Learn Animals That Start With N – Learning Drives. Here’s a challenge for you. Try to think of any animals that start with n. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Can you do it? No? Most people can’t think of a single one!

I used to play the animal alphabet game a lot when I was a kid. (You know… I went on safari and I saw an Alligator, a Bear, a Camel, a Dugong, an Elephant… and the next person thinks of an F animal and so on.) But whenever it was time to think of animals that start with N, we were totally stumped. It was surprisingly difficult!

How We Chose Our List of Favorite Animals That Start With N

Before we get started, let’s lay down the ground rules. How did we choose the best animals that start with n? That’s easy! They’re all one-word animal names! That makes them the best choice for AZ animals lists and for the animal alphabet game.


This is my absolute favorite of all the animals that start with n. The Narwhal! (Monodon monoceros). It is a medium-sized whale that lives only in the cold waters of the high arctic


The common Nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos) has inspired poets and writers for thousands of years with its beautiful and complex song.


Needlefish are a family of long, thin fishes that have a long beak full of sharp teeth (the Belonidae family).


If you were able to think of any animals that start with n, it was probably the newt


The Nabarlek is a tiny wallaby found only in the extreme northwest corner of Australia.


While it is known locally in South America as the Nandu, (more correctly spelled Ñandú) people like me in the U.S. are probably more used to hearing it referred to as a Rhea


The Nightfish (Bostockia porosa) is an ambush predator who hunts only at night.


I think this may rank as my second favorite of all the animals that start with n, the Nautilus!


The Napu (Tragulus napu) is a tiny ungulate found only in Southeast Asia.


The Nightjars comprise about 100 species of nocturnal and crepuscular birds in the family Caprimulgidae.


The Nalolo is a tiny fish found in coral reefs of the western Indian Ocean, growing to only 2.5 inches long.


It’s a little unfair to refer to the Nematode as an animal when in fact nematodes are a group of many thousands of different species of animals.


Although it may look like like a little rodent, the Ningaui is a tiny carnivorous marsupial found only in Australia. 


The Nënë is a beautiful goose that lives only on the Hawaiian islands.


The name Nase usually refers to the Common Nase (Chondrostoma nasus).


Noddies are seabirds that are closely related to gulls and terns and dippers.


The Natterjack is a toad found across much of Western Europe


The Common Noctule (Nyctalus noctula) is a mid-sized bat found across much of Europe and parts of Asia.


Nunlets are South American puffbirds in the genus Nonnula. There are 6 species but the one I’ve drawn here is the adorable little Brown Nunlet which is found only in a tiny range in Western Amazonia.


The Nurseryfish (Kurtus gulliveri) has an unusual reproductive strategy


Definitely in my top five favorite animals that start with n! Nudibranchs are a diverse group of more than 2,300 species of ridiculously colorful sea slugs (gastropods).

  • Animals that start with N
    • Naked Mole Rat
    • Narwhal
    • Natterjack
    • Neanderthal
    • Neapolitan Mastiff
    • Nebelung
    • Newfoundland
    • Newfypoo
    • Newt
    • Nicobar pigeon
    • Nigerian Goat
    • Nightingale
    • Nile Crocodile
    • No See Ums
    • Norfolk Terrier
    • North American Black Bear
    • Northern Alligator Lizard
    • Northern Cardinal
    • Northern Fur Seal
    • Northern Inuit Dog
    • Northern Water Snake
    • Norwegian Buhund
    • Norwegian Elkhound
    • Norwegian Forest
    • Norwegian Lundehund
    • Norwich Terrier
    • Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
    • Nubian Goat
    • Nudibranch
    • Numbat
    • Nurse Shark
    • Nyala
  • Numbat an Australian marsupial anteater.
  • Nutria a South American aquatic rodent, aka Coypu.
  • Nyala an African antelope.
  • Nabarlek an Australian marsupial, aka Little Rock Wallaby.
  • Noolbenger an Australian marsupial, aka Honey Possum.
  • Nilgai an Indian antelope, aka Blue Bull.
  • Ningaui, tiny Australian marsupials in the genus Ningaui
  • Noctule a Eurasian bat, aka Common Noctule.
  • Napu a Southeast Asian ungulate, aka Greater Mouse Deer.

Animals That Start With N: Birds

  • Nightingale a Eurasian song bird.
  • Nene (Nënë)  an endangered Hawaiian goose.
  • Nighthawk a nocturnal bird, aka Common Nighthawk.
  • Neddicky an African song bird, aka Piping Cisticola.
  • Nightjar about 100 species of nocturnal birds in the family Caprimulgidae.
  • Nutcracker 3 species in the genus Nucifraga: Clark’s, Spotted, & Large-spotted Nutcracker.
  • Nicator genus of songbirds in Africa. 3 species: Western, Eastern, Yellow-throated.
  • Noddy tropical seabirds in the genus Anous, 5 species: Brown, Black, Lesser, Blue, Gray.
  • Nunbird Central and South American puffbirds in the genus Monasa, 4 species.
  • Nunlet South Americanpuffbirds in the genus Nonnula, 6 species.
  • Nuthatch clinging birds of the genus Sitta, 28 species in North America and Eurasia.
  • Nandu 3 species of larg

Animals That Start With N: Fish

  • Needlefish tropical saltwater fish belonging to the Belonidae family.
  • Nalolo a Combtooth Blenny.
  • Nase a European freshwater fish.
  • Nightfish a freshwater perch in Southern Australia.
  • Nkupe a freshwater fish in Central/Southern Africa.
  • Noodlefish freshwater fish belonging to the Salangidae family in Eastern Asia.
  • Numbray an electric ray in Australia, aka Spottail Sleeper Ray.
  • Numbfish tropical electric rays in the Narcinidae family.
  • Nurseryfish brackish-water fish in northern Australia & New Guinea.

Invertebrate Animals That Start With N

  • Nautilus (Nautilus pompilius), a cephalopod with a chambered spiral shell.
  • Nudibranch one of more than 2,300 species of colorful sea slugs
  • Nightcrawler (Lumbricus terrestris), a large earthworm.
  • Nematode roundworms belong to the phylum Nematoda.
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