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Learn Animals That Start With X – Learning Drives . Animals that begin with X The list is extensive. If you aren’t sure check out the article and find creatures you didn’t know existed.

Do you have any idea what animals have names that begin with the letter”x? While it may seem like a joke, there are plenty of animals with names starting with x.

There are over eight million animal species in the world with numerous others that are not yet known. These numbers could require 100 years to list. I’m even thinking that all 26 English alphabets require some kind of extension to cover all of them.

As I am sure you’re becoming a little curious Let’s get to it.

Mammals: Animals Beginning With X

  • The Xanthippe’s Shrew
  • Xoloitzcuintli
  • Xenarthra (
  • The Xenomys
  • Xenurus
  • Xerus
  • Birds: Animals That Start With X
  • Xantus’ Becard
  • The Xantus’s Hummingbird
  • The Murrelet of Xantus
  • Xavier’s Greenbul  
  • The Xeme ( Xema sabini)
  • Xinjiang Ground-Jay  
  • Xenicidae
  • Xenicus Gilviventris  
  • Xenipirostris  
  • Xenops  
  • Xenorhyncus asiaticus  
  • The Xolmis

Reptiles: Animals That Start With X

  • the leaf-toed Gecko ( Phyllodactylus in xantu)
  • Xantusia (genus of night-lizards 14 species, belonging to the families Xantusiidae)
  • Xenopeltis (genus of sunbeam snakes two species, within the families Xenopeltidae)
  • Xenosaurus (genus of Lizards, with 10 species, within the family Xenosauridae)
  • Amphibians: Animals That Start With X
  • Xolocalca Bromeliad Salamander (Dendrotriton xolocalcae)
  • Xucaneb Robber Frog (Craugastor xucanebi)
  • The Xenopus (genus of the African Clawed Frogs 24 species)

Fish: Animals Beginning With X

  • Xantic Sargo (Anisotremus davidsonii)
  • Xestus Sabretooth Blenny (or Xestus Fangblenny, Petroscirtes xestus)
  • Xingu Corydoras (Corydoras xinguensis)
  • Xingu River Ray (Potamotrygon leopoldi)
  • to XL spring Tui Chub (subspecies of Tui Chub, Gila bicolor oregonensis)
  • A-ray Tetra (also called the X-ray fish Pristella maxillaris)
  • The Xanthichthys (genus of triggerfishes with 6 species)
  • Xenaploactis (genus of Velvetfishes with 3 species)
  • Xenentodon (genus of needlefishes, two species)
  • Xenichthys (genus of grunts 3 species)
  • Xenisthmus (genus of wrigglers with 9 species within the family Xenishtmidae)
  • Xenistius (genus of grunts two species)
  • Xenobalistes (genus of triggerfish, two species)
  • Xenobarbus loveridgei (cyprinid from Lake Victoria)
  • Xenocephalus (genus that includes stargazers six species)
  • Xenocharax (genus of characins, two species)
  • Xenochromis Hecqui (a cichlid that is native in Lake Tanganyika)
  • Xenocyprioides (genus of Cyprinids from China two species)
  • Xenocypris (genus of cyprinids in eastern Asia seven species)
  • Xenodermichthys (genus of Slickheads, two species)
  • Xenomystax (genus of five species of eels)
  • Xenophallus umbratilis (a Central American tooth-carp)
  • Xenophthalmichthys danae (a pencil smelt)
  • Xenophysogobio (genus of Cyprinids found in China 2 species)
  • The Xenopoecilus (a mostly unrecognized species of fish found in Sulawesi)
  • The Xenopterygii (order code that is no more used) of Clingfishes. Now Gobiesocidae)
  • Xenopterus naritus (Bronze Puffer)
  • Xenotilapia (genus of Cichlids found in Lake Tanganyika, 16 species)
  • The Xenurobrycon (genus of characins found in South America, 6 species)
  • Xestochilus Nebulosus (Nebulous Snake Eel)
  • Xiphias gladius (Swordfish)
  • Xiphophorus (genus of tooth-carps with approx. 28 species)
  • The Xiurenbagrus (genus of catfish species that are torrential three species)
  • Xyelacyba myersi (Gargoyle Cusk)
  • The Xyliphius (genus of catfish called banjo from South America, 7 species)
  • Xyrias (genus of snake eels with 4 species)
  • The Xyrichtys (genus of wrasses 12 species)
  • The Xystreurys (genus of large-toothed flounders, two species)
  • Axystichromis (genus of Cichlids, synonym for Haplochromis)

Invertebrates Animals That Start With X

Xami Hairstreak (butterfly, Callophrys xami)

Xantus”Swimming Crab ( Portunus xantusii)

Xeniades Swallowtail (butterfly, Mimoides xeniades)

Xenoclea Longwing (butterfly, Heliconius melpomene xenoclea)

Xenocrates Leafwing (butterfly, Polygrapha xenocrates)

Xeric Ambersnail (terrestrial snail, Succinea indiana)

Xuthus Swallowtail (butterfly, Papilio xuthus)

Xylophagous Leafhopper (Homalodisca coagulata)

The Xanthostigma (genus of snakeflies)

Xenopsylla (genus of fleas)

The genus Xerosecta (genus of snails)

Xestia (genus of moths with noctuid genus)

Xiphinema (genus of dagger Nematodes)

Xiphosura (order that contains the entire horseshoe crab)

Xistrellula Kankauense (a type of grasshopper)

Capucinus Xylobates (Oribatid mite from the British Isles)

Xylocopa (genus of Carpenter bees 500 species)

Xylophagidae (family of Awl-flies)

Dinosaurs that begin with the letter X (and other animals from the prehistoric period that begin with the letter X)

  • Xenoceratops (genus of Centrosarinae dinosaur)
  • Xenoposeidon (Neosauropoda dinosaur)
  • Xenotarsosaurus (genus of Abelisauridae dinosaur)
  • Xiaosaurus (genus of Ornithischia dinosaur)
  • Rexiaotingia (genus of Anchiornithid dinosaur)
  • Xingxiulong (genus of Sauropodiform dinosaur)
  • Xinjiangovenator (genus of Maniraptora dinosaur)
  • Xinjiangtitan (genus of Mamenchisauridae dinosaur)
  • Xiongguanlong (genus of Tyrannosauroidea dinosaur)
  • The Xixiasaurus (genus of Troodontidae dinosaur)
  • Xixiposaurus (genus of Sauropodomorpha dinosaur)
  • Xuanhuaceratops (genus of Chaoyangsauridae dinosaur)
  • Xanclomys (genus of mammal extinct Paleocene, Xanclomys mcgrewi)
  • Xenacanthus (genus of an extinct shark)

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