Maine Definition and Meaning ( Maine USA)

Maine Definition and Meaning – Maine is the most eastern US state. It’s located in the northeastern portion of the nation, which borders Canada. Maine is the most northern of all six New England states.

Maine shares a border with to the Canadian provinces of Quebec to the northwest, and New Brunswick to the north and northeast.

 Maine borders to the Atlantic Ocean (Gulf of Maine) to the southeast, and to the southeast, and also with US State that is New Hampshire in the southwest. The state’s nickname is “The Pine Tree State;”the destination-marketing organization for the United States promotes Maine as “Vacationland.”

A brief history of Maine USA

This region has been frequented by John Cabot (an Italian navigator under the direction from Henry VII of England) in 1498, and was it was colonized by England during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Maine was initially included in Massachusetts. The region is included in both the Charter of New England in 1620. It was added to the Charter of New England 11 in 1620, and then in the Charter of Massachusetts Bay in 1629. This was later incorporated into the Constitution of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the precursor to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. in 1819 Massachusetts was able to permit its region of Maine to apply for statehood. Maine became a member of the Union as a state distinct from the Union on March 15th, 1820. It was one of the states that was the 23rd.

General Map of Maine, United States.

The map is detailed and shows all of the US states of Maine along with boundaries as well as the position of the capital city, Augusta Major cities, areas of population including lakes and rivers interstate highways, the principal highways, as well as railroads.

You are allowed to make use of this map for educational purpose (fair use) You should make reference to the Nations Online Project.

Geography Area of Maine USA

Topographic Regions Map of Maine. (Click at the map in order to expand it) . Maine covers the surface of 91,646 square kilometers (35,385 sq miles) [ 22 in comparison, it is approximately the same size as Portugal. When compared to others US states, Maine is the biggest out of six New England states, but it is able to be more than seven times larger in Texas.

Maine Sights of Maine USA

Maine’s landscape is unique in its geographic features: Maine is the top ranked for forestry within the US approximately eighty percent of the land is covered in forest.

West Quoddy Head is the most eastern point on the U.S. mainland.

The northern part of the Appalachian Mountains, the remnants of erosion of an old mountain range that was once of alpine size, runs across the northwestern frontier of the state.

The highest point in Maine in Maine is Mount Katahdin 1606 170 m (5,270 feet) located at Baxter State Park, almost in the middle of Maine it is the northernmost point of the Appalachian Trail, the 3,500 km (2,200 miles) long trail for hiking within the Eastern US.

The border dispute in the maritime zone is the the Old Sow Whirlpool. It is the biggest tidal whirlpool found in the Western Hemisphere.

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Coastal Maine

The Pier is located at Old Orchard Beach, a well-known summer beach located in York County, about 20 kilometers south-west to Portland, Maine.

Coastal Maine is a popular destination, thanks to its picturesque towns on the sea with peninsulas, seaside drives, lakes, lighthouses as well as mountains is an favored tourist attraction.

Old Orchard Beach is a sought-after summer destination for beach lovers that has the standard T-shirt shops and clam shacks.

Maine Islands USA

Machias Seal Island and North Rock are two of Maine’s 3,166 coast islands. The sovereignty of both is at issue with Canada as well as the US and the region is often referred to by the name of “Grey Zone.”

Mount Desert Island is the largest of Maine’s coastal islands and is home to an early national park that lies east of Mississippi The Acadia National Park.

Mount Katahdin, a cluster of mountains located within Baxter State Park, a vast wilderness area located within Northeast Piscataquis County of Maine.

Acadia National Park Acadia National Park is home to more than half the island. It also covers Isle au Haut and portions of Baker Island, the entirety of Bar Island, three of the four Porcupine Islands, and a part from the Schoodic Peninsula on the mainland.

Other islands worth to visit include Chebeague Island one of one of the biggest Casco Bay islands, as well as Squirrel Island located in Maine, which is the most popular summer settlement. It is quiet North Haven, and the neighboring Vinalhaven the state’s largest island off the coast, is home to one of the most extensive lobster fleets.

Lakes USA

Maine is a region with a lot of lakes with hundreds of lakes. water bodies are scattered throughout the state. The largest of which are Moosehead Lake, Sebago Lake as well as Chesuncook Lake.

Population USA

Recreated image of Maine State House in Augusta the capital city of the state in Maine from 1832. This Greek Revival building is home to the state legislature bicameral.

Maine is home to an total population of approximately 1.34 million residents (est. in 2019); [3] it is the least population-rich state east of Mississippi.

The capital of the state is Augusta Augusta, which is the largest city in Maine, the state’s biggest port and the capital of its economy of the state is Portland (Maine). The biggest metropolitan region can be described as Greater Portland (Portland-South Portland-Biddeford).

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Ethnic and Race groups

Maine is an American state that has the majority of whites (93 percent). The remaining populace is composed of 1.8 percent Hispanics and Latinos. 1.7 percentage Black as well as African Americans, 1.3% Asians and 0.7 percent Native Americans. [4]

The most crowded airports in the state are Portland International Jetport ( IATA code PWM) and Bangor International Airport (IATA code BGR).

Cities and Towns in Maine

The map displays the location of the following towns and cities in Maine: Sailboat charters are docked at Pier in Portland, Maine. The largest city in Maine with more than 20,000

Portland (66,200), Lewiston (36,600), Bangor (33,000), South Portland (25,000 and adjoining Portland), Auburn (23,000; Auburn and Lewiston are called”the Twin Cities), Sanford (21,000), Biddeford (21,000)

Other towns and cities in Maine:

Ashland, Augusta, Bar Harbor, Bath, Belfast, Brunswick, Bucksport, Calais, Camden, Caribou, Dexter, Dover-Foxcroft, Eastport, Ellsworth, Farmington, Fort Fairfield, Fort Kent, Greenville, Houlton, Jackman, Kittery, Lincoln, Machias, Macwahoc, Madawaska, Mars Hill, Millinocket, Newport, Norway, Orono, Presque Isle, Rockland, Rumford, Saco, Skowhegan, Topsfield, Van Buren, Vanceboro, Waterville, and Westbrook. The students will be able to be taught that the state animal of Maine is the Moose. Maine Moose


Population of Maine 1,328,361 Counties: 16, Land Area: 30,843, The length of the coastline is 3,500 miles

  • Lakes and Ponds: 6,000
  • Forest 17 million acres of forest
  • Persons per Square Mile: 43.1
  • Largest City: Portland
  • State Capital: Augusta

Have you discovered Maine more than a thousand years ago.

* Maine State Capital: Augusta

* Maine State Bird: The Chickadee

* Maine State Tree: The White Pine

Maine Historical Building

* Maine State Fish: Landlocked Salmon

Nickname: Vacation State

* Maine’s Highest Mountain: Mt. Katahdin

Maine State Symbols, Motto, Seal, & Song

Maine State Animal: Moose

Maine State Berry: Wild Blueberry

Maine State Bird: Chickadee

Maine State Cat: Maine Coon Cat

Maine State Fish: Landlocked Salmon

Maine State Flag

Maine State Flower: White Pine Cone

Maine State Fossil: Pertica Quadrifaria

Maine State Gemstone: Tourmaline

Maine State Herb: Wintergreen

Maine State Insect: Honeybee

Maine State Motto: Dirigo (I Lead)

Nickname: The Pine Tree Stat

Maine State Soil: Chesuncook Soil Serie

Maine State Song: “State of Maine Song” by Roger Vinton Snow

Maine State Tree: White Pine

Maine State Vessel: exploratory schooner “Bowdoin”

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