Math Words That Start With F – Learning Drives

Math Words That Start With F – Learning Drives Words That Start With Factor, Fahrenheit, Formula – The words that begin with F this page is my twenty-year compilation of Math definitions beginning by the letters F. I’ve designed it for your convenience as well as to share the joy of children.

Be aware that if you instruct the prefixes and suffixes that are used to describe factors and finite students, they will grasp numerous words much more easily. Highlight the commonalities and the way that words change depending on the endings.

Math Words That Start With F:

Falling BodiesFormulaFractal
Factor TreeFlipFraction

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List Of Words That Start With F

  • Face Angle is the plane angle created by adjoining edges in a polygonal angles space.
  • Face of A polyhedron – one of the faces of a polyhedron.
  • Faces – the plane surface that define the boundaries of the solid.
  • Fact Family is a collection of three numbers connected through subtraction and subtraction, or division and multiplication.
  • Factor (noun) – an exact divisor of an amount. This is a factor of 12, or any one number or symbol in math’s that when multiplied together create the product.
  • Factor (verb) – to identify the factors of a given number.
  • Arithmetic Factor One or more numbers we multiply to arrive at our answer.
  • Factorial -“n! (reading” in factorial) is one of the numbers 1-n.
  • Factoring is the process of determining the integral factors of an integer. I like to call it “undoing the multiplication”.
  • Fahrenheit is a scale you can use on thermometers that measure the temperature.
  • Farey Sequence – the sequence created by arranging numerically all the appropriate fractions with denominators less than an integer.
  • Fermat number is a number that has the form 22n+.
  • Fermat’s Spiral A parabolic spiral.

Fibonacci number is a part of the sequence 1, 1, 2 3, 5 ,… in which each number is the product of the previous two numbers. The name is derived from Leonardo of Pisa the Italian mathematician in his time in the Middle Ages, who called himself Fibonacci, which is short for filiusBonacci which translates to “son of Bonacci”. The first problem he studied in the year 1202 A.D. was about how rabbits were able to breed quickly under optimal conditions. The results of his research led to creation of this particular number system.

  • Figurate numbers Polygonal numbers.
  • Finite is a reference to the fact that there’s a limit to what you are taking into account.
  • Finite Group – A group that contains an undetermined number of elements.
  • Floor Function The floor function in x refers to the highest integer in the x range, i.e. the biggest integer smaller that or equivalent to.
  • Focus Chord is a chord that runs through a focal.
  • Focal Radius is a line segment that extends from the center of an ellipse until an area on the perimeter of an ellipse.
  • Foot of altitude is the intersection of the altitude of a triangle and the base from where the triangle is drawn.
  • The foot of a Line The point where you join the line with a plane or plane.
  • Formula is A concise description of the symbolic relation among two or more numbers an mathematical relation that utilizes symbols and letters instead of words. brief description of the way to resolve a problem.
  • Fourier Series – a regular function that has a period of 2 pi.
  • Fractal is an image generated by a computer using complicated numbers.
  • Fraction is a rational number that is of the form a/b in which the numerator is called a and b is known as the denominator.
  • Fractional Numeric represent parts of numbers.
  • Fractional pieces – – portions of an item or a quantity that has been broken in smaller parts.
  • Frequency – the amount of items within a specific category.
  • Frequency Theory of Probability The probabilities of an event are the maximum percentage of occasions when the event occurs on multiple, independent trials in similar conditions.
  • Frequency view A method employed by scientists and mathematicians to estimate the probability of an event occurring through repeating the experiment several times, and then using these results determine the probability.
  • Frustum – for a specific solid figure, a corresponding figure that is created with two planes that join the particular solid. In particular, when it comes to the cone or pyramid, a frustum can be determined by the base’s plane as well as a parallel plane with the base. Be aware that this word is often misspelled. frustrum.
  • Function – a function of an x variable is an algorithm that assigns each number in the domain of the function one numeral f(x). The term “single” in this definition is vitally important.

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