Math Words That Start With I – Learning Drives

Math Words That Start With I – Learning Drives  – Words That Start With I Identity, Inequality, Inverse ….This is a fantastic list of math terms that begin with the letter I.

How many math terms begin with the I in the alphabet?

It could be as large as a gazillion if you add the negative prefix before the other Math words. Below are the majority of the I Math words that I’ve used at the K-6 level. I’ve been keeping a list that I have kept for decades. The teaching of that the suffix in- can aid your students to understand that it alters the meaning of the words. It also depends on the meaning that in- is being used as well.

Sometimes , in- is used as a preposition , such as input and inflection. But typically in Math it is used to mean not with inequality, which means that it is that it is not equal or infinite, meaning not finite.

Inter- is yet another great prefix to use when teaching words such as intersection.

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Math Words That Start With I:

Imaginary PartInequalityIntegrand
Improper IntegralIntegersInterest
IcosahedronInput ValuesIntersection
InvariantInverse FunctionInverse

List Of Math Words That Start With I

Icosahedron is an equilateral polyhedron composed of twenty equal triangles.

Icosidodecahedron is the polyhedron that is one of the 13 semi-regular Platonic solids. The formation is achieved by either cutting the dodecahedron half way into each side, or cutting the icosahedron in half the way through each side.

Idempotent – the element x of an algebraic structure is termed impotent if the formula x*x=x.

Identity A number that , when the operation applied on a particular number results in that particular number. For multiplication an identity is one and for addition, it is zero.

Words That Start With Im- And In

  • The Imaginary Axis The Y-axis is a part of the Argand diagram.
  • Imagine Number is a complex number in the form xi, where the real number is x and i=sqrt(-1).
  • The Imaginary Part The imaginary portion of an x+iy complex number where both x and y exist. is y.
  • Imperfect power A number that is not the result of equal factors.
  • Unproper Fraction is a fraction with a value at or above one, and the numerator is higher than that of the denominator.
  • Incenter The incenter of an arc can be described as the centre of the circle it is inscribed.
  • Incircle The circle that is engraved on a illustration.
  • Indefinitely Unspecified quantity with no specific limits.
  • Individual Events Two instances A and B can be considered separate in the event that the likelihood that they will occur simultaneously is the result of the probability that each occur separately.
  • Inequality is the assertion that one number is lower than (or higher than) the other.
  • Infinite is a number of numbers that goes for ever and never ceases.
  • Infinitesimal – a number which is near zero as an amount.
  • Infinity is greater than any fixed number, or lasting indefinitely. Whatever number is, it is more than the number. Infinity is unlimited.
  • Inflection A point of inflection in the plane curve is a place where the curve is stationary tangent at which the tangent changes from moving in one direction to turning at the reverse direction.
  • Initiator is a line segment or diagram that starts as the geometric form that is used to start the fracture. The initiator is later replaced by the generator of the fractal.
  • Injection – a one-to-one mapping.
  • Input is the number or value that’s input, for instance in the function machine. The number entered to the machine represents known as the input.
  • An Inscribed Angle is the angle formed by two chords on a curve that coincide at the same spot along the curve.
  • Integer – one members of this set numbers that represent whole units.
  • Interest is a payment to use money.

Math Words That Start With Inter

  • Intersect Two figures are believed to meet if they cross or cross one another.
  • Intersection The point at which two lines intersect.
  • Intersections of Sets A set of elements that appear on both sets.
  • Involution is the process of raising a certain number to a specific power.
  • The Irrational Number – a number that’s decimal portion is endless and never stops repeating.
  • irregular fractals complex fractals, with dimensions that are sometimes difficult to calculate and in certain instances, is not known.
  • Isogonal Conjugate Isogonal Lines of the triangle are cevians that are symmetrical with respect to an angle bisector. The two points can be isogonal conjugates in the event that they have lines that are corresponding to their vertices are also isogonal.
  • Isometry – a length-preserving map.
  • Isosceles Tetrahedron A tetrahedron in which every pair of opposing sides has the same length.
  • Isosceles Trapezoid is an trapezoid with sides that are identical in size (congruent.)
  • Isosceles Triangle is a triangle that has two sides that are equal.
  • Isotomic Conjugate two points on either side of the triangle are isotomic when they are equally distant from the midpoint on that side. Two points in the triangle can be considered to be isotomic conjugates when the cevians connecting these points intersect with opposite sides of isotomic points.
  • Item The items or objects that make up the focus of an Item bar
  • Iteration is the repetition of the same set of rules or steps repeatedly.

Thank you for stopping by my Math words that begin with the letter I. Maybe you’d wish to have the complete collection of words as it is displayed here.

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