Math Words That Start With P – Learning Drives

Math Words That Start With P – Learning Drives  – Words That Start With Parallel, Perpendicular, Polygon

The following are what we call Math Dictionary words that start with P for words such as: perpendicular, parallel, and perimeter.

Parallel is much easier for kids to remember after you have made the connection with the fact that the double line towards the middle is a line with parallel lines.

Math Words That Start With P:

PolyhedronParabolaPer Annum
Polar CurvesProofPolynomial
Paired DataParametrizePerimeter
ParallelogramPower RulePrime Number
ParenthesesPentagonPie Graph
Periodic MotionPowerPlane
PercentPercentileProper Fraction
Perfect SquarePolar AxisPyramid

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List Of Words That Start With P

  • P.M. – the time from noon and just before midnight.
  • Palindrome Words or phrases, including numbers, which can be read backwards the same way as forwards. (racecar, 1221)
  • Palindromic – A positive integer is believed to be palindromic in relation to a base B if its base representation reads exactly as from right to left the same way as from left to right.
  • Pandigital – A decimal number is considered pandigital if it includes all numbers from 0-9.
  • Paraboloid – a paraboloid that represents revolution is a type of surface that has revolution created by rotating a parabola around its axis.
  • Paradox is a phrase which appears to be contradicting itself.
  • Parallel lines on the same plane and don’t intersect.
  • Straight Parallel Lines are those that follow the same direction.
  • Parallelepiped A prism whose base is a parallelogram.
  • Parallelogram is a quadrilateral which has two parallel sides.
  • Parallelopipedon A prism that has parallelograms as its bases.
  • parentheses are the symbol ( and ) used to group expressions.
  • Partnership is the union that is comprised of more than two people operating in business, who combine their capital and resources and share the gains or losses as per an agreed-upon agreement.
  • Pascal’s Triangle – A triangular array of binomial coefficients.
  • Pattern Pattern characteristic(s) that are observed in an item that can repeat in identical or identical ways in other items.
  • The Pedal Triangle The pedal triangle of an angle P relative to the triangle ABC. ABC is the one whose vertices represent foot of the perpendiculars that drop down from P towards the edges of the triangle ABC.

More Words That Start With P

  • Pentagon is an equilateral polygon with five sides.
  • Pentagonal number is a number that has its form n(3n-1)/2.
  • Pentomino – a five-square polyomino.
  • Percent 100ths is an amount that is a comparison of an amount to one hundred. The symbol for percent is %. (cent is one hundredth of a cent).
  • Perfect Cube An integer can be described as a perfect cube when it has the form m3 in which m is the number, (m x m x the number), (m)(m)(m).
  • The Perfect Number – a positive number which is equal to one of the correct divisors. For instance 28 is a perfect number because 28=1+2+4+7+14.
  • Perfect Power A number that is the result of equal elements.
  • Perfect Square – an integer in the form m2 in which the m value is an integer (m x (m x), (m)(m).
  • Perimeter is the lengths of the sides of a quadrangle s+s+s+s=p.
  • Permutation – a particular order of the objects in a set or an order of things.
  • Perpendicular two straight lines are considered to be perpendicular when they cross with right angles.
  • Personal View A method adopted by philosophers and mathematicians in order to determine probability.
  • Pi is the percentage of diameter to circumference. (3.14)
  • Pictograph – a graph which employs symbols to show information.
  • Pie Chart A type of chart where the circle is split into parts, and the size of each section is the measurement of the information.
  • Pie graph Diagram that illustrates the connections or connections among two or more objects by using a circular shape divided into segments that appear like triangular slices of a round pie.
  • Place Value Within an integer, each number is assigned a value based on its location within the number: one, tens and hundreds and thousands.
  • Plane is a two-dimensional space in geometries.
  • Plane Surface One with a straight line connecting two of its points will be exactly in line.
  • The sign + the + sign used to signify the addition of numbers.
  • Point does not have a dimension, it is a only position.
  • Point in geometry, a point is an area, but it is not a dimension. A point is also known as a vortex.
  • Polar Axis A radiation from the pole with a fixed direction, similar to the x-axis within the Cartesian system. The angle between the fixed ray and one that passes through the pole as well as the area of interest is an estimate of the value for theta within the coordinate set (r,theta) that is used in the Polar Coordinate System.
  • Pole The pole is, in the Polar Coordinate System is a fixed point like the origin of the Cartesian coordinate system. The distance between this point to a location of interest is what r is the value for the coordinate set (r,theta) which is part of the Polar coordinate system.
  • Polygon A closed plane shape that is formed by three or more line segments that don’t cross each other.
  • Polyhedric is any solid shape with an outer layer made of faces made up of polygons.
  • Polyhedron A three-dimensional object with faces that are polygons.
  • Polyomino – a figure composed of congruent squares that are joined edge-to-edge.
  • Positive Number numbers that are just to the right of zero on a number line, or a number that has the sign of a plus, whether expressed or comprehended.
  • The power of HTML0 – the actual number or the product that results by using the number a specific number of times to calculate.
  • Practical Number A positive integer m, such that every natural number that is not greater than the value of m is a sum of divisors that are distinct from m.
  • Prime is a number that is composed of exactly two factors one of which is itself.
  • Prime Number – A number with exactly two elements, one and the number itself.
  • Primitive Pythagorean Triangle – an right triangle whose sides are prime integers.
  • Primitive Roots of Unity The complex number that is z is a primitive root of unity, if Zn is greater than 1 but zk isn’t greater than 1 for any integer positive that is less than n.
  • Principle is a fundamental fact from which other truths can be from.
  • Prism is a polyhedron which is made up of two polygons in parallel which are joined at the edges by rectangles.
  • Prism is a solid whose bases are polygons of equal size, and its sides are parallelograms.
  • Prisoners The values for C of the Julia Set or Mandelbrot set with each iteration, the resultant value gets smaller and smaller, eventually reaching zero.
  • Probability is the measurement of the likelihood that an incident will happen.
  • Problem A question that needs to be resolved.
  • Product The answer is after you have multiplied 2 (or greater) numbers. Factor x Factor = Product.
  • Preonic Number – a number in its format n(n+1).
  • Proof is an argument that proves something (like an theorem) is proven beyond doubt.
  • Proper Divisor – the number d is a divisor of the number nu if it is there is a value of 0
  • Proper Fraction is a fraction with a value less than one, and the numerator is lower than that of the denominator.
  • property of zero for multiplication Any time you multiply zero, the number equals zero.
  • Proportion two ratios that are equal to one another, two similar ratios connected with the equal symbol.
  • Protractor is a tool that is used to draw and measure angles on flat surfaces.
  • Pyramid is A three-dimensional solid, whose base is a polygon, and its sides are triangles which come to an upper point.
  • Pythagorean Theorem The amount of all the squares of leg lengths in an right-angled triangle will equal the width of the hypotenuse.
  • Pythagorean Triangle – the right-hand triangle with sides that are integers.
  • Pythagorean Triple is an ordered set consisting of 3 positive numbers (a,b,c) which means that a2+b2=c2.
  • Pythagorean Triples Whole numbers that are a part of the Pythagorean theorem.

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