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New Hampshire Definition | New Hampshire USA – Where in the United States is New Hampshire? Location map of New Hampshire in the US. New Hampshire is the US State of New Hampshire is one of the states that comprise New England, a region located in New England in the northern United States.

New Hampshire is bordered by the Quebec province of Canada to the north and northwest, and by Canada to its north and northwest, by the US states , including Maine and Massachusetts to its the east as well as Massachusetts in the south.

The Connecticut River forms its boundary to Vermont in the west. It is located in the state of Maine. Granite State (its nickname) has a slender shoreline (24 kilometers or fifteen miles) located in the Gulf of Maine, a Gulf in the Atlantic Ocean.

The British Empire began to form in the 17th century’s early years and was shaped by the English establishment of North America.

The present-day area of New Hampshire was settled from England. New Hampshire was originally part of England. Province of New Hampshire was founded in 1629, and granted a charter separate from the rest in 1679. In 1769, Dartmouth College was established. The province was made an independent state in 1776. It adopted its ratification of the US Constitution on 21st June 1788. It was the ninth state among the thirteen original state members that comprised the Union.

General Map of New Hampshire, United States.

The map is detailed and shows that the US states that includes New Hampshire with boundaries, the position of the capital city Concord and the major cities and towns such as streams, rivers and lakes. It also shows interstate highways major highways, and railroads.

Area –  New Hampshire Definition

It is roughly shaped as an right-angled triangle New Hampshire covers an area of 24,214 sq km The state is roughly shaped like a right-angled triangle 11 which is less in comparison to Belgium. It is the 5th-smallest US state in terms of area. In comparison to the other US States, New Hampshire is slightly bigger in comparison to New Jersey, however, it could be able to fit into Texas more than 29 times.

New Hampshire Landscape – Mountains

A number of peaks, including The White Mountains, are rising over 1,500m (5,000 feet) to elevation. The state’s most impressive mountains is its White Mountains range The region is renowned by its snow sports facilities. It is the White Mountain National Forest links the Vermont and Maine parts of the Appalachian Trail.

Highest point

In of the White Mountains, in the Presidential Range, is Mt. Washington which is the highest mountain of New Hampshire and the Northeastern United States at 1,916.6 meters (6,288.2 feet).

View of the Ice-covered Lake Winnipesaukee, looking north towards the Sandwich Range (White Mountains). One of the largest lakes in New Hampshire is located in the Lakes Region.

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Lakes – New Hampshire USA

to the South to the south of White Mountains and the Sandwich Range is the New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, an area that surrounds Lake Winnipesaukee, Winnisquam Lake, Squam Lake, and Newfound Lake. Lakes Region is a popular tourist destination during summer. Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest of New Hampshire’s lakes.

North Country – New Hampshire USA

The north region of the state, there is in the north of this state is Great North Woods Region, a largely unpopulated region that is a popular tourist destination often referred to by the name of North Country.

The Monadnock Region is a region in the southwestern part of New Hampshire; the region is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities like the camping experience, Nordic skiing, and climbing Mount Monadnock.

Merrimack Valley Merrimack Valley is a region that lies in the middle of the state that runs along the Merrimack River. Related Posts of USA StatesIn the valley is the capital city of the state, Concord as well as two of the largest cities in the state, Manchester and Nashua.

The Seacoast Region is one of the beaches in New Hampshire style. The 24km (15 miles) long coastline is mostly rough and rocky, with some human-made sandy beaches scattered throughout. The area along the shore was the first part that was settled permanently by Europeans at the beginning of the 17th century.

Population – New Hampshire USA

New Hampshire’s adorable little State House (in the middle) is situated in Concord which is the capital city of the state. This Greek Revival style capitol houses the New Hampshire’s General Court, the Governor as well as the Executive Council.

New Hampshire has a population of 1.35 million (est. 2019.), placed 41st. The capital is Concord The biggest cities can be found in Manchester (NH) The biggest metropolitan region in the world is Greater Manchester, with a the population of 400,000.

Ethnic and Race groups – – New Hampshire USA

The majority of the population in New Hampshire is almost pure white (90 percent White Americans). The remainder of the population is comprised of 4.4% Hispanics (also known as Latinos), 3.0 percentage Asians, 1.8 percent Black and African Americans, and 0.3 percent Native Americans.

The biggest airfield within the State can be found at Manchester Boston Regional Airport ( IATA code MHT) located in the south region of Manchester NH.

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Cities and Towns in New Hampshire

This map shows locations of the following towns and cities within New Hampshire:

One of the largest city in New Hampshire with a population of over 90,000. Manchester (110,000), Nashua (68,000), Concord (42,000), Derry (33,000), Dover (30,000), Rochester (30,000)

Other towns and cities within New Hampshire:

Berlin, Claremont, Conway, Exeter, Franklin, Hanover, Keene, Laconia, Lancaster, Lebanon, Littleton, Milford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, and Woodsville.

View of Manchester View of Manchester Rock Rimmon. Manchester is the largest New Hampshire urban area. It hosts Manchester Institute of Art, the New Hampshire Institute of Art as well as Manchester University. University of New Hampshire at Manchester.

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