New York Definition and Meaning (New York USA)

New York Definition – In the event that your students are learning concerning The State of New York during Social Studies Print out a few puzzles, maps , or other activities that you can integrate into your lesson plans.

On this page, you’ll discover a range of printables that highlight The State of New York including fact sheets and puzzles, as well as labelled with maps that are blank and marked and other games.

Flag & Symbols – New York USA

Print this worksheet so that your students are capable of learning details about the bird from New York and the flower from New York as well as the flag of the state.

Maps – New York USA

Students are able to color and label the map which is uncolored. New York State.

New York Map (Blank Cities)

This New York map has dots for cities. Students write down the names of each city. They after that, color it according to the directions on the next page.

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New York Map (Labeled)

It’s an New York map includes the cities of the state and Canada and the states bordering them , as well as bodies of water.

New York Map (No Bordering States)

This map is not blank. New York does not include states bordering it.

Cryptogram Puzzle – New York USA

Students can use the decoders located at the top right on the workbook to discover specific details about this State of New York, for instance, Mount Marcy is the highest mountain in the state.

NYS Word Search Puzzle

Students play this game to locate the phrases or words Adirondacks, Albany, bluebird, Buffalo, Excelsior, Ellis Island, Niagara Falls, Rochester, Rose, Statue of Liberty, Syracuse as well as Times Square.

Mystery State Activities

After having climbed the top of the Empire State Building, Penelope is heading back to her vehicle and driving towards Niagara Falls.

Mystery State: New York

Students use the USA map to find New York and record factual information.

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