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 Nouns That Start With C – Learning Drives –The letter c sounds like the letter /k/ in reference to cat or the /ch/ sound for chick. In contrast the letter c can be followed by e, i , or y the letter is known as soft C-words. Have you observed children getting excited about taking part in spelling exercises?

This is due to the fact that they are excited about the information provided to them through exciting exercises. Similar to that, c-words for children are vital to their development as well as the ability to communicate.

List Of C Words For Kids

Here’s a list of a few C words for kids that are mentioned on the table below in column:

C Words for Kids

  • Cat Celery
  • Can Circle
  • Call Circus
  • Currency Come
  • Caterpillar Carry
  • Chair Curtain
  • Cinema Close
  • Cup Cut
  • Cool ClayC
  • Cherry Cloud
  • Coconut Collar
  • Carrot Car
  • Calendar Crude
  • Control Central
  • Could Cello
  • Cake Calculator
  • Carrot Cream
  • Corn Cheese
  • Castle Circle
  • Clock Cookie

List Of Kindergarten C Words For Kids

The letters c that are followed by the letters e or y, and sounding like /s/ are classified as soft C words. However, letters that sound like /k/ are referred to as hard c terms. 

However, these c terms for children are crucial to master as they aid in the correct pronunciation. If kindergarteners understand this, they’ll be able to identify the c terms and apply them to their conversations. A few of the C words for kindergarteners are listed below:

C Words For Kindergarten Kids

  • Cage Candy
  • Cake Carrot
  • Chair Care
  • City Crude
  • Cash Cup
  • Card Cross
  • Carb Cherry
  • Circle Cloud

List Of Preschool C Words For Kids

There are various kinds of games for children’s vocabulary which can improve their education experience for the best. Therefore, it is essential to improve the quality of instruction to offer a high-quality education for youngsters. Preschoolers are very engaging and it is impossible to be expecting them to pay attention to the music they’re listening to. 

So, it is important to come up with innovative strategies that allow children to play but also acquire new vocabulary. It is important to teach C words that are easy to grasp. Prior to that, you should incorporate preschool-level sight words into the lesson where they be taught commonly used words for creating sentences. Examples include: can come, can and so on.

Preschool Words That Start With C

  • Cow Care
  • Can Coat
  • Cry Corn
  • Cut Camel
  • Cup Camp
  • Cod Car

Names of Things That Begin with C.

Is your child ready learn new words that begin with C? Start by teaching them words they easily comprehend or recognize. The simplest C words for children are the names of things that kids encounter frequently. This helps them understand their surroundings and recognize things with ease. This is the list of things that have names that begin with the C. C.

List of Things that Begin with C:

  • Comb Coin Cot
  • Collar Cork Camp
  • Charger Cup Candle
  • Cupcake Cash Cord
  • Clip Cloth Cream
  • Cheek Couch Chocolate
  • Cocoa Church Coffee
  • Camera Crayon Chicken
  • Candy Clown Chart

Cool Words that Begin with C.

Cool words can be a wonderful addition to any vocabulary. We’ve put together an assortment of amazing words that begin in the letter C. Improve your child’s words with these fun words that begin with C. The words are able to use to explain a fantastic entertaining, exciting, and fun thing.

List of cool terms that begin with C.

  • Crux Cosmic Chronic
  • Chassis Crucial Cacophony
  • Cosmetic Courtesy Chivalry
  • Calamity Chandelier Catalyst
  • Chronology Critique Copyright
  • Cahoots Candelabra Confectionary
  • Cantankerous Capacious Chatterbox
  • Chromosome Consortium Contextual
  • Claustrophobia Conjunctivitis Colossal

Positive words that begin with the letter C.

A positive or positive word can bring a smile to the day of a person. Learn your children’s positive words to develop an excellent vocabulary that is filled with pleasant and positive phrases. Here’s a list of positive words that begin with the C. C.

A list of positive words that begin with C.

  • Cheerful Confident
  • Can Clever Capable
  • Calm Caring Cool
  • Champion Chill Comforting
  • Classy Composed Creative
  • Committed Communicative
  • Considerate Courageous Chic
  • Conscientious Congenial Charity

Frequently Asked Questions on C Words

What are some C Words for Kids?

A few of C Words for Kids are cat camp, camp be, circle, circus closing, curtain cinema chair, cold, cool cup, coffee coconut, calendar Come to carry, crude central, control cake, carrot courier, carrier, cream cottage, cheese etc.

What are Kindergarten C Words for Kids?

For Kindergarten, the words include cloud cross, cherry and circle. They also have crude cash, crush, card Candy, crash carb cage, care, city, chair credit, clock, cache crack, create, etc.

What are some Preschool C Words for Kids?

A few of Preschool C Words for Kids include cow, can car, cold cod, camel click or clip, cite, coat cut, cry camp, corn Clap, crab, Croatia chrome, chant, chance change, etc.

Recap of what we’ve just learned

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