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Anchorage has 9 regions within famous parks devoted to off-leash dog pastime. ​The map and descriptions below define each region’s guidelines. Dog park enthusiasts may additionally make use of an interactive mapping device to discover every park or off-leash area.

  • Arctic Benson Park
  • Chanshtnu Muldoon Dog Park
  • Connors Bog
  • Far North Bicentennial Park (North Gasline Trail)
  • Russian Jack Springs Park
  • South Anchorage Sports Park
  • University Lake Park
  • Valley of the Moon Park
  • Whisper Faith Kovach Park

​​Off-Leash Areas

  • Off-leash areas: Connors Bog and Russian Jack Springs Park
  • Off-leash trails: University Lake Park,Far North Bicentennial Park,and the South Anchorage Sports Park
  • Fenced, off-leash regions: Chanshtnu Muldoon Park*, Whisper Faith Kovach Park*, Valley of the Moon Park, South Anchorage Sports Park, and Arctic Benson Park

*Denotes parks with separate enclosed areas for small puppies (beneath 25lbs) and all dogs​

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All Anchorage Off-Leash Dog Areas 
  • Dogs ought to be legally licensed and have a cutting-edge rabies vaccination. Visit this internet site to find out about licensing your dog.
  • Dogs ought to be leashed upon coming into and leaving the off-leash canine areas.
  • Classified dogs and woman puppies in heat are prohibited.
  • The proprietor or custodian of the canine must continue to be within the canine place​.
  • Dogs ought to be underneath control as described in Title 17.
  • Dog feces must be cleaned up through the dog proprietor or custodian.
  • Holes dug by using puppies must be filled by means of the canine proprietor or custodian.
  • Owners or custodians are liable for all movements of their puppies.
  • Be respectful of the natural world residing inside the park and the lakes. 
  • Be aware of lakes with published signs and symptoms prohibiting dogs from swimming. This is to protect both pets and wildlife!  
Area-Specific Regulations 
  • Connor’s Bog – ​Off-leash interest will be restricted to the distinct location, as soon as skijoring trails are groomed.
  • University Lake – Specific trails inside this park may be closed to off-leash use on a seaso​nal foundation. Such trails might be virtually published. Be respectful of wildlife and different park customers. Swimming with the aid of dogs and/or their people is illegal to defend nesting birds and a very lively beaver network. Beavers may be extraordinarily competitive in the course of mating season and even as defensive kits. NOTE: Parking lot enhancements have been finished in 2021.​​
Good “Petiquette

Areas special for off-leash dog use are shared by means of many park customers, which include skiers, walkers, runners, bikers, and different contributors of the network. Please exercise courteous conduct and exact “petiquette”. 

Here are some simple approaches to that may be done to maintain off-leash areas fun for every person:

  • Keep your dog in sight and ​under manipulate always.
  • Always carry a leash.
  • Bring poop scoop bags from domestic to smooth up after your puppy. Please assist with the aid of picking up more. 
  • Control excessive barking.
  • Off-leash areas are shared for a number of sports so please be respectful of other users. 
  • Keep your dog managed and restrain it from interfering with other human beings and their dogs (mainly leashed ones), if the behavior is undesirable.
  • Be respectful of flora and fauna residing in parks, close to lakes and in surrounding regions.
  • Properly cast off all trash, inclusive of treats, toys, and puppy waste. 

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