Oklahoma Definition and Meaning (Oklahoma USA)

Oklahoma USA – Where in the United States is Oklahoma? Location map of the State of Oklahoma in the US.  Oklahoma can be described as one of 50 states that are federal that are part of the United States of America. The state that is landlocked lies within the Great Plains and the Ozark Mountains in the middle of the 48 states that are contiguous.

Oklahoma is bordered by Colorado within the Northwest, Kansas in the north, Missouri in the northeast, Arkansas in the east as well as Texas within the southern part. It shares an area of boundary to New Mexico at the western edge in its Panhandle.

Short History – Oklahoma USA

The majority in the State was taken by to the French under the Louisiana Purchase In 1803. The state is declared Indian territory. The land was given to Indian tribes who were exiled from the eastern states.

The region was the home of”the “Five Civilized Tribes.” Then, in 1889, this region was made available to white colonists. This led to”Oklahoma Land Run, “Oklahoma Land Run,” where a multitude of European immigrants came to into the “Unassigned Lands” in no time at all. Oklahoma City was built almost in a single day.

On November 16, 1907 the president Theodore Roosevelt issued Presidential Proclamation No. 780, which declared Oklahoma as the state that would become 46th in the Union.

General Map of Oklahoma, United States.

The detailed map depicts what is known as the US State of Oklahoma with its boundaries as well as the position of the capital city, Oklahoma City, major cities and cities, populated areas including lakes and rivers interstate highways, the principal railroads and highways.

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Area Oklahoma USA

Topographic Regions Map of Oklahoma. (click map to expand it)

Oklahoma is the amount of 181,195 square kilometers (69,898 sq miles); [ 11 It is smaller than larger than Portugal. When compared to others US States, Oklahoma has a size eight times bigger in size than New Jersey, but it can fit in Texas more than four times as large.

Oklahoma can be divided up into 77 counties.

Climate  – Oklahoma USA

Oklahoma is located in a zone of transition that includes steppe and humid subtropical climate zones. The state is situated in that lies in the central region of the United States known as ‘Tornado Alley in which turbulent, destructive, and extremely fast-moving winds are often.

Geography Oklahoma USA The Oklahoma landscape slowly rises out of the low-lying wetlands in the southeast, to the high plains along its western border.
The western portion of the region is located within the south of Great Plains. Its Ozark Mountains with the Springfield Plateau extend to the northeastern region of the state.

south of the Ozarks extends into the Arkansas River Valley, which is a barrier that separates from the Ozark Plateau from the sandstone mountains from the Ouachita Mountains of the Ouachita Thrust Belt and Fold which is region of the U.S. Interior Highlands.

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Oklahoma’s Geographical Regions
The Sooner State is part of nearly every major geographic area in the South Central United States.

1. The western part of Oklahoma’s panhandle is located on a largely deserted, semi-arid plateau that is known in the High Plains, an area that is part of the greater Great Plains of the Central United States. It is the High Plains are home to the highest point in the state, called the Black Mesa at 1516 m (4,973 feet ).

2. The east side in The High Plains are the Gypsum Hills located in an area of semi-aridity located in the central region of Kansas along with western Oklahoma The landscape has areas of mixed-grass prairie , gypsum outcrops and mesas, rolling hills and canyons, buttes, caves and Dunes within Little Sahara.

3. Eastern of the Gypsum Hills expands the Red Bed Plains, which extends north/south across central Oklahoma. The region is characterized by plains that are flat and gentle rolling hills composed of stratified rock, layered deposits consisting of shale and sandstone as well as red mudstone. It is the state’s largest area.

Wichita Mountains, the rugged granite mountains; views taken from Mount Scott road near Medicine Park in Comanche County, Oklahoma.

4. In the southwest portion of the Red Bed Plains rise the Wichita Mountains, with rocky promontories and round hills composed of black and red igneous rocks (cooled granite, lava and Rhyolite).
The Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge is among the most well-managed wildlife refuges within the United States.

5. East to the east of Red Bed Plains is the part which is known as The Sandstone Hills, which is a gentle rolling hills that are cut by steep-walled canyons and is bordered to the south by the Arbuckle Mountains.

6. The south-facing part of the Sandstone Hills are the ancient Arbuckle Mountains that are worn-out, folded with faults that rises from 180 meters to the height of 210 meters (600 to 700 feet) over the plains. Erosion has formed bizarre rocks in this region as well as open-pit mining and quarries produce patches of moonscape. It is believed that the Arbuckle mountains are made up of bedrock from the past and layer of sedimentary rocks (dolomitic limestone). Turner Falls, a 23 m (77 feet) cascade that flows down Honey Creek within the Arbuckle Mountains, is a well-known tourist attraction.

Turner Falls on Honey Creek in Winter it is the biggest waterfall in Oklahoma and is located close to Davis. 7. The Prairie Plains between the Sandstone Hills and the Ozark Plateau is primarily an agricultural area. It is, however, in this region, specifically located in the Arkoma Basin, where oil and natural gas are extracted.
The Prairie Plains and the Arkansas River Valley are the regions with the highest amount of coal mining in the state.

8. A lush Red River Plains close to the Texas border is a sprawl that is a mix of rolling prairies and also forested hillocks. In this region of agriculture cotton, peanuts and legumes, and even vegetables are grown on this sandy soil.

9. The region that lies between and between the Arkansas River Valley and the Red River Plains are the heavily forest-covered Ouachita Mountain range which is a fold-and-thrust belt of southeast Oklahoma along with western Arkansas. Its rugged range of huge hills formed around 300 million years ago. They are located in the Ouachitas belong to the US Interior Highlands, the most mountainous area located between those of the Rockies along with the Appalachians. Mt Magazine in Arkansas is located at an altitude of 839 metres (2,753 feet) which is the highest elevation located in the Ouachitas.

10. The north-facing portion in the Ouachita Mountains, to the Arkansas River Valley reaches two parts from the Ozark Plateau into Oklahoma and that is the Springfield Plateau, and the Boston Mountains. A forest-like landscape mountains, rolling hills, as well as smooth ridges, that are separated by narrow steep valleys. The elevation ranges from around 200 to 500 meters (650 to 1640 feet) a.s.l.. The plateau comprises about 70 percent forests 20 percent pasture and 10 percent agricultural land. [2]

Highest Point  – Oklahoma USA

The state’s highest point is Black Mesa in the High Plains Region at 1516 meters (4,973 feet ) with there is no peak, only plain shortgrass prairie. The mesa (tableland) is situated in the northern part of the Oklahoma panhandle. This Black Mesa is part of the larger flat-topped hills, and extends to New Mexico.


The main rivers in Oklahoma include The Arkansas River with its tributaries and the Canadian and Cimarron Rivers. It is the Red River, a major river that flows into the Mississippi is part of the southern border of Oklahoma with Texas.

Population  – Oklahoma USA

Recreated photo of Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, the capital of the state. Its Renaissance Revival style building houses the offices of the Oklahoma Legislature and executive branch offices.

Oklahoma is very sparsely populated It is the “Sooner State” (one of its nicknames) is home to an estimated total population that is 3.95 million (2019 is.). [3]

The capital city and the largest of Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City, the biggest urban area is Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Oklahoma City and Tulsa are the major economic centers in the state.

Race and Ethnic Groups
The population of Oklahoma is primarily
white 65.3 percentage, Hispanic or Latino 10.9 percentage, Native Americans 9.3%, African American 7.8% and Asian 2.3 3.3%.  The two largest airports in Oklahoma include the Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport ( IATA code: OKC), and Tulsa International Airport ( IATA code TUL).

Cities and Towns in Oklahoma

The map illustrates the location of the following towns and cities in Oklahoma:

The largest cities of Oklahoma with more than 50,000. (est. 2012):
Oklahoma City (547,000), Tulsa (384,000), Norman (107,000), Lawton (92,000), Broken Arrow (part of the Oklahoma City metro, pop. 9,001), Edmond (part of the Oklahoma City metro, pop. 78,000), Midwest City (part of the Oklahoma City metro, pop. 55,00), Moore (part of the Oklahoma City metro, pop. 51,000)

Additional cities as well as towns displayed as maps.

Skyline from Downtown Oklahoma City, capital and the largest city in the State of Oklahoma.  Ada, Altus, Alva, Anadarko, Antlers, Ardmore, Atoka,  Bartlesville, Blackwell, Boise City, Buffalo,  Chickasha, Claremore, Clinton, Coalgate, Cushing,  Duncan, Durant, El Reno, Elk City, Enid, Eufaula, Frederick,  Grove, Guthrie, Guymon,  Henryetta, Hobart, Holdenville, Hugo, Idabel,  Madill, McAlester, Miami, Muskogee, Okmulgee, Pauls Valley, Pawhuska, Perry, Ponca City, Poteau, Pryor,  Sapulpa, Sayre, Seiling, Seminole, Shattuck, Shawnee, Stillwater, Sulphur,  Tahlequah, Vinita, Watonga, Waurika, and Woodward.

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