Do You Plan a Historic Trip to See Mayan temples?

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Do You Plan a Historic Trip to See Mayan temples? .One of the most important pre-Columbian civilizations is the Mayans who spread over Central America, to include the present-day nations of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador Southern Mexico along with western Honduras. The time period from 250 to 900 AD of the Mayan calendar was the … Read more

What to Do in And Around Toronto?

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What to Do in And Around Toronto?.what to do in And Around Toronto ?.Toronto’s motto doesn’t read ‘go big or go home however, it’s a great overview of the top attractions, including the impressive CN Tower which is the largest outdoor aquarium inside Canada and the largest castle that is located in North America. CN … Read more

How Cold Does It Get in Australia ?

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How cold can the weather reach in Australia? In summer (December-February) the average temperatures vary between 20degC/68degF to 35degC/95de. The winter months (June-August) the temperature range for average is 3degC/37degF up to 20degC/68de. Autumn and spring are hot days, and cool evenings. The amount of rain falls varies from year to year but the average … Read more