Pennsylvania Definition and Meaning (Pennsylvania USA)

Pennsylvania Definition and Meaning (Pennsylvania USA) – Where in the United States is Pennsylvania? Location map of Pennsylvania in the US. Pennsylvania is officially known as known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is an American state located within the Mid-Atlantic region located in the northeast region of the United States; the landlocked state boasts a 70 km (43 miles) short shoreline on Lake Erie.

Pennsylvania is bordered by New York in the northeast and north. It is also bordered by the Delaware River forms sections of its eastern boundary to the US States, including New York and New Jersey. In the south the state, it is bound by West Virginia, Maryland along with Delaware as well as in the west, it is bounded by Ohio.

Early Days of Pennsylvania

In 1682 in 1682, in 1682, an English real estate businessman known as William Penn obtained sovereign control of the region, having all privileges and rights (except the right to declare war). Pennsylvania was among the original 13 colonies to break away from control of the English Crown and later formed the United States. Pennsylvania was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution on 12th December 1787. It was the second state, following Delaware.

Pennsylvania tried to be the first state for the signing of the constitution with hopes to secure the position for the National Government in Pennsylvania. It was the Pennsylvania State House (now known as “Independence Hall”) in Philadelphia was the place for Pennsylvania’s American administration during the Revolutionary and early days of the national era.

Pennsylvania State Map

The map is detailed and shows what is known as the US states of Pennsylvania with its boundaries and the location of the capital city of the state, Harrisburg Major cities, towns, rivers, and lakes interstate highways, major railroads, major highways and airports.

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Area – Pennsylvania USA

Topographic Regions Map of Pennsylvania. (click map to expand it) The state covers the size of 119,279 sq km (46,054 sq miles) [ 11, Pennsylvania is ranked 33 on the US list of the most populous states. It is about one-third larger than Germany.

In comparison to others US States, New Jersey can fit in Pennsylvania over five times. But, Texas is nearly six times bigger than Pennsylvania. Quaker State (Pennsylvania’s name).

The Appalachian Mountains, an eroded mountain range in the eastern part of North America, dominate Pennsylvania’s landscape.

Major Geographic Regions of Pennsylvania

It is the West Branch of the Susquehanna River Valley and the Allegheny Plateau foothills. A view taken of the Allegheny Plateau foothills from Aughanbaugh Road on Bald Eagle Mountain.

Located in the southeastern corner of the state, in the flat Atlantic Coastal Plain, sprawls the Philadelphia metropolitan area (Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington MSA), with a population of more than 6 million people. The urban agglomeration also often referred to as”the” Delaware Valley.

The northwest region of Philadelphia metro is the plateau region that is part of the Pennsylvania Piedmont which is an agricultural region with rolling hills within the state’s part in the Piedmont Plateau occupy the southeastern portion of Pennsylvania.

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Highest point

Mount Davis in the Forbes State Forest located in the Forbes State Forest, with an elevation of 979 meters (3,213 feet) is the highest elevation within the Commonwealth.

Rivers  – Pennsylvania USA

Major rivers in Pennsylvania. There is the Allegheny River joins with the Monongahela River to make the Ohio River in Downtown Pittsburgh. It is the Delaware River defines the eastern frontier in the Commonwealth with New York State and New Jersey. It is the Susquehanna River, one of the oldest rivers around the globe is composed of two major branches that are it is the “North Branch,” which originates in the upstate of New York, and the “West Branch,” which originates from the Allegheny Mountains in western Pennsylvania. It is the Schuylkill River and its tributaries drain large portions of the eastern and central Coal Regions within the state , before merging with it with the Delaware River.

Lakes  – Pennsylvania USA

Major lakes that are located in Pennsylvania include The Allegheny Reservoir (also called Kinzua Lake), a human-made lake located along the Allegheny River. It is Raystown Lake, located in the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River is the biggest lake within the state of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has a coastline at Lake Erie, the fourth-largest (by total surface) out of five Great Lakes in North America.

World Heritage Site

The Assembly Room in the Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The hall is designed in the same way as it was during Constitutional Convention and featuring George Washington’s Rising Sun Armchair.

Pennsylvania has one UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the Independence Hall in Philadelphia is the location in which both the United States Declaration of Independence (1776) as well as the Constitution of the United States (1787) were debated and approved.

The fundamental principles of democracy and freedom as outlined in the documents have paramount significance to American the past. They also have had a significant impact on the law makers around the globe.

Independence Hall Independence Hall was completed in 1753 when the legislature was established in the Province of Pennsylvania. It was utilized in that area of work until the capital city of the state relocated to Lancaster in 1799.


Image redrawn from the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex in downtown Harrisburg. This Capitol structure houses the state government of Pennsylvania.

It is estimated that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (aka The Keystone State (Pennsylvania’s alternative name)) is home to an estimated total population exceeding 12.9 million (2021 is.) 2 22 which makes it the sixth most populous US state.

It is the capital of Harrisburg The biggest city in the area in the state is Philadelphia and the most urbanized region includes Greater Philadelphia (Delaware Valley Metropolitan Area). Other cities that are major include Pittsburgh, Allentown and Erie.

Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, Scranton-Wilkes-Barre, and Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton are the major urban manufacturing centers in the Commonwealth.

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Race and ethnic groups

In the state of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania is comprised of White only 76.1 percent, African American 12.0%, Hispanic or Latino 7.6 percent, Asian 3.7%, and Native American 0.4%. [3]

Cities and Towns in Pennsylvania

The map illustrates the location of the following towns and cities in Pennsylvania:

Philadelphia skyline as seen from across the South Street Bridge. Philadelphia is the biggest city within Pennsylvania. It is the largest city in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and one of the oldest cities in the United States.

The biggest cities of Pennsylvania with over 50,000 people:

Philadelphia (1,603,000), Pittsburgh (303,000), Allentown (125,800), Erie (94,800), Reading (95,100), Scranton (76,300), Bethlehem (75,800), Lancaster (58,000), Harrisburg (50,000)

  • Largest Airports in Pennsylvania
  • The biggest Airport in New York of Texas is
  • Philadelphia International Airport (IATA code: PHL),
  • Other international airports are
  • Pittsburgh International Airport(IATA code: PIT),
  • Harrisburg International Airport (IATA code: MDT),
  • Allentown’s Lehigh Valley International Airport (IATA code ABE)

Other towns and cities in Pennsylvania

Aliquippa, Altoona, Beaver Falls, Bedford, Bellefonte, Berwick, Bethel Park, Bloomsburg, Bradford, Butler, Carbondale, Carlisle, Chambersburg, Chester, Clarion, Clearfield, Columbia, Connellsville, Corry, Coudersport, Doylestown, Du Bois, Easton, Edinboro, Emporium, Franklin, Gettysburg, Greensburg, Greenville, Grove City, Hanover, Hazleton, Honesdale, Huntingdon, Indiana, Jersey Shore, Johnstown, Kane, Kittanning, Lebanon, Levittown, Lewistown, Lock Haven, Mansfield, Meadville, Monroeville, Mt Lebanon, New Castle, New Kensington, Norristown, Oil City, Pittston, Pottstown, Pottsville, Punxsutawney, Sayre, Sharon, Shenandoah, Somerset, St Marys, State College, Stroudsburg, Sunbury, Titusville, Towanda, TyronendianaI, Uniontown, Warren, Washington, Waynesburg, Wellsboro, West Chester, Wilkes-Barre, Williamsport, and York.

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