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An automated dog feeder may be a brilliant answer for certain troubles associated with your canine’s nutrients.

You can make certain your loved domestic dog doesn’t leave out a meal, even in case you’re out all day or need to return home overdue.

There are quite a few ability issues that may get up from using an automatic feeder as well:

  • If the feeder isn’t locked or you have a specially “meals-motivated” canine who isn’t afraid to attack the feeder the canine may also become gorging itself on more than one meals’ well worth of meals in place of getting it portioned out as you planned.
  • Issues with automated food timers or electricity sources (cords or batteries) could suggest that your puppy misses a meal you notion was “automatic”
  • If a feeder’s capability to component meals is out of whack, you could wind up over or below-feeding your canine (without even understanding!)

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To assist you keep away from these pitfalls, we asked our veterinary marketing consultant, Dr. Melody Aitchison-Steed, to take a look at all varieties of computerized canine feeders to decide that’s the first-rate alternative for you and your family. She paid mainly near attention to factors like Wi-Fi, meals capability, timer, reliability, and extra.

Dr. Aitchison-Steed chose the Pet Safe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder for its gradual feed that forestalls jamming, battery backup, and telephone capability.

While that is our top select, you may also study on to discover if an automated dog feeder is even the right device for you and your pup, what to look for in evaluating feeders if it’s miles proper for you, and Dr. Aitchison-Steed additionally gave her top selections for more than one precise use-instances which you can need to weigh more than some consumers of canine feeders.

The five Best Automatic Dog Feeders

Automatic Dog Feeders Compared

Here are our top picks. Compare the rankings and functions of different fashions to discover the proper one for you. Battery Backup?

In This Article

  • The five Best Automatic Dog Feeders
  • Automatic Dog Feeders Compared
  • Who Should Buy an Automatic Dog Feeder
  • Who Should Not Buy an Automatic Dog Feeder
  • Buying Guide: Research Tips From a Veterinarian
  • How Much Do They Cost?
  • Our Methodology: Why Trust Pet News Daily
  • The Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews
  • 1. Best Overall – Pet Safe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder
  • 2. Best Budget – Iseebiz 6L Automatic Pet Feeder
  • 3. Best for Multiple Dogs – PETLIBRO Automatic Feeder
  • four. Best Smart Feeder – Feeder-Robot – WiFi-Enabled, Automatic Pet Feeder
  • five. Best Microchip Feeder – Sure Feed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Additional Sources & Resources

Who Should Buy an Automatic Dog Feeder

  • Forgetful puppy dad and mom – When your lifestyles receives chaotic, making time to portion out your canine’s meals may additionally collapse your listing of to-dos. Pretty quickly, it’s 9pm and also you’re figuring out your doggy hasn’t eaten dinner. This is especially worrisome for the properly-mannered canine who doesn’t request food. Fortunately, an automated feeder can be filled in advance of time and you could nevertheless ensure your domestic dog is getting his food whilst he needs it, whether you don’t forget it or no longer.
  • Those gone for lengthy stretches – If you need to depart for the day, then you may want to make certain your canine nevertheless has get right of entry to to meals. (You surely will want to ensure he has get right of entry to to water.) An automatic feeder can make certain he’s nevertheless getting lots of meals to provide him enough sustenance, even if you’re away. Just make certain he has plenty to hold him busy, otherwise, he may entertain himself with the destruction of your property.
  • When your canine overeats – If you’re putting your doggy on a weight-reduction plan, then an automated feeder is an remarkable concept to ensure he sticks together with his element manage. You’ll have the capacity to component out handiest what he must be consuming and the feeder is secure sufficient to save you him from ingesting any additional meals.

Who Should Not Buy an Automatic Dog Feeder

  • When your dog eats on-demand – If you’ve got a canine who needs to gain weight, a rescue, or a dog improving from an illness, for example, then you may now not want to restriction his meals intake. Most puppies will devour greater meals if it’s far always to be had,1 however if he is able to self-modify, you then don’t need to worry about an automatic feeder.
  • Different dogs with distinctive meals – There are approaches round food being shared between multiples, despite an automated feeder, but, there are sure dog dynamics that will preclude the blessings of an automatic feeder. If you have got a timid canine on a specialized food plan and an competitive dog who cannot consume that food, even two microchip feeders gainer’s preserve the competitive canine from ingesting the food after the timid one has opened it. If you’d instead not separate your dogs for feeding time and you have introduced headaches, once in a while a feeder simply received’t help.

Buying Guide: Research Tips From a Veterinarian

When you’re gaining knowledge of an automated feeder there are a few critical considerations to make. Whenever you are gaining knowledge of pet products don’t forget to seek advice from your veterinarian or different legit resources, together with searching at depended on critiques on-line. Here’s what to recollect while deciding on an automatic canine feeder:

1.   Multiples – Do you have got a couple of puppies to feed? If so, do they get alongside at mealtime? There are a few first-rate feeders which could feed food into more than one puppies’ bowls, ensuring that more than one puppies can all consume together. These bowls are commonly close together, so if your puppies turn out to be competitive around food it might be exceptional to get each canine their own feeder.2

2.   Consider how “clever” you want it – Another attention for computerized feeders is whether or not you select them to hook up with Wi-Fi and feature an app to get entry to manipulate of the feeder. There are numerous feeders obtainable that can accommodate this! This may be honestly beneficial if you would really like to get right of entry to information regarding the feeder from anywhere. Also, you may manually feed your puppy remotely.

3.   Battery or wi-fi capability – Consider whether or not the feeder has a battery backup in case of power outages or placement in which there is restrained access to an outlet. Ideally, the feeder could accommodate both electric and battery-operated functions.

four.   Special dietary wishes – Finally, don’t forget whether or not you want to preserve different pets away from this food bowl. If so, then a microchip automated feeder will be definitely beneficial for your situation. This can be in particular useful while one canine is on a prescription eating regimen and can’t eat from a exceptional feeder. Or if you have a dog that’s a gradual eater and her housemate will consume all of the meals, then a microchip feeder may be a splendid answer.

If your dog is struggling with overeating, you could want to try different options, like a snuffle mat, to mitigate his consumption. For doggies which might be ingesting because they’re bored, recollect trade methods to entertain them. Of course, in case you’re significantly slicing their food intake, you’ll want to make sure they’re no longer going some other place – just like the trash (wherein case you may want to invest in a puppy-evidence trash can) – to get scraps.

How Much Do They Cost?

Between $70-250

There’s greater than just high-quality and functions going into the charge variety for an automatic feeder. Naturally, the greater advanced the technology, the steeper the price, and of route, the extra convenience.

But you’ll also pay for the size a giant breed dog will want a bigger capability than a toy breed and also you’ll see a great distinction in prices for that distinction, as properly. You’ll actually get what you pay for in an automated feeder, however you have to assume to pay someplace between $70 to $250. The better fee might be for the all-digital, Wi-Fi-controlled feeders, while you could get simply timer-managed feeders for round $65.

Our Methodology: Why Trust Pet News Daily

As a veterinarian, I’ve seen quite a few headaches to a canine’s health that may be avoided or helped by organizing a healthful feeding agenda. An computerized feeder that takes all the guesswork out of the instances and quantities can help regulate your dog and save you huge in the end.

Between my discussions with different veterinarians and puppy owners, I’ve visible lots of proof to support this, and mixed with my personal experience, I recognize simply what functions you’ll need and that you’ll love. – Dr. Melody Aitchison-Steed, DVM

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The Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews
1. Best Overall – Pet Safe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

The Pet Safe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder is the epitome of dog feeding convenience. You’ll be able to completely manipulate your dog’s food out of your fingertips, anywhere you’re with the free app. That way you’ll be able to make sure the feeding schedule your canine desires, whether you’re home or away. In truth, in case you integrate this with a doggy door to a outdoor, you’ll be capable of make sure your dog is impartial living. (Just make sure you’re no longer neglecting him for the sake of your comfort!)

Though we love the single puppy feeding capabilities of this feeder, it’s well worth noting that it also comes in a two puppy feeder that distributes the equal meals into separate bowls on your pets who are comfortable eating with each other.


  • Works with Alexa
  • Battery backup
  • Feed now option


  • Can most effective application with a telephone
  • Connectivity problems
2. Best Budget – Iseebiz 6L Automatic Pet Feeder

The Iseebiz 6L Automatic Pet Feeder will provide you with the ability to feed your canine on a set schedule without actively doing it. You’ll program your canine’s feeding time table and element at once on the front of the feeder and which means you gained’t ought to rely upon an extraordinary Wi-Fi sign. You additionally get to document your voice message of up to ten seconds so you will alert your canine to his meals shipping – and that can be just the kind of encouragement he needs to stay on schedule.

You can application as much as 4 food per day, and with the huge food capability, you’ll have your dog fed for masses of days without ever thinking about it once more. The infrared design is perfect for ensuring your puppy’s food doesn’t spill or overflow, so if he’s a sluggish eater, you don’t want to fear approximately too much food popping out and making a mess.


  • Record your voice to inspire feeding
  • Large ability (6L)
  • Battery backup


  • No Wi-Fi or app manage
  • Only appropriate for food zero.2-0.6″ in diameter
3. Best for Multiple Dogs – PETLIBRO Automatic Feeder

The PETLIBRO Automatic Feeder will dispense meals into two bowls, ensuring each your puppies can get the right portion of food, on the proper time. If all they want is a separate dish to maintain them each satisfied, that is the repair for you. This is an top notch way to dogs fighting whilst they consume. You will still need to supervise the first few tries with this method, though, to make sure they’re consuming the proper meals and no longer by way of every other as close as they are.

With the desiccant bag located on the underside of the lid and a sealing strip to ensure your puppies’ food is stored simply airtight, you could expect clean bites on every occasion. And you received want to worry about attracting insects or rodents, both.


  • Excellent at preserving meals clean
  • 10-2d meal call
  • 6 food an afternoon


  • Programming can be problematic
  • Aggressive eaters may also still warfare

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a canine meals dispenser paintings?

There are a few distinct kinds of automatic feeders for puppies, however normally, they operate on a timer. You fill the dispenser with several meals worth of meals and software the instances and quantities you want your dog to devour. (For instance, 1 cup of meals at 7 am and every other 1 cup at 6 pm.) On time table, the feeder will dispense your dog’s meals allowing it to drop into his food bowl and your canine can eat that portion freely.

Another kind of computerized feeder growing in reputation is the microchip feeder in an effort to without a doubt put a lid over the food you location there each morning and whilst your pet approached the feeder, it’ll hit upon the corresponding microchip you’ve connected to his collar and open the lid. Gravity feeders are a form of automated dog feeder, but you can’t adjust the food intake at all with it. You fill the dispenser and it flows freely to maintain the dog’s dish complete at all times.

Are automatic feeders top for puppies?

Automatic feeders are outstanding for pets. You can agenda perfectly measured portions for every and each meal, making it not possible to overfeed or under nourish your dog. You may even agenda smaller quantities for afternoon snacks, too.

What is the best time to feed a canine?

 Generally, for a healthful grownup canine, you have to plan to feed two times an afternoon: Once early inside the morning once early inside the evening. Separating his feeding instances continually by means of 8 to 12 hours will make his rest room agenda simpler for both of you and could save you any long bouts of hunger. For those operating the usual 9 to 5, feeding your canine whilst you arise and when you get domestic is an exquisite plan.

Should you go away canine meals out all day?

Some puppies do first-rate with self-moderation even as others will consume till they get themselves sick. Even if your dog eats a healthful quantity with access to his meals always, you still threat attracting insects or rodents if you go away it out all of the time. An automatic feeder will keep extra food securely hidden to prevent that, however even in case you don’t use one, you have to nonetheless positioned your dog’s meals away at night time.


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