Six Flags Great Adventure Safari in New Jersey

Six Flags Great Adventure Safari in New Jersey. The decision to go on an adventure can be as difficult like it sounds, however there are many safari excursions available in New Jersey. The decision of where to go will be one of the most difficult choices out of all. Going on Safari is primarily about seeing animals and enjoy the natural behavior of animals, one of the main factors to think about when you are planning to go to an animal park located in New Jersey is what species of animals you’d like to meet.

There are a lot of parks that , because of the vast land area they have provide a wide variety of animals for visitors to view. You can observe many animals in different states of consciousness.

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4 Best Safaris in New Jersey

Look over these four most memorable excursions within New Jersey that will give you an experience that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives!

1. Six Flags Great Adventure

If you’re looking for an enjoyable place to take your entire family to throughout the entire state of New Jersey then you need to look no further than Six Flags Great Adventure. The amusement park is one of the top spots to enjoy fun and excitement in the region. It forms part of the vast Six Flags collection of theme parks. Jackson, New Jersey is your ultimate destination to have fun and excitement for everyone.

Even though they’re young does not mean the smallest people in the family like going on rides. A lot of amusement parks offer one or two rides available for the tiniest members of the family. However, this is not the case at Six Flags Great Adventure. The park offers a number of different rides for kids so that they can enjoy the same excitement as the older kids. When most visitors think of the rides in theme parks they imagine roller coasters. Great Adventure has some of the best coasters across the country. From wooden coasters to the ones made of metal that spin and turn you around There is something for all. The latest new addition to the roller coaster series for 2011, is The Green Lantern. It’s a stand-up thrill that can shake your knees.

2. Bugs Bunny National Park

When you visit the park, it’s not all focused on the thrill rides. There are plenty of amazing shows and activities that you can enjoy. Some of the most memorable will include animal shows as well as of course you can enjoy shows featuring The Looney Toons characters. You can relax your feet while you watch any of the numerous shows available in the park. It is located within The Six Flags Great adventure park.

3. The Jungle Habitat and the Franklin Drive-thru Safari

Beautifully situated in the middle of Austin This is a pleasant stop on the way to or towards Dallas. There’s a beautiful wildlife and flora in this area with all kinds of animals, from camels to peacocks. It’s a stunning location and you must enjoy it to the fullest with stunning panoramic photos of the animals and the surrounding. It’s just 1,600 miles away, however and the story is a bit quite different at Jungle Habitat. It was once an active animal park that was a popular attraction, it turned out to be one of the most terrifying places in the state. The story goes that when the decision was taken to close the park, the park was decided that it should leave the animals there. The plan didn’t work, and the animals were free to roam in the wild at their will. The park is now abandoned and is open to the public . It is a safe haven for the daredevil who can’t resist walking within a bear zone. It is possible to go hiking, mountain biking and much more.

4. Osprey Wildlife Safari

Starting from the stunning Cape Island Creek Preserve located on the southern part of New Jersey’s salt marsh Their special Birding by Boat and the accompanying Wetlands Wildlife Safari tour shouldn’t be missed. The boat is accessible and enclosed deck for viewing that has the sliding windows. To help you for visitors, there are additional binoculars, which include ZEISS demo optics on board. This tour covers all of the important spots, including for example, the Cold Spring Harbor and the vast tidal wetlands that stretch across the Intra-coastal Waterway. However, the excursions are on steady and calm in the inland waters, with marine life in full bloom.

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