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Triathlon is a combination triathlon of three sports: run, swim, and cycle. Distances vary. While shorter races can be completed in under an hour, longer races can take up to 17 hours.

This article will discuss the most popular distances used for triathlons. It’s possible to start with shorter distances, and then move on to longer distances for people who are more experienced.

Ironman2.4m / 3.8km112m / 180km26.2m / 42.2km140.6m / 226km
Half Ironman/70.31.2m / 1.9km56m /90km13.1m / 21.1km70.3m / 113km
World Triathlon/ITU Long Course2km80km20km102km
Super Sprint400m10km2.5km12.9km
Super League300m x34km x31.6km x317.7km
Arena Games Triathlon200m x33km x31km x312.6km
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Many triathletes are aware of the fact that there are many events in triathlon. The Sprint is not the only event in the distance line. Full-distance triathlon is considered to be the most difficult of all durations. This is why it is not recommended for beginners. The Sprint is easier for beginners. Here’s a rough guide to the distances involved in triathlons from Sprint to Full Distance.

Sprint Triathlon

  • Swim: 750m/ 0.46 mi
  • Bike: 20 km/ 12.5 mi
  • Run 5km / 3.1 mi

Olympic Triathlon

  • Swim 1.5 km/ 0.93 mi
  • Bike: 40 km/ 24.8 mi
  • Run 10km / 6.2 mi

Middle Distance Triathlon / Triathlon 70.3

  • Swim: 1.9 km/1.2 mi
  • Bike: 90 km/56 mi
  • Run: 21.1 km/ 13.1 mi

Full-Distance Triathlon

  • Swim: 3.8 km/2.4 mi
  • Bike: 180.2 km/112 mi
  • Distance: 42.2 km/ 26.2 mi (full marathon race).
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How much time does it take to complete a Sprint Triathlon?

A summary of sprint triathlon times for each discipline (including transitions) shows that a top-level triathlete can complete the event in about 1 hour. Younger athletes are faster than their female counterparts and more efficient than their male counterparts

Sprint triathlon is a great way to get started if you finish the race before the cut-off which is two hours and 15 minutes.

The Swim

The distance for swimming is generally completed in 9-10 minutes by the most competitive swimmers. It is possible that the time will vary depending on whether the race takes place in a pool or in a wetsuit.

The Cycle

Elite male racers typically ride a bike for between 29-31 minutes. While elite female racers take 32-37 minutes. A hilly or windy course will affect the time taken, which can take between 36 and 45 minutes.

The Run

The moment you start running after swimming isn’t the same as running new. You might also need to slow down if you are running on a hilly, windy, or sloping course.

Elite athletes can achieve times faster than 8 minutes. The race typically takes between 22-26 minutes.


The transition phase is when the swimmer stops swimming at T1 (Transition 1), and then switches to running or cycling in T2(Transition 2.). ).

It depends on your level of experience and skill, as well as the equipment you choose (Source). A tri-suit is an outfit that combines the swimsuit and padded cycling kit. It also allows for transitioning faster.

The planning process may result in a transition period that lasts anywhere from one minute to thirty seconds up to three. The race duration will be affected by the size and length of the transition area as well as the course.

What to Wear for a Sprint Triathlon?

Although it is important to train for the Sprint Triathlon, the clothes a triathlete chooses can also impact his or her performance.

A beginner triathlete’s performance is not as important as the finish of the race. For novices, it doesn’t make sense to spend on advanced triathlon equipment.

The triathlon can be completed without investing a dime in equipment. Learn how to organize an event without spending a dime. To allow novices to enjoy the sport, registration and equipment are required.

What Triathlon Gear do you need for your super-sprint?


You can use any bike suitable for a beginner triathlete. It is recommended to use a mountain bike hybrid, hybrids, and folding bikes to reach the finish line.

A time-trial bike is used by athletes competing in triathlons. It offers more comfort and aerodynamics. You can also use aero bars clip-on ( source ) to ride a roadbike.


It is illegal to ride without a helmet for cyclists.

Triathlon Running Shoes

For advanced athletes, clip-less shoes or pedals are recommended for Sprint Triathlon.

These shoes are designed to be easy to remove your feet from the shoes while you’re riding.

It is not a good idea to try pedals without clips at first race day. It takes a lot of practice to get used to it.

Swimming Goggles

It is essential to have a pair of quality goggles. Open water goggles have larger lenses which can improve peripheral vision. Clear lenses are great for rainy days. However, mirror lenses can be used to protect your eyes and vision during sunny days.

You can also opt for Polarized lenses on sunny days. Soft lenses with rubber coating are the best option to avoid the same wash machine effect as arm movements.

However, goggles preferences can vary based on the face shape. You should therefore choose the best one for you.

Swim Cap

Triathlon events often have caps for swimming. However, they also come with quality caps that will keep your head warm during cold swims. To keep your head warm during open water, you can also wear a cap.

GPS Watch

The triathlon watch is not essential equipment, but it can be a great way to track your progress throughout the race. My article on the price of a triathlon watch can be found here. It doesn’t matter what you choose.

T-shirt / Running Vest

You can wear the tri-suit if you don’t have one. However, you cannot wear it without a top. You can read more about what to wear under the Cycling Jersey. Brief Bike Wearables Guide!

Sprint Triathlon without Training:

You can swim, bike, or run if you have the ability. However, your endurance and fitness will determine if you are able finish the sprint triathlon race in the time allowed.

It is a good idea for you to track your time in each discipline and to check the math if it could be achieved using a buffer. You can see How Long Do Triathletes Train Typically? Factors and Must-Know Tips

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