The Best Exercises To Build Muscle (Chest,Arms,Legs)

Are you ready to increase your muscle mass but are stuck at home? Do not bother with a gym membership, or fancy home gym because you don’t really require them.

The mere amount of weight you put on your body the weight of a pair dumbbells can be enough to put your swole on in the comfort of your home.

Home workout 101 How to build muscle

Let’s get started by defining the basic elements: Your exercise routine should consist of a mixture of strength training and cardio. Training for strength can include hand-weights or your own body weight.

As you gain strength and require more of a workout, weights will become your new most trusted companion. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the cardio. It’s still an essential (and often a bad) element of any fitness program. To build your muscles to the highest level, concentrate on the HIIT cardio routine at least a couple of times per week.

So, what is the best time to exercise? According to an 2016 review of research that suggests strength training at least 2 times a week is the ideal way to build your muscles. Therefore, start with two or three sessions that include full-body exercise, followed by 2 days of cardio, and two days off.

As you become stronger as you get stronger, you can incorporate the fourth day of your weight-training and then split the days between upper and lower-body exercises. Be sure to set aside at least two days per week for letting your body recuperate and rest. The plan you choose could look like this:

The fitness levelExercises
newbieThree days per week, full-body strength training and 2 days of cardio
novice3-4 days per week divided exercises + 3 days of cardio
Pro5 days per week of strength training and 3 days of aerobic (3 days in, one day off)
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Muscle building exercises using bodyweight at home

There is no need to work out to become stronger. All you require is your own energy and some imagination to keep those muscles working.


1. Push-up Sets of 3-6 of 6-12 reps

It is believed that the Push-up is among the most effective exercises that you can use to strengthen your chest and the triceps. However, it also provides your core muscles, shoulders the lower back, shoulders, and lower body muscles a workout.

Instructions: Lie facedown and place your hands on the floor. They should be slightly wider than shoulders. Press up to raise shoulders, torso and legs until your arms can be fully stretched. Your toes and hands should be in contact with the floor. Slowly lower your body until your you feel your chest nearly touching the floor. Repeat.

Tips for beginners: Push-up variations are almost infinite. If you’re new to the sport begin by doing pushing-ups on the walls and the knee press-ups. Are you feeling confident? 

2. Burpees: 6 reps each minute, for 15 minutes

Do you need a more powerful exercise? Do the burpee is a great bodyweight workout mash-up that works your core, chest and back muscles, arms, legs and glutes to provide full-body cardiovascular workout.

Methods to use: From a standing position, lower yourself to the squat position and place your fingers on the ground only slightly bigger that your feet. Then, jump your feet into an upright position. Do a push-up, then return back to plank. Pull your legs back into a squatand leap up with explosive force using your hands up above your head. Repeat.

3. Pull-up Three sets, 2-5 reps

It’s true that the pull-up isn’t easy particularly when you’re just getting started. It’s also a great bodyweight exercise that will work the shoulders and upper back and the biceps. Begin with some reps and gradually progress to more reps as you become stronger.

Instructions: Grab the pull-up bar using an overhand grip, and wrap your fingers on the bar. “Play dead” — begin with a dead position at the top of the bar. Use your hands and then engage the muscles in your core and upper body. Lift your body until your chin is clear of the bar. Slowly lower yourself to an upright deadhang. Repeat.

A tip for you: For pull-ups at home, you can purchase an lightweight pulling bar that can be inserted into the doorframe.

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1. Plank-up three sets of 5- 10 reps

Engaging in any kind of plank exercises can strengthen your arms and stronger, however plank-ups are particularly effective in strengthening the biceps and triceps muscles in your arms.

Method: Start in plank position, toes and elbows lying on floor with your core engaged, and your torso raised. Lift yourself up into a push-up posture by extending your arms one at a stretch, keeping your back straight. Lower yourself onto your elbows, by extending one arm at a. Repeat.

2. Dips for the triceps Two sets, 10-12 reps

You’ll need a chair box or ledge, bench or a staircase to perform dips of the triceps. This workout will rapidly build the triceps (and your pecs! ) that usually require a specific workout in order to increase their size.

Methods to use: Start seated in the chair (or on an incline.). Hold an edge on the back of your chair by placing your hands placed on either side of the hips. As you lift, move to a swaying position over the edge of the chair. The legs should be extended until the legs are almost straight. Slowly lower yourself to the floor until your elbows are about parallel to shoulders. Then, push your hands downwards to lift them back up till your arms straight. Repeat.

3. Inchworm 3 sets of 4 to 6 reps

This bodyweight exercise will be (almost) as fun as it is. This is one of those creepy-crawly exercises that will make you feel like a child again while strengthening your triceps shoulders as well as your chest, abs glutes and quads.

Instructions for use: Stand with knees slightly bent. Lean forward at your hips and slowly lift your arms and reach to your toes. Put your fingers on your floor and the “crawl” them away from your body until you’re in the Plank posture. Make a few steps forward in the size of an insect until your feet meet. Repeat.


1. Step-up three sets, each of which is 15 repetitions (each side)

Got a staircase? Maybe an empty box? You can perform this leg exercise. Step-ups are a basic beginning exercise that will help build muscles in your glutes, quads, and the hamstrings. Take each step one at a time.

Instructions: Go to the stairs at your home or in the event that you don’t have an stairwell, place an imposing box in the front of your. Then, step onto the box or first stairway using your right foot and then with your left. Step back, then reverse using your right foot, and then left. Repeat the steps, changing the leg you begin using each time.

Tips for success: For added difficulty lift your knee to your chest as you take the next step on the stairs or the box.

2. Lunge three sets with 15 reps (each side)

There are numerous different lunges you can choose from and even an old-fashioned lunge helps strengthen the glutes and quads of your legs. Additionally, it helps strengthen your hamstrings.

Instructions: From a standing in a position, take a large step forward, using only one leg. Begin to lower your body toward the floor until the upper the thigh of your front foot is roughly equal to the floor and the back knee is barely over the ground. Then, raise your body by applying pressure on your heels of your front leg. Repeat that first step on the other leg.

3. Squat 3 set of reps between 8 and 12.

Squats are very popular among weightlifters. This could result in the misconception the squat can only be accomplished using only weights. Squatting even with your own weight will build strong legs when you practice it in a manner that is proper form..

Instructions: Stand with feet slightly wider than the shoulder width. Spread arms out straight with the palms facing downwards. Inhale and pull the hips slightly back while you extend your knees. Maintain a straight line of sight and keep your chin high, shoulders in a straight position and straight in the back. Do as much squatting as comfortably can, and aim at having your hips sink beneath your knees. Utilize your core muscles to push up with your heels.


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30 days of your program to build muscle

Make these 18 exercises your own and incorporate them into your weekly routine to begin your monthlong routine. Here’s a plan that will help build up your muscle while also increasing your cardio and staying fit.

Mondayupper body (arms chest, shoulders and abs)
TuesdayLower body (legs and the butt)
WednesdayCardio or rest
Thursdayupper body (shoulders arm, back and back)
FridayLower part of the upper body (legs and the butt)
SaturdayCardio or rest
SundayRest or exercise
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Be sure to speak to your doctor prior to starting an exercise program in particular if you have an illness. They might have suggestions to modify your exercise routine that could ensure your safety.

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