The Most Michelin Star Restaurant in The World

Every gourmet chef wants to achieve the sought-after Michelin star, which distinguishes them apart from other competing chefs and their restaurants. Being an Michelin top restaurant an honour that can only be achieved only by the top and most prestigious restaurants. For over 100 years, the most prestigious Michelin stars were located within Europe located in France.

But, as time has passed there have been a number of Michelin restaurant chains around the globe have emerged that provide delicious food items in the most creative and original way. Here is a list of Michelin star restaurants all over the globe that are certain to satisfy any foodie’s appetite. So , whether you’re interested in finding delicious vegan meals or want for sweet treats check out this list to find the top Michelin restaurant reviews around the globe.

16 Michelin Star Rated Restaurants All Over The World

If you’re someone who is a fan of fine dining then you must go to these establishments and discover what the hype is about. Which of these fantastic Michelin restaurant reviews around the globe would you prefer to dine in first? Check out what they have to offer in terms of food along with what they do to make them stylish before picking your favorite:

  • Azurmendi Restaurant – Spain
  • Per Se Restaurant – New York
  • Robuchon Au Dome Restaurant Macau Macau
  • Le Bernardin Restaurant – New York
  • The Fat Duck Restaurant – UK
  • Alinea Restaurant – Chicago
  • Eleven Madison Park – New York
  • Osteria Francescana Restaurant – Italy
  • The Restaurant at Meadowood The Restaurant At Meadowood California
  • The Song Of India The Song Of India Singapore
  • Cheval Blanc – Switzerland
  • Le Cinq – France
  • Canon – Sacramento
  • Trailblazer Tavern San Francisco San Francisco
  • La Calenda — Washington
  • Stockhome – Petaluma

1. Azurmendi Restaurant – Spain

It is among the most prestigious Michelin top restaurants all over the world. It can be found in the gorgeous city Larrabetzu located in Spain. It is a reflection of the highly-acclaimed chef Eneko Atxa who is determined to give the best experience for all guests. The restaurant has a terrace in the garden, where diners can take a look at the fresh ingredients that are used to prepare the tasty food that is served in this restaurant.

The guests are then transported into a greenhouse by the kitchen where famous food items of the restaurant are served. The edible cotton offered in this restaurant is a favorite among regular guests. After that, guests can enjoy a delicious dinner in the dining room. The top Michelin rating establishment is also renowned for its environmentally friendly ways of working.

2. Per Se Restaurant – New York

It is among the most well-known Michelin restaurant chains around the globe that is situated in the middle of New York City. It is located in the Time Warner Building which is located within Columbus Circle in Midtown Manhattan is home to this magnificent restaurant.

The restaurant is situated on the fourth level of the building This 3-star Michelin star restaurant has stunning views of the city in all its glory. The exceptional cuisines served at this restaurant are carefully planned by chef Thomas Keller who owns two other Michelin star establishments, in addition to this one. This is among the most prestigious Michelin restaurant chainsthat offers special tasting menus on a daily basis. Not one ingredient is used in these menus.

3. Robuchon Au Dome Restaurant – Macau

A one of the best well-known chefs ever chef Joel Robuchon runs the show in this restaurant , which is a gourmet’s heaven. It is located in Macau’s Grand Lisboa hotel in Macau. The highest Michelin top restaurant is located on the top of the hotel’s 48 stories, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding.

 Chef Julien Tongurian’s culinary masterpieces are served here in a distinctive style. The restaurant is considered to be the top restaurant of Macau that serves a wide range of delectable food items that is refined in its taste. The Prestige Menu is also featured at this restaurant, which includes famous dishes such as Caviar as well as King Crab.

4. Le Bernardin Restaurant – New York

Le Bernardin Restaurant was established by Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze in 1973 in Paris. In the following years, this restaurant was moved into New York City where it was able to gain a massive following. In the beginning, only fish-based dishes were served in the restaurant. Over a span of time, this restaurant’s menu was changed and was soon given the status of becoming a Michelin rating restaurant.

It is among the restaurants that is highly regarded and well-known to local foodies. It is actually the most prestigious Michelin stars restaurant. New York city’s culinary scene isn’t complete without mentioning this stunning restaurant operated by chef Eric Ripert. Fish-based dishes remain the highlight of the restaurant.

5. The Fat Duck Restaurant – UK

The restaurant’s popularity is because of the distinctive methods of cooking employed by chef Heston Blumenthal. These include culinary pairings that are multisensory, multi-sensory and flavour encapsulation. The restaurant was founded in 1995 in the 16th century house that was beautifully renovated to provide the most natural and elegant dining atmosphere. One of the most highly Michelin reviewed restaurants in the globe The restaurant is famous for its 14-course tasting menu, which includes various delicious meals that are served in a stylish manner. The most popular food item is Turtle Soup which mocks Alice in Wonderland theme. The chef’s talents are beautifully demonstrated in the food dish Sounds of Sea which is well-known among frequent diners.

6. Alinea Restaurant – Chicago

The restaurant within Illinois, Chicago was founded by chef Grant Achatz in the year 2005. The restaurant quickly became popular due to the unique menus served here. The restaurant is the most prestigious Michelin rating restaurant.

The chef Grant Achatz wonderfully showcases his skills through the innovative preparation of deconstructed meals. He takes a rather unique method of gourmet dining that makes this restaurant stand out from the other establishments within the vicinity. The restaurant offers molecular gastronomy throughout the food that are served, which provides an exciting and unique experience for each guest. The must-try dishes in this restaurant are edible balloons made of apple , and the truffle-topped ravioli.

7. Eleven Madison Park – New York

Unique American food is served at this top-of-the-line restaurant situated in Manhattan. The inventiveness chef Daniel Humm leaves every diner stunned by the wonder of his creations. This is among the most well-known Michelin reviewed restaurants across the globe that offers an exclusive tasting menu with multiple courses.

The menu is changed each season in accordance with what is available in fresh and seasonal ingredients available in cities. Fresh seasonally available ingredients are used to create the top-quality dishes at the restaurant. The diners can indulge for hours on the tasting menu of 11 courses that is an entire event itself. The famous tasting menu available at this restaurant features Foie Gras Terrine, Muscovy Duck, Bitter Almonds and Umeboshi.

8. Osteria Francescana Restaurant – Italy

The restaurant is owned by the famous chef Massimo Bottura, who is famous for writing the bestseller in the world “Never Trust a Skinny Chef”. It is situated in the gorgeous town in Modena located in Italy. Chef Bottura offers a wide selection of cuisines of Italian cuisine, but with a unique contemporary spin that provides the dish with a distinctive flavor and taste.

 The classic Italian dishes are enjoyed at this restaurant, including Tagliatelle, Risotto Tagliatelle, Risotto, and other dishes that make this an one of the top Michelin star restaurants around the globe. In addition to the classic Italian dishes Some of the most well-known delights available here are Rabbit Macaroons and the Five Ages of Parmigiano Reggiano. The highly delicious and tasty delicacies are served in an attractive manner that draws any foodie.

9. The Restaurant at Meadowood The Restaurant At Meadowood California

This Michelin restaurant located in California is situated at Napa Valley and it features dishes that have a refined quality and presentation. The food that is served here showcases the amazing innovative techniques from Chef Christopher Kostow. He takes great care to detail and utilizes only fresh available seasonally-fresh ingredients. The menu in the restaurant changes regularly in accordance with the seasons, with innovative and new menu items being added frequently to the menu which makes it among the best Michelin star restaurants around the world.

10. The Song Of India – Singapore

There aren’t Michelin restaurant with a star in India because Michelin stars are not a prestigious award in India, however this absence in Michelin stars in India hasn’t stopped Indian chefs from showing off their exceptional talents in Indian restaurants that are located in various regions of the world.

They are listed among some of the the top 10. Michelin Star chefs. Song of India Song of India is one of the most prestigious Michelin star restaurants around the world that is situated in Singapore and was awarded the their first Michelin star in 2016. Modern Indian dishes served here is served in the stylish and classy seating area that provides an exquisite dining experience. It is managed by chef Mural Manjunath who serves exquisite meals like Lamb Chops, Mustard Fish, Kulfi, and much more.

11. Cheval Blanc – Switzerland

From the most prestigious Michelin restaurants around the globe Three of them are in Switzerland. Cheval Blanc is among them. Cheval Blanc is an Italian restaurant is located in Basel which is among the cities with the highest population density in Switzerland. It was given its Michelin Star in the year 2016, under the direction chef Peter Knoll. The restaurant is situated along the river and is among the most luxurious restaurants in Switzerland which offers an elegant dining experience.

12. Le Cinq – France

Le Cinq is one of the best Michelin star restaurants around the globe. Since its debut in 2001, the restaurant quickly gained praise and admiration from food enthusiasts. The restaurant’s gourmet menu was directed by the chef Philippe Legendre before Chef Briffard was appointed in the year the year 2008. However, it was the direction by chef Christian Le Squer that led to it being awarded three Michelin stars in the year 2016. But is it actually the most prestigious Michelin establishment in the entire world? Why don’t you visit to discover?

13. Canon – Sacramento

Canon located in Sacramento is situated in an idyllic setting free of the bustle and noise of urban life. This stunning location that offers striking contrasts of deep hues with vibrant whites and a delicious scent is one of the most sought-after places to take a bite to eat in California. Famous chef Brad Cecchi is the mastermind of this establishment, serving delicious delights made by hand with love. This is among the top frequented Michelin restaurant reviews around the globe.

14. Trailblazer Tavern San Francisco Trailblazer Tavern San Francisco

Trailblazer Tavern is located deep within the forest and this fascinating spot is owned by Michael Mina is surely a wonderful spot for Epicures who are visiting San Francisco. The restaurant is famous for its Hawaiian food that is prepared using Asian influences. This is among the most prestigious Michelin restaurant with a Michelin star rating.

15. La Calenda – Washington

Famous Chef Thomas Keller has introduced his culinary delights to Mexican cuisine in La Calenda and this beautiful restaurant serves delectable dishes cooked exclusively according to his unique style. There’s no reservations policy, however you can book your table within a matter of minutes before you get to go for their fantastic house margaritas. This is definitely one of the most well-known Michelin reviewed restaurants in the globe.

16. Stockhome – Petaluma

Stockhome is another great eatery located in Stockhome, United States where you can go with your family members or friends to enjoy delicious food prepared by the well-known couple of chefs Roberth as well as Andrea Sundell. The restaurant is frequented by people who enjoy eating the meatballs, pickled herring and other snacks. It is one of the top restaurants in the world. Michelin top restaurants.

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Commonly Asked Questions Concerning Michelin Rated Restaurants All Over The World

What is the number of restaurants around the world are rated with Michelin star ratings?

2290 restaurants that have the one Michelin Star, 414 restaurants that have 2 Michelin Stars, 113 restaurants that have 3 Michelin Stars. The country with the highest number of Michelin Starred restaurants was, obviously, France, with 600 in all.

Which country has the highest number of Michelin star restaurants?

France has the highest number of Michelin star restaurants, followed by Japan and Italy. Just 4 percent (133) of Michelin star restaurants have achieved the highest rating of three stars. Tokyo in particular has 217 Michelin star restaurants, and is in the most significant advantage over other city.

Can you get 4 Michelin stars?

Michelin Stars are the classification system that is used to determine the quality of a restaurant by using the red Michelin Guide to grade restaurants according to their standard. The Guide states that one star indicates “a very good restaurant” and two stars mean “excellent cooking that is worth a detour” three stars are “exceptional cooking that is worth a detour” three stars are “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey”.

Does India has many Michelin star restaurants?

India does not have Michelin star restaurants due to the fact that Michelin currently does not offer stars to India. For instance, Yauatcha has a Michelin restaurant, however it is in London. The Michelin star is only valid for the restaurant in question and cannot be used anywhere elsewhere.

Is Indian Accent a Michelin star?

Michelin star just begun to consider India as a dining experience. At present, Indian Accent is served at Lodhi Hotel and Oberoi Delhi Indian Restaurant is managed by Michelin star chef. One thing that Indian cuisine lacks is the presentation. Bukhara Delhi is a world-renowned city.

What Indian chef is more Michelin star ratings? It is the only Indian chef to be awarded 2 Michelin five stars. Gopinathan is a popular chef for the unique Indian-Californian cuisine for the Campton Place Restaurant at San Francisco’s Taj Campton Place hotel. He has earned the highly sought-after Michelin star six times consecutively and then was awarded one star before moving to two stars in the year the year 2016

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