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Donors trying to find corporations to aid will regularly wonder how their donation is being used and whether their presents genuinely make a difference. When trying to find nonprofits to assist, donors may additionally ask family and pals, relying on call recognition, or research how donations are used inside the agency.

We have created a listing of 15 animal charities that consist of puppies and cats to cattle, marine mammals, and flora and fauna. Some of those corporations are huge and had been around for decades. Others are more recent and made it to the list due to their unique packages or project.

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The Top 17 Best Animal Charities in 2022

The charities indexed in this blog are indexed based on their effect, programs, and attain the world over. We have additionally stated the Charity Navigator ratings for a whole lot of them here to assist your choice. However, we know and recognize that there are a plethora of different animal charities that are doing super paintings (with or without a rating) and may thoroughly make it to a listing of this kind.

We have also introduced an advantage resource to this weblog to assist similar animal charities and nonprofits create a bigger effect within the lives of animals via takeaways from the indexed charities and other essential quality practices.

  • Best Friends Animal Society
  • Friends of Animals (FoA)
  • Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation
  • Animal Welfare Institute
  • Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
  • International Fund for Animal Welfare
  • Lady Freethinker (LFT)
  • Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
  • Alley Cat Allies
  • The Marine Mammal Center
  • For the Love of Alex Inc.
  • 12.Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary
  • WildAid
  • 14.Bat Conservation International
  • 15.American Humane Society
  • Puppies Behind Bars
  • 17.Jane Goodall Institute

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Best Friends Animal Society

Mission: To result in a time when there are no more homeless pets.

Charity Navigator score: 79.19 out of one hundred.

Historically, Best Friends Animal Society has had better rankings. Charity Navigator rankings are primarily based on the quantity used for packages versus administrative and financial initiatives. While this is vital, these numbers can be skewed in instances of massive capital projects and fundraising needs. Best Friends Animal Society nonetheless rankings a one hundred% for duty and transparency.

Since its founding in 1984, it has made a massive effect and gained recognize for its enormous goals and successes.

Best Friends Animal Society is a leader inside the no-kill movement, and its primary purpose is to make all U.S. Shelters no-kill by way of 2025. They plan to try this through advocacy and training together with fingers-on help at their sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

Their sanctuary for dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, potbellied pigs, livestock, and wildlife is also domestic to over 1,600 animals at a time. Supporters can go to this safe haven or sponsor an animal.

Thanks to regional programs in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, New York City, Atlanta, Houston, and Northwest Arkansas, this enterprise has improved foster, pet transport, and advocacy for his or her no-kill motion.

Friends of Animals (FoA)

Mission: To cease the exploitation of fur-bearing animals.

Charity Navigator rating: 92.99 out of one hundred.

Friends of Animals (FoA) turned into mounted in 1957 with the intention to place an quit to animal cruelty and exploitation. Their programs range from spaying/neutering animals to jogging campaigns to encouraging humans to turn right into a vegan life, and plenty of greater.

The nonprofit also works toward teaching folks that need to find out about the situation of animals, the cruelty being imposed on animal lives, and the declining population of some endangered animal species. Their publications and brochures are low-priced and available on the website.

FoA has a wildlife law program that strives to shield flora and fauna and their habitats the world over. Their attorneys also promote the rights of wildlife thru numerous federal statutes.

In 2008, FoA began to fund the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project. Their website consists of a few heartwarming tales of Chimpanzees.

FoA also has its presence overseas for various initiatives which includes inside the Ferlo area in Senegal. It has partnered with the National Park Directorate to prevent the poaching sports of its elephants. They also provide them with the important equipment, training, and automobiles. With FoA’s assist, the almost-extinct scimitar-horned oryxes in the Ferlo vicinity are now thriving across a covered habitat of 12,355 acres. FoA is also running with the Directorate to re-introduce other species like Ostriches.

Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation

Mission: To locate houses for rescued Italian Greyhounds and to educate the general public on the care and schooling required by using this breed.

Charity Navigator rating: eighty five out of one hundred.

The first factor you see at the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation (IGRF) website is a rip-off warning to teach humans at the trend of web sites popping up to sell Italian Greyhound dogs without verifying the breed. Individuals that want to rescue Greyhound dogs are inquisitive about saving those puppies from an unhealthy and dangerous existence. This warning enables build agree with among The IGRF and its fans.

IGRF began in 1997 however received tax-exempt repute with the IRS in 2004. This is a volunteer-led agency with a countrywide network of over 500 foster homes, however they’ve an established organizational structure to ensure its lengthy-time period fulfillment. Dogs housed with this organisation acquire vet services, rehabilitation, and a brand new for all time domestic. IGRF holds cognizance and adoption events and teaches human beings the way to take care of the breed.

This corporation frequently rehomes 900 to one,000 dogs each 12 months. Their famous Biggy Iggy Auction and Iggy 500 fundraising events help increase money to pay for transportation, vet fees, and specialised care.

Animal Welfare Institute

Mission: To store all dwelling animals from any form of inhumane and violent remedy.

Charity Navigator score: 99.Ninety nine out of 100.

The Animal Welfare Institute commenced in 1951 to rescue animals from experimental laboratories. Today, they may be nevertheless mainly concerned in restricting animal studies and education and advocacy nonprofits. They additionally offer facts and approaches for his or her supporters to make a exchange of their network.

Their support for a 3Rs method with alternatives to animal research consists of the perception that groups can do the subsequent:

·        Replace animals in studies volunteers and advocates to keep hundreds of lives.

·        Reduce the number of animals being research

·        Refine the care and remedy of animals being used for trying out and education.

The Animal Welfare Institute changed into necessary within the passing of the Animal Welfare Act in 1966. They retain to combat for strict adherence to that law.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Mission: To higher the lives of companion animals and the those who love them.

Charity Navigator Rating: 92.52 out of 100.

While this agency won’t seem different from other shelters, we selected it due to the sizeable array it offers its network. The Brother Wolf Animal Rescue commenced in 2007 as a foster-based corporation. Since then, it has built an adoption center in Asheville, North Carolina. Even with this safe haven, over 1/2 in their animals are based totally in foster houses. This higher lets in volunteers and the organisation to analyze extra approximately the canine in a peaceful placing and discover the excellent domestic.

The business enterprise also has a cellular hospital that offers inexpensive medical offerings to residents of Western North Carolina. Prices are simply indexed on their internet site.

In 2020, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue additionally labored with partners to switch 1,149 animals to their facilities and foster homes from beaten clinics across the country.

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Mission: To enhance the welfare of wild and home animals for the duration of the world via lowering industrial exploitation of animals, protective natural world habitats, and assisting animals in misery.

Charity Navigator rating: 86.Forty three out of a hundred.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare became founded in 1969 to stop the hunting of seals in Canada. Now, they guard endangered animals and species internationally. Their applications deal with several important environmental and animal problems, however understandably they seem most successful inside the area of Marine Conservation.

The packages created to deal with Marine Conservation depend on partnerships with governments and industry leaders. They have labored with those companions to lessen noise pollutants, modify ship speeds, limit whale collisions, and forestall unlawful whaling practices.

Lady Freethinker (LFT)

Mission: Giving a voice to those who can not talk out for themselves, and effecting meaningful, lasting alternate thru investigative reporting, citizen petitions, and partnerships with rescuers and activists at the floor global.

Charity Navigator rating: Not rated.

Lady Freethinker (LFT) got here into being in 2015 and its sole goal has been to change the way the arena sees and treats animals. Guidestar defines it as a 501c3 nonprofit media organization. The purpose being that LFT strives to achieve its project by creating petitions and information articles, and conducting investigations on animal cruelty.

LFT’s modern-day petition has been on Cambodian toddler monkeys being compelled to perform in cute monkey motion pictures. They also subsidized a rescue application from China to Canada in which 21 puppies got to journey on flights to fulfill their new families.

LFT helped forestall S. Korea’s largest dog meat public sale after their thorough investigation into the problem in March 2021. Additionally, they have other investigations taking place internationally. Some in their noteworthy petitions consist of banning the merciless captivity of special pets in Michigan, the mistreatment of pets by way of depended on veterinarians, justice for dolphins and provider puppies, and plenty of greater.

In addition, this nonprofit also lists an array of heartwarming animal stories and animal cruelty information on its internet site to unfold awareness and educate people on the lives of the unvoiced. eight. Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Mission: To provide captive elephants with individualized care, the associate of a herd, and the possibility to live out their lives in a secure haven dedicated to their properly-being, and to improve public consciousness of the complicated wishes of elephants in captivity and the crisis facing elephants inside the wild.

Charity Navigator score: ninety six.80 out of one hundred.

A big story inside the information and on social media for the last few years has been approximately the treatment of elephants in circuses and zoos. It is a annoying subject; the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee has positioned money in which its mouth is on the challenge.

This enterprise commenced in 1995 when circuses had been nevertheless a popular appeal. Their intention to raise public awareness of the problems with the industry has sincerely received traction. This on my own is impressive, however the employer’s work on the floor is more effective.

Today, the Elephant Sanctuary owns three separate habitats for African and Asian elephants from circuses and zoos. These consist of heated barns, sun water pumps, hay garage, pastures, and woodlands. The elephants are managed with superb reinforcement however this would be impossible with out this charity’s work.

In addition to the habitats, the Elephant Sanctuary offers stay on-line distance getting to know cloth for all ages and arms-on self-guided famous at their Elephant Discover Center in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

Alley Cat Allies

Mission: To rework and expand groups to shield and improve the lives of cats.

Charity Navigator score: ninety.Sixty one out of one hundred.

Alley Cat Allies was created in 1990 to convey the Trap-Neuter-Return method to America. Today, the business enterprise additionally works with shelters across America to create programs that store cats’ lives and save you animal cruelty.

Through their programs, Allie Cat Allies also educates communities at the Trap-Neuter-Return coverage and advocates for strict adherence to existing animal cruelty laws. Their efforts have opened the eyes of many shelters and veterinarians to the importance of this technique.

The Marine Mammal Center

Mission: To enhance global ocean conservation through marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, scientific studies, and education.

Charity Navigator score: ninety four.77 out of one hundred.

The Marine Mammal Center began in 1975 and nowadays houses the largest marine medical institution inside the international. Their assignment to rescue and rehabilitate has helped the agency rescue extra than 24,000 marine mammals along the California shoreline and island of Hawaii.

In addition to rescuing, treating, and rehabilitating marine mammals, this organization spends its time educating the general public on how environmental problems affect this populace. Through faculty and public schooling applications, they have built a strong network of supporters who experience chargeable for marine mammals.

This business enterprise responds to greater stranded marine mammals than all of us in the international. Donors can also support their efforts by way of adopting a Seal.

For the Love of Alex Inc.

Mission: Provides emergency funding for existence-saving veterinary care of low-earnings families.

Charity Navigator score: eighty two out of 100.

This smaller nonprofit caught our eye because of its unique recognition and assignment. While others in this listing address homelessness and animal cruelty, this animal charity addresses the financial price of owning an animal.

For the Love of Alex started in 2013 after the founder, Elizabeth Hedges, had a scare with her cat. Alex went from being a loving puppy to an animal in clinical misery. He wanted a lifestyles-saving surgery that, if not performed quick, might die immediately. After that, Elizabeth got to considering what could have occurred if she hadn’t had the cash.

Too many households lose liked pets and members in their families because of surprising clinical emergencies. For the Love of Alex addresses this need by using supplying emergency investment to low-income households.

Donors to this corporation can supply to pets in want listed on the website. Individuals who want assist also can apply on line. In addition to this significant assignment, the corporation presents education and sources to the network on pet fitness, well-being, and infection prevention.

Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Mission: To rescue, rehabilitate, and train on farm animals behalf while selling a cruelty-loose way of life and lowering our impact on earth.

Charity Navigator rating: Not rated.

The truth this nonprofit has no longer been rated need to no longer scare you off from donating. Many smaller groups have no longer long gone thru the effort to sign in with a lot of those rating web sites, in all likelihood due to a lack of fundraising team of workers or time. As a donor, you could locate info on every nonprofit’s fundraising and application sports by means of searching the agency’s 1099 tax form. Moreover, those information are all public. They also can be determined on Guidestar.

The Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary is primarily based in Temecula, California, and is a hundred% off-grid. This corporation offers a home for factory-farmed animals which have been abused, not noted, or discarded. The sanctuary additionally consists of a hospice for senior horses with scientific desires.

The sanctuary’s programs to rehabilitate, educate, and recommend on behalf of those animals are why they were chosen for this list. Farm enterprise practices are nonetheless not widely known, and training and advocacy will play an essential element in making vital adjustments. Small corporations that could address all 3 regions can have a larger impact on the hassle.

Donors can aid the ranch and its different programs through becoming a sponsor.


Mission: When the shopping for stops, the killing can too.

Charity Navigator rating: ninety six.4 out of a hundred.

WildAid began in 2000 to reduce the global intake of flora and fauna products and to boom nearby guide for conservation efforts. Once again, this employer is addressing the trouble of animal cruelty uniquely.

They rightly consider that in case you put off the choice for a product, there could be no need to sell it. By instructing and advocating for the lives of animals over consumer needs, they are able to shop lives. WildAid also works with governments and partners to protect natural world on land and in water.

The following packages show the animals and geographical regions the group influences:

Wildlife markets

China, Vietnam, and other southeast Asian international locations are home to many flora and fauna markets and restaurants. Therefore, WildAid is operating to construct public help and political clear up to close down and completely ban these markets.


According to WildAid, the subsequent animals are in risk of poaching:

·        Sea Turtles

·        Elephants

·        Rhinos

·        Tigers

·        Pangolins

·        Manta Rays

·        Vaquitas

·        Lions

Each of these animals faces life threats because of customer desires. WildAid is working to teach the public on this problem and save these animals from extinction.


Environmental troubles are affecting animals at alarming costs. Through Green Lifestyle campaigns, WildAid is also coaching individuals to make clever environmentally-pleasant alternatives.


WildAid is running to educate the African population with visits to their very own national parks. Most humans in Africa have by no means been there but WildAid is having a bet that seeing it in man or woman will provide humans the choice to see more. It may also forestall the killing of wild animals for recreation.


Many U.S. Tourists are not aware that the jewellery they got from the marketplace on their last trip is from endangered species. Coral, sea turtle shells, endangered unusual births, live reptiles, and reptile skins can all be picked up on your journeys, however through shopping for those trinkets, Americans are feeding the industry of animal endangerment. WildAid educates American vacationers, so that they do not purchase those merchandise when overseas.

Bat Conservation International

Mission: To preserve the sector’s bats and their ecosystems to ensure a wholesome planet.

Charity Navigator rating: 86.Fifty four out of one hundred.

Bats are a important a part of our surroundings because of their insect intake, plant pollination, and seed dispersal. Without them, our global will wither and die. Too many bat species around the sector are in danger of extinction. Bat Conservation International changed into based in 1982 to give up bat extinctions worldwide. Their consciousness is in particular on susceptible and rare bat populations.

Bat Conservation International has additionally created programs to help keep endangered bat species, defend and restore panorama and bat habitats, and for solutions to this trouble.

Many of Bat Conservation International’s programs are based in the U.S. Through conservation efforts and studies into addressing illnesses and era that endangers bats, this business enterprise is creating a difference.

American Humane

Mission: Committed to ensuring the safety, welfare, and properly-being of animals.

Charity Navigator rating: ninety.09 out of 100.

The American Humane turned into started in 1877 to make sure secure remedy for livestock in transit. This corporation has grown to consist of rescue, farms, army, Hollywood, and conservation packages.

American Humane Programs impact local shelters, farms, the army, and Hollywood.

The nonprofit includes the following programs:


This company is probably maximum well-known for its rescue efforts. Emergency first responders in the enterprise are usually ready to rescue animals in misery.


This program was created to help human beings discover humanely raised, safe, and affordable dairy, meat, and egg merchandise.


During World War I, the American Humane rescued over 68,000 wounded struggle horses. Today, that equal corporation gives provider puppies to wounded veterans affected by PTSD. These life-saving efforts are also changing the way the army and the world treat its servicemen and ladies.

Humane Hollywood

You have seen the statement “no animals were harmed” at the stop of film credit but it’s the American Humane that holds one of a kind rights to this award. They only deliver it to films that observe strict pointers.

Grants & Awards

They also fund the work of agencies that rescue, safe haven, and take care of animals in need

Puppies Behind Bars

Mission: As the dogs mature into properly-cherished, well-behaved dogs, their raisers study what it approach to contribute to society instead of take from it.

Charity Navigator score: one hundred out of 100.

The fact show, Prison Dogs, become maximum people’s introduction to Puppies Behind Bars. The organization absolutely started in 1997. It continues to teach prisoners and dogs long past the display’s run.

Puppies Behind Bars has three main packages that supply skilled provider puppies to veterans and primary responders. Puppies stay with their running shoes in jail from eight weeks to 20-eight months. They also are educated and given a steady surroundings to thrive.

Once the puppies are fully trained, veterans and primary-responders come to the prison for his or her very own schooling which normally takes one or two weeks. The veterans’ and primary-responders transportation, housing, and meals are paid for through Puppies Behind Bars.

The dogs that don’t make it thru schooling because of better energy or more potent prey power are added to the business enterprise’s explosive-detection Canine Programs. The successes this company has observed in all programs move to expose how everyone can be a benefit to society irrespective of records.

Jane Goodall Institute

Mission: To understand and protect chimpanzees, other apes, and their habitats, and to paintings towards creating an knowledgeable and compassionate critical mass of folks who will assist to create a higher world for human beings, different animals, and our shared environment.

Charity Navigator rating: 87.23 out of a hundred.

In 1960, Jane Goodall visited Tanzania as a young female to look wild animals with out human interference. Research from her paintings and the organization has changed how we see the chimpanzee population to nowadays. Today, Dr. Jane Goodall nonetheless travels to speak approximately our environmental crisis and the way it’s impacting chimpanzees.

Dr. Jane Goodall still travels the arena these days to talk about her business enterprise’s studies on chimpanzees and other superb apes. The research has additionally impacted the examine of chimpanzees and apes around the world.

Their packages include the subsequent:

·        Conservation Science,

·        Public cognizance,

·        Gender and Health Conservation,

·        Animal Advocacy, and

·        Healthy Habitats.

The agency has acquired accolades and super respect all through its tenure. Their awareness on converting the complete community to deal with the trouble of animal endangerment has also impacted and modified the manner many nonprofits paintings nowadays.

Best Practices to Help Animal Charities Work Better & Create a Bigger Impact

Running an animal charity with the goal to assist animals and give up cruelty calls for not simply empathy and manpower but a lot greater. It also calls for you to spread focus, educate human beings, teach personnel and volunteers, buy device and cars, and exceptionally, enhance finances. From the 17 charities listed here and their successes, we’ve got extracted some great practices that will help you alongside the way. Let’s have a look –

1. Be compliant with the regulation

Right from the instant making a decision to comprise your organization, you want to abide with the aid of the law. This consists of what number of human beings you need in your board in addition to animal acquisition, transportation, and reporting. Charities carrying out rescue and refuge activities ought to be aware of animal safety and welfare legal guidelines.

For instance, animals you’re taking into your safe haven have to be completed in an moral manner. Your nonprofit have to have a system to tune each animal and document their fame from the time they’re admitted. At the equal time, you need to actually have a system in vicinity to make sure the proper treatment, care, and fitness of animals. Be it fostering or adoption, the whole thing ought to be accomplished preserving felony protocols and processes in thoughts.

Take felony help and lease consultants on every occasion you’re confused and want expert recommendation.

2. Create regulations and requirements

In addition to abiding via the regulation, you want to maintain regulations and requirements in vicinity to run an animal charity effectively.

Policies make clear the services and packages your nonprofit presents. They can consist of regulations you’ve set for animal care, acquisition, and transportation. Requirements for housing, contamination prevention, and medical care must additionally be included in your guidelines record. You might also listing down records use, privacy, advertising, and other regulations. To boom transparency, you may upload a coverage page to your website.

On the alternative hand, requirements help your workforce and volunteer recognize the expectancies regarding the manner these regulations have to be done.

It is really useful to percentage these documents along with your body of workers and volunteers the instant they’re onboarded. You also can lead them to a part of the schooling sessions.

3. Create your animal charity’s development plan

How do you need your charity to grow and help greater animals inside the destiny? What are your brief-term and long-term dreams to turn your project into a fact? What are your investment assets? Which campaigns, applications, and investigations do you need to attention on inside the immediate destiny?

Creating a development plan will not most effective answer these questions (many greater) but also open a direction to achievement to your animal charity. But the technique must be streamlined. That is to say, involve your board. Break down your every year imaginative and prescient into small month-to-month or quarterly goals. Create small companies of personnel and volunteers and depending on their capabilities, delegate duties. You may also want to lease specialists that will help you with making techniques.

Additionally, proportion your brief-term dreams and your favored impact with your supporters. Ask for their feedback and aid in making them come true.

4 Raise funds in your nonprofit

Whatever be the form of application or project, each animal charity has one thing in common: a donate button on the website homepage. That’s because they know none of that could be possible without funds.

Your animal charity might require the subsequent price range to perform correctly –

1.    A popular fund that includes primary animal care, transportation, vaccination, veterinarian bills, food, software prices, and many others.

2.    A fund committed to important medical instances like important illnesses in animals, emergency surgical procedures, and many others.

three.    One this is wished for ordinary spaying/neutering sports of nearby animals.

4.    Funds you need for carrying out investigations, developing and selling petitions, and funding rehabilitation packages.

To boost budget efficiently, your offline programs and campaigns won’t be sufficient. Therefore, you want to attain extra people online. There are many that are empathetic in the direction of animals. You can without problems attain them thru on-line donation pages, online event pages, donation forms, crowdfunding, and peer-to-peer fundraising.

The below online fundraising marketing campaign is a peer marketing campaign that efficaciously helped increase budget for the determine campaign for canine rescue guide on the Ukrain border. With peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns like this, you may without difficulty reach your fundraising purpose and frequently enhance extra to assist extra lives. Additionally, these campaigns additionally increase the engagement of supporters, enhance donor loyalty, and help you purchased new donors.

5. Promote your animal charity

If you don’t promote your needs for strolling the animal charity and the methods to donate, probabilities are human beings could in no way realize which you want assist. Or even worse, that you exist to help animals. To begin with, your nonprofit ought to leverage social media. It’s loose and allow you to reach loads and hundreds of humans. You have to also ask volunteers and workforce individuals to reshare your posts that will help you reach their networks.

If you have a few price range for paid advertising and marketing, there’s not anything find it irresistible. You can take the assist of the neighborhood media to unfold the word. You must also run paid and targeted Facebook advertisements that usually do absolutely properly for nonprofits.

In addition, ship emails to existing supporters and make calls to make certain everybody is aware of that you’re in need of funds for supporting animals.


In end, donating to a nonprofit is a non-public decision. And no list can inform you the first-rate location to give for you. We have created this listing to deliver readers with numerous alternatives on in which you can give. Whether your ardour is dogs and cats, farm animals, or natural world, there are agencies obtainable.

Your community additionally likely has a shelter or foster-based totally organisation you could aid financially or with your time. Please take this listing as a place to begin and do your personal research.

Finally, these exceptional practices will help animal charities take higher selections toward their increase and are seeking professional assist while vital.

At Donorbox, we do our nice to offer nonprofits and donors with the most information to hold you well knowledgeable. Visit our weblog for extra ways to donate or nonprofits to support. If you’re searching out on-line donation options, visit our internet site to understand more about Donorbox. Additionally, our advanced but easy-to-use features like Crowdfunding, Peer-to-Peer fundraising, Text-to-Give, Events, Memberships, Recurring Donations, and many others. Will help give your fundraising a lift. Check them out right here.

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