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Verbs That Start With J – Learning Drives .Are your children eager to master J words for children? Start by teaching them basic words such as four letter words beginning with J. J is the letter. J represents the 10th alphabet in the English alphabet. It’s also among the letters that are not often utilized by the English language. 

But, there are many phrases for children beginning with J which are employed in our daily lives. For example jellybeans, jump, jacket, jungle, etc. Encourage your child to increase their vocabulary by providing them with this word list with four letters which begin with J.

Verbs that begin with J

26 verbs that begin by J. Verbs within the English language are part of the major elements of speech. This list of vocabulary contains examples of verbs that begin by the letters J. Words can be unscrambled using length.

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Verb words

Three letter verbs that start with J

Verbs with 4 letters that begin with J

Five letter verbs that begin with J

Verbs that start with six letters starting with J

Words with 7 letters that begin with J

8 letter verbs beginning with J

9 letter verbs that begin with J

Verbs of 10 letters starting with J

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Tips To Teach Your Kids Four Letter Words That Start With J

Words beginning with the letter J may be uncommon however there are a few words that start with J which we see frequently in our lives. Children too will have seen a number of words begin with J. They frequently hear and use words such as jam, jelly and joker. etc. Here are some ideas to assist your child to learn four letter words that begin with J easily.

Visual signals: Kids are visual learners and must be able to perceive things in order to link them with the words. Encourage your child to understand four letter words beginning by J with images that depict the words.

For instance: show the image of the jail, and have your kid explain to you what they observe. They can be helped by clues, such as “people who commit crimes end up here.”

Spelling Games: Spelling words is an essential skill for children to acquire. This can help improve the writing and reading abilities of children. However, learning to spell large words or complex words may prove to be difficult. With a little continuous practice, your young child will be able to master spelling quickly. Learn spelling J words a pleasurable game by playing spell-checking games designed for children.

Phonics also known as the sound of various letters are the fundamental elements of writing and reading skills. Phonics is a fundamental skill that helps children learn how to spell words easily and quickly. Once they understand the different sound of the letters they are able to break down unfamiliar words into words that they can write or read independently.

Help your child understand how to pronounce the letters J. Encourage your child to practice the J sound by using the list of four words with four letters which begin with J.

Stories and reading: Reading and storytelling are not just fun, they’re also excellent ways to learn new words. Here’s a list fantastic books for the letter J.

Jamberry by Bruce Degen

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly by Nadine Bernard Westcott
  • How Many Jellybeans? by Andrea Menotti
  • Have your kid list every J words they hear while they read to them.

letter J worksheets If you have a preschool or kindergartener it’s recommended to help them master writing with the letters J at first. Once they are able to identify the letters, they will be able to learn words that begin with J quickly. Help your child learn to recognize and write J with ABC drawing exercises as well as coloring sheets.

Search for words and Crossword Puzzles Crossword games and words search and word puzzles for children are an excellent method to aid your child master words that start in J. Download the word search puzzle printable using words that begin with J and then ask your child to search for and highlight the J words within the puzzle.

Learning Drives  offers a wide selection of crossword games for kids with a variety of themes that will make them enthusiastic about learning.

Frequently Asked Questions on Four Letter Words That Start With J

What are some Four Letter Words that Start with J?

A few Of those Four Letter Words that Start with J are Java, just Jack, Jake, June July, jars jail jazz, jabs joys, jeer, jobs and jolts. Jiff, judo, Joey, jowl, etc.

Are there any Four Letter Words that Start with J for Kindergarten?

The Four Letter Words that Start with J for kindergarten are jabs, just Jack, Jake, Jane jobs, jell jaws, jill and jags. junk Jilt, Jolt, jump, jean, jury etc.


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