What Does a Dalmatian Long Hair Look Like?

A long haired Dalmatian appears like a new discovery, but they’ve been around for the reason that breed first showed up. It’s only inside the previous few years canine fanatics apprehend the splendor and life of these lovable Dalmatians.

Get to recognize more approximately the long coat Dalmatian thru this helpful guide. You’ll study what they appear to be, how to care for them, how they got their lengthy coats and wherein to shop for them.

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What Is a Long Haired Dalmatian? 

A lengthy-haired Dalmatian is a breed version of the short-coat version. They’re additionally referred to as lengthy-coat or an “LC” Dalmatian. The long-coat gene is recessive, making an extended haired Dalmatian particular.

When two Dalmatians with an LC recessive gene breed together, there’s a possibility they’ll produce a clutter with long coat puppies. It’s believed LC Dalmatians once had a 50-50 distribution with the quick coat variety.

Over time, the lengthy-coat turned into “bred away” due to the fact they aren’t considered a breed trendy through numerous kennel golf equipment and cannot compete in shows.

What Does a Long Haired Dalmatian Look Like?

If you’re used to seeing a brief coat Dalmatian, seeing an extended coat might make you believe you studied they’re no longer purebred. But they’re genuinely purebred and every bit a Dalmatian in terms of temperament and persona.


A long coat Dalmatian contains an alert and sensible expression. They have fairly set, rounded eyes which can be both dark to blue. Sometimes they do game other eye shades. They have a described and robust muzzle with the top component being degree and parallel to the pinnacle of the skull.


They have a medium-sized frame with a graceful, muscular built. A Dalmatian gait is every so often its most one-of-a-kind trait because they have long, lean legs and a graceful body. Hence, they made such amazing poster dogs for the fireplace department.

They have fairly lengthy tails that curve upwards and have strong, easy muscular tissues on their forequarters and hindquarters. Dalmatians have round, compact and thick toes, each within the front and back.

They also have well-arched ft. However, please note that with a long coat, the contours of the body received’t be right away obvious as compared to those of a brief coat.

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Coat and Coat Colors

A lengthy haired Dalmatian is born generally with a pure white coat. They later expand their spots at 2-4 weeks old. Their coats are approximately 2-four inches lengthy, and that they generally have feathering inside the tail, legs, or ears.

They additionally increase spots like several Dalmatian. Usually, these spots are black or a liver (brown) color. But different hues like brindle, lemon, or tricolor also are starting to reveal up.

Below are a few pattern photographs of long haired Dalmatians:

This lengthy hair Dalmatian has the typical black spots. Notice the feathering on the ears and chest. The body remains robust and muscular, similar to a brief coat.

This brown noticed LC Dalmatian has beautiful brown or liver-colored spots all over the body and face. You can without difficulty inform the difference between a short coat and an extended coat simply via searching on the distinction within the length of hair across the ears.

Here’s some other black-spotted Dalmatian with an extended wispy coat. 

Here’s a lemon-coloured lengthy coat Dalmatian. If you’re used to imagining a Dalmatian with a quick coat and black spots, seeing an LC with lemon spots is quite unusual.

A adorable lengthy haired Dalmatian domestic dog. Most dogs have white coats whilst they’re born and later develop their spots after several weeks. 

Size and Weight

Like most breeds, male long haired Dalmatians are slightly taller and bigger than ladies. Male lengthy haired Dalmatians stand at 21-23 inches at the same time as a woman could be among 19-22 inches tall. They weigh the same although, between forty five-60 kilos (20-27 kilograms).

Are Long Coat Dalmatians Rare? 

In a way, sure they may be. As noted earlier, it’s believed each quick coat and long coat Dalmatians had been lightly dispensed back then.

However, simplest the quick coat Dalmatians are recognized by kennel golf equipment and taken into consideration ideal. Hence the long coat range was systematically “bred away” by breeders.

Scrupulous breeders even went as some distance as euthanizing LC Dalmatians, considering them to be “faulty.” This was specially genuine among champion breeders who didn’t need to damage their inventory.

Luckily, things are converting and greater breeders as well as canine proprietors are spotting long coat Dalmatians.

Just several years in the past, there were most effective about one hundred or see you later haired Dalmatians in the United States however this has changed dramatically through the years. They’re nevertheless a ways from the mainstream, however they’re getting there. 

Do Long Haired Dalmatians Shed?

If you’ve owned a Dalmatian before, you’ll understand Dalmatians are infamous shedders. The same is proper for lengthy-coats as properly. Long haired Dalmatians develop hair that’s about 2-four inches lengthy. And not like other puppies that most effective shed at some point of positive seasons, Dalmatians shed all through the year.

Are Long Haired Dalmatians Hypoallergenic?

No, they’re no longer. It’s crucial to recollect that once a canine is classified “hypoallergenic,” it doesn’t imply it won’t cause a reaction at all. Instead, they may be best less in all likelihood to do it. All dogs comprise a protein this is the primary motive of allergic reactions in people.

You can limit the opportunity of an hypersensitive reaction through brushing your dog’s hair outside each day. It also enables to wear a mask whilst cleansing and to hoover every day with a HEPA filter to ensure there’s hardly ever any dog hair.

Long Haired Dalmatian Genetics: How Did a Dalmatian Get a Long Coat?

The Dalmatian lengthy coat gene is absolutely a recessive gene. Just because certainly one of your Dalmatians incorporates it and it is bred, it received’t imply the long coat trait will display up. It’s crucial that two providers of the gene are bred together so as for the long coat to seem inside the muddle.

It’s vital to take into account a doggy born with a brief coat won’t be able to develop a protracted coat despite the fact that it is a carrier of the LC gene.

Long Coat Dalmatian Temperament: Do They Make a Good Family Pet?

Yes, those dogs are wonderful family dogs. Long coat Dalmatians are pleasant, unswerving, gentle and shielding animals. They’re an outgoing breed that commonly receives at the side of one-of-a-kind humans and other animals when properly socialized at a younger age.

However, this breed does get a awful popularity for having the tendency to be competitive. This occurs for quite a few motives. They can be either untrained or unsocialized, or they don’t get sufficient interest or workout which causes them to act out.

Other times they may be deaf or have listening to problems and startle without difficulty, inflicting aggression from worry. Sometimes, they’re virtually paired with the wrong family who has no clue how the breed ought to be cared for. This will lead to them growing awful conduct and conduct.

These puppies are patient with children, however like every canine, it’s nonetheless critical to supervise them due to the fact they’re such an energetic breed and may be too much for young kids to deal with.

It can’t be overstated that training is important with long coat Dalmatian dogs. They want to discover ways to behave properly even as still puppies. If given the proper surroundings for getting to know, coupled with affection, as well as correct socialization, they can be one of the high-quality family puppies around.

Here’s a video of an proprietor seeking to train her 2-month-antique lengthy haired Dalmatian:

Common Health Issues of a Long Haired Dalmatian

Long haired Dalmatians are anticipated to stay everywhere from 10 to fourteen years. Because they’re a breed with numerous problematic genetic fitness tendencies, their lifespan is a bit shorter as compared to different puppies.

However, there are exceptions and stories of Dalmatians who’ve lived longer. Like all puppies, LC Dalmatians are predisposed to positive health issues.

While there’s no guarantee they may go through these issues, it’s miles in their genes so the opportunity is excessive. The major genetic situations you can anticipate are deafness and hyperuricemia.


About 30% of Dalmatian dogs are estimated to suffer from hearing loss. Sometimes the lack of listening to is partial however in severe cases, it’s miles whole. Usually, dog breeders difficulty the puppies to a take a look at called BAER or Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response to test their listening to.

It’s important you furthermore mght ask for this check or certificates before you buy or undertake any Dalmatian domestic dog. If you don’t mind a deaf pup even though and realize a way to handle them, then it received’t be a hassle.


This is a condition where the animal finally ends up generating an excessive amount of uric acid of their system. Too a good deal uric acid approach kidney stones, bladder stones, and even gout can broaden. This situation is extra not unusual amongst male dogs rather than girls.


All Dalmatians will be inclined to overeat. When they lead an active lifestyle – strolling, exercising exterior daily – then it received’t be an problem, but if not, then they could emerge as obese. They have a big appetite and if the canine is older, it could purpose weight gain and ultimately cause health issues.

Long Haired Dalmatian Grooming Requirements

Having a long haired Dalmatian method being a touch greater consistent in terms of grooming them. Regular quick coat Dalmatians are already recognised for being shedders, and the equal is proper for people with long coats.

While it’s stunning to study and recognize, a long coat requires a dedicated grooming recurring. To help manage their dropping, you may brush their hair every day and additionally vacuum your location as a minimum 2 to three instances every week. It’s additionally advisable to take time shaving or trimming the hair on their footpads. 

If those hairs grow long, it will cause the dog to slip on tile or hardwood surfaces, injuring the animal. Just preserve in mind lengthy coat Dalmatians shed all 12 months spherical unlike certain breeds so grooming will be part of taking care of those special puppies. 

Related Questions

Are Long Haired Dalmatians a Recognized Breed? 

In fashionable, Dalmatians are a identified breed by diverse kennel clubs just like the AKC and UKC, amongst others. But it’s far taken into consideration a contravention of the breed trendy when it comes to the lengthy-haired Dalmatian. Technically, they’re now not allowed to compete in conformation indicates because of their long coat.

There’s hope amongst long coat breeders for this ruling to change finally since the long coat gene is a obviously happening variation that has been around for the reason that breed’s life.

Are Long Haired Dalmatians Aggressive?

The Dalmatian breed is taken into consideration some of the pinnacle 10 aggressive dog breeds, however this equal listing additionally includes the Chihuahua. Long haired Dalmatians are wise, dependable dogs however when left untrained, unsocialized, or they virtually visit the incorrect homes, they can broaden terrible behavior.

Please recognize any Dalmatian requires lots of physical games and an outlet for their energy. If it’s paired with an proprietor who prefers to sit down at domestic or whose idea of exercising is just taking walks across the block, they wouldn’t be a terrific in shape.

These puppies have been bred to run with coaches, in order that they have lots of stamina and need to expend that; in any other case, they’ll be damaging and even display aggression. 

What’s greater, while the film 101 Dalmatians got here out, the breed have become famous and a whole lot of humans rushed out to get a Dalmatian in their very own with out thinking about whether the canine might be an awesome fit for his or her lifestyle or maybe information what the breed desires.

With the awesome call for, bad breeders jumped on board, ensuing in a large batch of dogs born deaf or with defects due to inbreeding.

Deaf puppies startle effortlessly; hence, there’s a higher chance they might bite or become aggressive while confronted with matters like a person creeping up in the back of them.

Again, it boils right down to training and leadership for the proprietor. When treated by using an owner who completely is aware the breed and has socialized the dog as dogs, a Dalmatian might be a worthwhile dog to have.

How Much Does a Long Haired Dalmatian Cost? Puppy Price and Expenses

Long coat Dalmatian dogs have starting charges between $600 to $1,2 hundred, once in a while even higher, relying at the breeder. Some Dalmatian breeders who decide on best to have brief coats for show functions would possibly attempt to dispose of their LC dogs for a lower price.

Usually, the most inexpensive they might sell is round $600 but this will be a rare find. On the alternative hand, there also are breeders who might charge them higher. 

When you buy your lengthy haired Dalmatian puppy, additionally consider the alternative fees that include proudly owning a new domestic dog. This would encompass the following:

Veterinary care (getting the pup spayed/neutered or checked) – anticipated at $two hundred-$500

Home prep (getting the backyard fenced, solving areas to make sure it is dog evidence) – predicted at $500-$6,000 if you’re getting fencing)

Buying canine/doggy substances (getting a dog bed, kennels, toys, collars, shampoos, and more) – predicted at $three hundred-$six hundred

Food, grooming, or enrolling in training lessons – predicted at $500-900

All of those taken into consideration will cost approximately around $three,500 or extra for the primary yr of owning a long haired Dalmatian doggy. The first year you personal a pup, anticipate to spend pretty a chunk. However, the expenses are tons lower in the subsequent year and onward.

Long Haired Dalmatian Breeder and Rescue: Where to Buy or Adopt a Long Haired Dalmatian?

You should purchase your long haired Dalmatian from a good breeder or undertake them from dependable rescue centers. Before something, it’s crucial to do diligent studies about the breeder you’re planning to get your dogs from. A few brief things to don’t forget:

Ask the breeder for pedigree. They need to be capable of provide you with the answer with none runarounds.

Ask how the puppies are dealt with and raised. For Dalmatians, it’s critical their education starts offevolved at domestic, around human beings, or youngsters. 

 Inquire if a BAER test is done at the dogs, in order that they can be paired with the right domestic. Dalmatians are at risk of affected by deafness so a BAER take a look at is vital.

Ask for temperament statistics. A good breeder who has hung out with the dogs will know this.

You can find lengthy coat Dalmatian puppy breeders under:

  • Country Nightz Ranch
  • Paradise Spots Dalmatians LLC
  • LC Dals
  • American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace –Dalmatian Puppies for Sale
  • Dalmatian Club of America – Breeder Referral List

If you choose to rescue or undertake a long coat Dalmatian, that’s additionally possible. They do show up every now and then inside the system for one reason or the opposite. Below are a few sources you can check out:

Health Issues of Long Haired Dalmatian

Being advanced in conducive environments, the Dalmatian breed is normally considered a wholesome canine breed. However, like every dog breed is predisposed to a few fitness troubles, lengthy-haired Dalmatians also are susceptible to numerous health problems.

As in line with the information from the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) of Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, the common diseases that long-haired Dalmatians are predisposed to hearing troubles, congenital and advanced cardiac issues, muscular weak spot, specially in senior puppies, dental and eye problems, elbows and hips dysplasia, knee dislocation, thyroid infection, and exceptionally hyperuricosuria—immoderate quantities of uric acid in the urine.

However, no longer each long-haired Dalmatian desires to be afflicted by these illnesses. Undoubtedly, there’s a excessive opportunity that your gorgeous Dal will develop those fitness issues, but sometimes, they will stay a wholesome life with out showing any signs and symptoms of the above-mentioned diseases. That said, below, we’ve mentioned a number of the most common fitness troubles of lengthy-haired Dalmatians.

Incidence of Deafness

Dalmatians are at a higher chance of inheriting hereditary deafness from their parents. This can’t be treated or cured; however, its incidence may be reduced via accountable breeding. According to facts evaluation of 22873 Dalmatians, the superiority of deafness amongst Dalmatians is eighteen.4%.

Form this five.3% Dalmatians have been completely deaf. They can’t listen at all—they may be deaf from both ears. And thirteen.1% have been unilaterally deaf—they might pay attention from most effective one ear. Research additionally concluded that deafness in Dalmatian dogs is greatly associated with parental hearing popularity. 


Also called urolithiasis, hyperuricosuria is a hereditary disorder within the metabolic device of puppies. It can arise in any canine breed, however it’s far more commonplace in Dalmatians, Bulldogs, and Black Russian Terriers. In this circumstance, there’s immoderate excretion of uric acid inside the urine that results in the improvement of kidney and bladder stones. In case your Dal will show the subsequent signs and symptoms:

Before You Buy a Long-Haired Dalmatian Puppy

It’s encouraged that earlier than you get a fluffy Dalmatian domestic dog, ask the breeders for the report of the subsequent tests:

1.   BAER hearing 

2.  OFA Eyes

3.  OFA or PENNHIP (prelims on dogs beneath 1)

4.  DNA panels to check for genetic situations that could expand on your puppy later.

And in the event that they hesitate to expose you the reports, make sure that they’re fake and being profitable out of it via wrongly growing the lengthy-haired Dalmatian dogs.

Keeping a Long-Haired Dalmatian

If you have got a long-haired Dalmatian dwelling under your roof, you need to realize the following things approximately them.


Also known as Leopard Carriage Dog, Dals are robust, active, and muscular dogs. Though Dalmatians are categorized as non-sporting dogs, they’ve boundless power and high workout requirements, requiring around hours of daily workout routines.

Developed to run miles along carriages, lengthy-haired Dalmatians had been employed to help keep off highwaymen. Still, today’s Dals have increased vigor and need excessive-impact physical interest to maintain themselves away from boredom, that can result in overeating and subsequently obesity and associated health troubles.

Given that Dals can be high-power dogs and have extremely good stamina, they are able to make going for walks or hiking partners. This might be excellent to your Dal’s health as well.

If excessive-energy puppies do not get to burn up their power, they may develop behavioral problems like barking at not anything and knocking over things.

Nutrition: How Much to Feed a Long-Haired Dalmatian?

The meals intake of a long-haired Dalmatian totally depends on his age, size, fitness conditions, and bodily hobby. For a median lively Dalmatian, every day 1.Five to two cups of first rate dog food is enough.

Because of their susceptibility to hyperuricosuria, their food regimen need to no longer contain high protein stages. Moreover, they have to have access to freshwater continuously.

Dalmatians also have to have the possibility to frequently urinate and remove to keep the urinary device flushed.

Don’t feed them with fried human food, cat foods, or stale meals as they can motive many health concerns, such as food poisoning, gastroenteritis, stomach upsets, vomiting, diarrhea, lack of urge for food, and so forth.


You may consider the scene from the film Cruella, where Dalmatians concentrate to the whistle of Baroness and pounce at Catherine de Vil with all their sharp enamel and a hundred and seventy to 2 hundred PSI. It’s really worth citing here that the ones dogs had been below a spell.

Normally, Dalmatians are the sweetest dogs, showing no aggression at all. They are affectionate towards family and kids. After socialization and obedience education, they could without problems get along side other pets and pleasant strangers.

To prove that long-haired Dalmatians are not competitive and damaging puppies, the American Temperament Testing Society carried out temperament checks in which Dals scored eighty three.3%. This high percentage suggests that those puppies are friendly and make true companions.

Unfortunately, those dogs are not pretty appropriate for condominium-dwellers because of their improved electricity stages.


Long-haired Dalmatians are acknowledged for their intelligence and trainability. They can effortlessly be coached for obedience, socialization, agility sports activities, and different dog hints like a way to roll over.

If trained properly, these dogs can function hunters, firehouse puppies, coach dogs, and circus performers.

Final Thoughts

A long haired Dalmatian is like several everyday Dalmatian. It is dependable, playful, lively, and rather clever. What’s extra, it is simply beautiful with its specific spots and cute lengthy coat.

If you’re making plans to have considered one of your personal, I could advocate you study everything you could about the breed first – what kind of life-style they require and whether or not it might healthy your way of life.

Dalmatians are a incredibly active breed and require a number of interest and exercising to meet their strength requirements. This way quite a few jogging, hiking, or gambling every day. They are not appropriate as pets for condominium dwellers.

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