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Words That Start With A For Kids

If you’re trying to teach your kindergarteners and preschoolers to write, then the first letter of an alphabet can be an excellent beginning point! In order to prepare children to succeed, you should think about dissecting the alphabet into smaller pieces and introduce new words alphabet-by-letter. In the following, there are a list of the most popular words that begin with the letter A, for kids and some games to demonstrate to learners that learning is fun.

Kindergarten: A-Word Lists

The joy and excitement over A-words for children begin in the pre-K years and kindergarten years. Little readers can make the transition between the ABCs into 3-letter word that begin with the letter A with these useful lists and preschool-related activities.

Short A Words For Kids in Preschool and Kindergarten

While children are learning the fundamental phonics elements A is one of the most essential sounds they’ll be learning. Make sure you are able to recognize and sound out these basic A terms that are on the majority of preschool and sight word lists for kindergarten.

  • A the other, or certain thing
  • include – finding the sum of two numbers
  • in the past prior to this or in the past
  • an one; any of them; one kind of thing
  • am – a word that is commonly used along with”I.
  • and also in addition to
  • are plural present tense of the”to be” verb “to be”
  • as equal to the same amount used to demonstrate that there is a comparison
  • ask to inquire about the answer to a query.
  • at to display the location of something

Easy Words That Start With A

Understanding the basic concepts of a sentence can be the perfect way to start an introduction to letters A. If your students are ready to take on a bit of a challenge, they can use this mixture of short, easy words as well as more complex words for children at school. These include amusing animals, everyday objects and words that are commonly found in books for children.

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A-Word List for Lower Elementary

At the point that students enter first grade, it’s the time to raise the Anteon their A-word list. Here are a few phrases to keep the learning going in first grade and 2nd, and 3rd grade.

  • ability is a unique ability or talent
  • aboard is when you are on or inside a car ship, airplane, or other vessel
  • absorb to absorb
  • accuse to claim that someone else is responsible for something
  • across from the opposite side or the opposite side
  • active A object, person or concept that is in motion
  • actor an individual who is a part of the form of a television show
  • adopt is to accept anyone into an intimate relationship in particular the child
  • adult – a person who is mature, typically older than 18
  • advice is a suggestion made to provide a direction to manage a situation
  • floating is a term used to describe something that remains at the surface of the water
  • age The number of days someone’s lived
  • agree to share the same opinion or view
  • album is a book bound with blank pages to use for mountain photos, etc.
  • similar having similarities
  • along to stick or stand by; be close to
  • alphabet is a set of letters that are part of an alphabet
  • however it is a matter of reality
  • amount is how much you own
  • an era long gone was an old-fashioned era which took place quite a long time ago
  • angry – – feeling or showing an intense discontent or anger
  • apply Something which is relevant or applicable to another
  • April The Fourth month of the year
  • Arctic is everything that is related to this region. North Pole region
  • artist is a artist who creates artwork sculptures, sculptures,
  • draw to draw attention
  • stay clear of to stop anything from getting close to you

A-Word List for Upper Elementary

Double letters are among the problems students will confront at this stage. As adults too, we may think that the correct spelling includes two Cs or the Rs. This is an excellent chance to prepare upper primary students from 4th as well as 5th grade for success.

  • abandon – to take something in its place
  • access to approach or input something
  • accommodate is to provide an area to stay
  • accomplish is to complete or complete something
  • precise Free of any mistakes
  • achievement is something that can be achieved by a lot of effort
  • address is a either a verbal or written declaration
  • adhere to something
  • agony extreme sadness or sadness
  • altitude The height of objects above the surface of the earth
  • Ancestor – A person from whom a person descends from
  • anxious Someone who is anxious or uneasy
  • anxious is a person who is anxious or unhappy about an upcoming event
  • aroma – a scent or scent
  • arrest – to place someone into custody to serve legal reasons
  • arrogant Someone who has a sense of self-importance
  • assist – to offer assistance
  • assume to form or communicate an idea in the absence of no proof
  • attempt is an attempt to achieve something
  • an avalanche – a large amount of snow that falls abruptly
  • awkward an event that makes you uncomfortable

11 Letter Words


10 Letter Words

  • coolheaded – 10 Letter Words
  • coolhouses – 10 Letter Words
  • coolhouses – 10 Letter Words
  • coolhouses – 10 Letter Words
  • coolnesses – 10 Letter Words

9 Letter Words

  • coolabahs -9 Letter Words
  • coolamons -9 Letter Words
  • cooldowns-9 Letter Words
  • coolhouse  -9 Letter Words
  • coolibahs  -9 Letter Words
  • coolibars  -9 Letter Words
  • coolly-9 Letter Words

8 Letter Words

  • coolabah -8Letter words
  • coolamon -8Letter words
  • coolants -8Letter words
  • cooldown-8Letter words
  • coolibah -8Letter words
  • coolibar -8Letter words
  • coolness-8Letter words

7 Letter Words

  • coolant
  • coolers
  • the coolest
  • cool things
  • cooling
  • cool
  • coolths

6 Letter Words

  • Cooled
  • cooler
  • coolie
  • wonderfully
  • coolth

5 Letter Words

4 Letter Words



  • aah
  • aas
  • aba
  • abb
  • abd
  • abs


  • aa
  • ad
  • ae
  • ag
  • ah
  • ai

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