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  • Refer a friend
  • bitch wen
  • The pen
  • pretend
  • Protect
  • Suspend
  • under my skin
  • Train
  • big ben
  • uncle ken
  • When
  • Extend
  • Insane
  • Game
  • then
  • Pain
  • Brain
  • Ten
  • leg end
  • Plan
  • twin
  • Mend
  • heaven
  • leg n
  • beg n
  • Men, guess!
  • Dance when
  • Chance ten
  • Seven
  • Path n
  • The naked ben
  • bet den
  • Shells
  • medicine
  • Fence then
  • said ken
  • aaron
  • Have fun
  • get zen
  • strengthen
  • henchmen
  • them penn
  • The gen
  • henchman
  • yemen
  • Headsman
  • Chessmen
  • Headman
  • Chessman
  • pen pen
  • Men of the press
  • f pen
  • yet ben
  • dem ben
  • well den
  • Tend to your debt

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Men are therefore more likely to be successful.

  • jej ten
  • Fares beyond
  • yes ken
  • met ken

Hairs that are longer than

  • Danced when
  • met hen
  • jeste hen
  • Heads wen
  • det zen
  • Hemp is then
  • yen yen
  • Their yen
  • dell
  • welt den
  • The fen
  • Pegged then
  • The wren

What rhymes with removing

  • approve 100 Verb
  • groove 100 Noun
  • disapprove 100 Verb
  • disprove 100 Verb

What is Harbour’s rhyming name?

Near rhymes with Harbor

Word Pronunciation

  • 1 harbour harrbuhr
  • 2 harbert harrbuhr_t
  • 3 farber farrbuhr
  • 4 harper harrpuhr

What is the rhyming name for slow?

“Slow” may also rhyme with blow * bow * crrow * dough * floe* flow * glow * go

What are the 2 words that rhyme with thrown?

Word Rhyme Rating Categories

  • Clone 100 Noun, Verb
  • Groan 100 Verb, Noun
  • Sewn 100 Adjective
  • moan 100 Verb, Noun

What Rhymes With thrown as a poem?

Words that rhyme with Thrown

1-Syllable Words that Rhyme with Friend

The word friend is only one syllable. Consider looking for a rhyme with just one syllable. These exact rhymes or perfect rhymes can help with the cadence of your writing.

ben, benne, bren, brengun, brenn, Chen, chien, den, Denne, fen, Fenn, glen, Glenn, Gwen, hen, jen, ken, men, pen, Penn, Ren, Renne, Rennes, sen, ten, then, Tien, venn, Vienne, wen, when, wren, yen, Zen

Two-Syllable Rhyming Words to Friend

There is no rule that states the best rhyming phrases must have the same number syllables. You can add variety to your writing with two-syllable rhymes for the word “friend”.

amen, cayenne, Dairen, douzaine, doyenne, Fengtien, Fukien, greyhen, Guienne, lawmen, Mayenne, Moukden, Mukden, oilmen, phenfen, pitchmen, Talien, Touraine, unpen, Verlaine

Three-Syllable Words That Rhyme with Friend

You can also make great rhymes with longer words. These rhymes are great for learning complex wordplay and 25-cent words.

Adrienne, anchormen, councilmen, handymen, indienne, julienne, madeleine, patrolmen, varsovienne

4-Syllable Rhyming words for friends

There aren’t nearly as many four-syllable rhymes to the word friend, but these words can be useful for your writing and give you an opportunity to be creative.

comedienne, cracovienne, equestrienne, tragedienne, Tyrolienne

Slant Rhymes to Friend

Rhyming words do not have to rhyme with each other. Near rhyme or slant rhyme can work well when there isn’t an exact rhyme. Slant rhyme is a way to use words that sound similar to each other when they are spoken.

  • Brimmed
  • condemned
  • diamond
  • dimmed
  • hemmed
  • Island
  • Continent
  • rubicund
  • skimmed
  • stemmed
  • Stipend
  • verecund

Rhyming Words Fun

Jim said to Molly, “Let’s play an interactive game in which I say one word and you rhyme with it.”

‘Sounds fun, let’s play!’ Molly

  • Jim: ‘red’
  • Molly: ‘bed’
  • Jim: ‘sat’
  • Molly: ‘rat’
  • Jim: ‘funny’
  • Molly: ‘bunny’
  • Jim: ‘book’
  • Molly: ‘look’
  • Jim: ‘house’
  • Molly: ‘ship’

‘GAME OVER!’ Jim says, “GAME OVER!” Jim says, “House and ship don’t rhyme.” You could have used mouse. You could have said mouse.

Molly said, “Oh, I see.” “Ship” could have been spelled chip.

Prime Rhymes For All Time It’s fun to explore rhymes and rhyming patterns. You can also explore rhyming words that are relevant to friendship and friends, such as words which rhyme with love. You might also consider looking for words that rhyme with smile, or other related terms. These words can be used to tell your story, whether you’re writing a song, poem, or original poem

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