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Words That Rhyme With Love – Learning Drives  .It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a song, or a poem. Knowing words that rhyme with love will help your creative process, especially if you’re writing a love poem. Here are 20 words that rhyme with the love word, along with some near rhymes. You can also explore synonyms of love using rhymes.

Words that rhyme with love perfectly

It is difficult to find a rhyme that describes love. There are not many words that can be used as end rhymes to express love. There are a few. Find the perfect rhymes to describe love and discover their meanings.

  • Above (prep. Above (prep.)
  • belove (v.). – To love
  • Dove (n.m.) – A bird that was used to symbolise love
  • Glove (n.m.) – Hand covering
  • Hereof (adv. hereof (adv.) – Of the thing or document
  • (prep. (prep.)
  • It is (adv. – Of that, something mentioned
  • Push (v.) – To push roughly
  • Whereof (adv. whereof (adv.)
  • Near Rhymes for the Word Love

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Although it can be difficult to find the words that are near love rhymes, they are available. Near rhymes can include imperfect rhymes for love and slant rhymes. Here are some examples of near rhymes that you might consider:

  • Behave (v.) – To act in a good manner or to meet expectations
  • Brave (v.) – To face any unpleasantness without fear
  • cove (n.m.) – Small shelter
  • sufficient (pron. As many as you need
  • Given (v.) – Past tense of give; handover to someone without restriction
  • Give (v.) – Provide freely to others
  • grieve (v.) – suffer
  • Have (v.) – Hold or own
  • Leave (v.) – go away
  • Live (v.) – alive; Residence
  • Prove (v.) – Show or demonstrate
  • Rhyming Phrases for Love

Rhyming phrases are more effective than having just one word that rhymes with love. These rhyming phrases might help you if your rhyming skills are lacking.

  • All the above
  • By means of
  • Consideration of
  • Dream of
  • Fits like a glove
  • You are fond of
  • Feel the joy of
  • Heart to love
  • Honor of
  • In awe
  • Memory of
  • The makings of

You’re the only thing I can think of

Synonyms and Words that Rhyme with Love

You can also look for synonyms of love rhyming words if you are having trouble finding the right rhyme for your love. This will make it easier to find the perfect rhyme.

Words that rhyme with affection

You might consider substituting the word “love” for “affection” in your poem. These are some other rhyme options that you might consider.

  • Collection
  • Skin
  • Connection
  • dejection
  • dimension
  • Expression
  • Intention
  • Mention
  • Object
  • Question
  • Reflection
  • Section
  • Selection

Words that rhyme with devotion

Although devotion may not be as powerful as love, it can still make for great poetry. These rhymes can be used to express devotion in your writing.

  • Commotion
  • Emotion
  • Explosion
  • Lotion
  • Motion
  • ocean
  • Potion

Words that rhyme with Infatuation

Is it possible to swap the word “love” for “infatuation?” These rhymes for infatuation are worth a look.

  • adoration
  • Creation
  • Decoration
  • donation
  • Duration
  • Education
  • fixation
  • Foundation
  • Location
  • mutation
  • sensation

Try to resist temptation


1 Syllable Words that Rhyme with Love

Ave Bove Brave Breve Calve Carve Cave Cleave Clove Cove Crave Curve Delve Dive Dove Drive Drove Eve Five Gave Give Glove Gov Gove Grave Grieve Groove Grove Halve Have Heave Helve Hive Hove Ive Jive Knave Leave Live Mauve Move Naive Nave Nerve Of Pave Prove Shove


2 Syllable Words that Rhyme with Love

Above Active Agave Arrive Behave Beloved Dative Deneuve Derive Native Octave Motive

Three Syllable Words that Rhyme with Love

Hereof thereof

Bhagwan Rhyming Words In Hindi

Rhyming words of bhagwan in hindi — Bhagwan Rhyming Words abhimaan abhiyaan aNjaam baadaam bdnaam bkhaan bhaaiijaan diivaan ddhlaan duukaan guldaan gumaan hjaam hindustaan iNsaan jvaan klaam kmaan khaandaan kisaan lhuuluhaan mhaan mkaam, (roshnii). Roshni Rhyming Words for Hindi

Get all Hindi words rhyming with Roshni — Roshni Rhyming Words ciinii (Cheeni)- Sugar shaalinii (Shalini)- Intelligent kaaminii (Kaamini)- Voluptuous nlinii (Nalini)- Lotus maalinii (Malini)- Florist nNdinii (Nandini)- To rejoice (bNd), Band Rhyming Words for Hindi

Hindi Words Rhyming with Band — Band Rhyming Words

Rhymes with Gold

  • Old
  • Bold
  • Cold
  • Hold
  • Mold
  • Sold
  • Told
  • Mould
  • SOLD

Find the Perfect Rhyme for Your Love

It is important to choose the right word to create a rhyming poem to honor someone you love. You can choose to rhyme with love with a word, or a slant rhyme, but have fun. Look for terms that relate to things you love. Also, you might look at terms that relate to your appearance when you are in love, such words that rhyme with smile.

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